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  1. C

    12v solar installation - covered by Part P?

    Hi all I am looking to install a 12v system on my roof terrace to power a few LED lights. I was going to connect a 12v transformer into an existing FCU inside the property, and then run a 12v circuit from this to power the lights on the roof terrace. However, I understand that this is Part P...
  2. D

    Band 1 cabling covered by BS7671

    Hi All Just wondering if the installion method of band 1 cabling is covered by BS7671? I'm pretty sure it isn't but just been told that alarm conduits have to be secured with metal fixings. Just need to find some evidence in the regs to support this. Cheers
  3. J

    Commercial Fuse box covered with plywood casing

    At work we have a fuse box with a door that will not close due to a broken latch. The fuse box is located by a fire door in an office. To hide the issue a plain plywood box has been used to completely cover the fuse box. I have raised a safety issue with this but there is disagreement on it's...
  4. B

    Advice on plug socket covered by bed

    Hello I'm not an electrician but wondered if this site gave advice on domestic electricals? It is regarding a double plug socket that is not recessed into the wall and sits just above the skirting. There is a bed up against the wall and the material from the divan has been cut out so that the...
  5. R

    Outside light switch

    Hi all looking for a bit of advise on an outside light switch. It was covered by a blank socket plate. There's a few wires in there and was wondering which goes where as it keeps flipping the rcb.
  6. S

    can i carry out testing?

    Hi all, i am a qualified electrician - level 2, level 3, part p, relevant regs, 2391. i have worked for the past few years for a large electrical firm, so everything was covered by them. i am thinking about starting my own limited company and working for myself. i was curious about electrical...
  7. dlt27

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT Cert.

    Sorry for being so thick, but just filling out first NAPIT Cert. Just wondered what should go in description of installation box.( Do I just put domestic). I have put what I done in extent of electrical installation covered by this report box. Thank you.
  8. T

    Scam or No Scam ? That is the Question

    Right, Im full time employed by my local council. I also do a lot of work on the side for myself (mostly domestic). Am registered with HMRC as self employed. Have done for 2-3 years now. Never joined a scam, just carried my work out to BS7671, provided a certificate, and never had a problem...
  9. A

    comments on existing installation ?

    Hi All, I have done a partial rewire on domestic 2 storey flat and not sure what to write on the certificate : I have rewired all power points and left only 3x ligting circuits , the results where not satisfactory so I changed all fittings and switches, found the faults and rectified them ...
  10. i=p/u

    downflow heater installation

    morning.. was going to fit 1kw down flow heater in a wc in old damp building controlled by a thermostat. now on reading instructions it says dont use with a timer or any other device that switches the heater on automatically,since a fire risk exists if heater is covered or positioned...
  11. S

    Addition into kitchen circuit.

    Old Wylex rewireable cu, upfront RCD TT. Client wants couple of extra sockets on kitchen circuit, running off extension reels at the moment. if I put in extra sockets, do I need to bring cu upto regs as regards to division of circuits 314 etc. still not got me head round this bring circuits upto...
  12. M

    Best way to get work signed off

    This is my first posting on this forum. I have recently changed careers after 20 years working in local government. I've done a fair bit of house renovation work in the past, but I am now making it a full time job, and so purchased a 100+ year old house in need of complete renovation. In...
  13. G

    Use of Pyro in a boat yard. Existing installation

    In a small boat yard, two lighting poles are fed with two core pyro the outer sheath being pvc covered and buried in concrete. Both poles are connected in parallel with each other. A single metal clad waterproof switch controls both poles. The feed to the 1st pole has gone down but the pyro to...
  14. T

    some random questions about testing...

    Hi guys, I've got alot of questions that i'd like to be answered. 1) Is a double socket counted as 1 point served or 2? I count it as one, and have read somewhere on here that its one, but a few people in work are adamant that its classed as 2. Is there any hard evidence that its classed as...
  15. C

    Power Shower Issue - Advice needed

    Hi all I have just spoken to a friend. She is having a Power Shower installed. The plumber has already started the job - he has done the pipe work etc. Apparantly he has let my friend only just know that he wont be able to sign off the electrical side of the works as he does not hold the...
  16. C

    more pirs

    evening all! when doing a pir, iv got a cooker switch above a cooker, now i know this doesn't come under bs7671 but under building regs, so my question is, what and how do i go about commenting on this? does it get a code?? cheers in advanced guys!
  17. Sintra

    Life Insurance

    For you guys thinking of going abroad to work you will more than likely find that your life insurance will not cover you to work overseas. I found this out a few years ago when i was talking to a financial advisor and it was confirmed by the insurance company. I now have to inform the life...
  18. kevyn

    Crossover Switch

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any experience of how to fit a crossover switch for a generator? Have just got a job in to install one for a toilet block boiler as they nearly lost it with the bad winter when the power went off. Going to have a look at the job today so will post some more...
  19. Z


    Hi guys, I have just started my NVQ level 3. Part of that will be the AM2. Any advice how to prepare for that? Books or something else useful?
  20. Q

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib and bupa

    has anyone used the bupa healthcare through the jib? i have a bad back injury and was wondering what the procedure was? is it as simple as ringing up and booking a appointment? i called bupa today and the guy on the phone didnt seem to know anything about it... thanks
  21. J

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa EIC form

    Yesterday I added a new circuit to en-suite shower room for a blow heater. So I filled in an Elecsa electrical installation certificate. In the section under K (schedule of items inspected), do I tick the boxes in relation to what I've done or do I have to spend an hour climbing in and out of...
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