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  1. bigspark17

    Some neat conduit bend

    nice to see someone has taken pride in this metal conduit bend.
  2. L

    Reference Meathod for Timber Frame

    Hi All Just done my first 2 timber frame New build. What is the reference method for cables installed in Timber frame walls full of insulation >100mm????
  3. A

    Domestic cooker not working help

    Hi, Need a bit of advise if someone could help please.. Cooker stopped working the other day so i bought a new one. Installed it as normal but when i turn the power on it beeps and switches off.. thought i may have wired it wrong but how can you go wrong with just three wires. Ok, checked the...
  4. D

    RCDs raising zs values

    Was at a property toady which I've done previous work before including fuseboard change. All i did today was change a few socket plates over for new ones. Took some Zs readings and noticed they were very near the limit of being acceptable ie: 0.92, 0.98 etc. Took a Ze at the board with main...
  5. S

    megger 1552

    Hi all, not sure if there had been a post on this before, but i have bought a second hand 1552 in great condition but no cd manual, Does any one know if i am able to purchase the cd anywhere?
  6. G

    Dno nightmare what do i do?

    Hi everyone problem i have is with dno i installed 4 kw rec panels with sma 3600tl 16amp g83/1 inverter on monday 8th october i emailed them on sunday to say thast i was installing on monday and would be commisioned monday /tuesday first thing. didnt hear anything back till tuesday about...
  7. N

    Thanks a bunch DNO

    Got a call to day customers property thats let with no power , get there to find a BG notice of potenially dangerouse situation L E reverse , consumer unit disconnected by BG tails left tapped up so property had no electricity , now you can imagin what my customer thought !!! didnt do my job...
  8. N

    Plenty of jobs out there?

    Hi all, I'm looking to become an electrician (career change). Looked into various training centres like OLCI, RFTraining, New Career Skills etc. They all claim that there's a massive shortage of electricians at the moment in the UK, that there should be plenty of work for a qualified sparky...
  9. S

    work in kitchen

    i wonder if any one can help me and tell me where i stand, i got asked to do some work for a kitchen company last october i am not nic or with any other board i am trying to get nic just need money. i was asked to go to the job on a certain date to conect spurs and cooker switches to the cables...
  10. B

    Fuse ID

    Hello Main fuse only ID is "English Electric RO 80" . Got no pic but seemed similar size to a 1316. Never seen this make of fuse before, i presume its 80 amp but the carrier is marked 60 amp . Anybody shed any light please. And yes shouldnt be touching DNO property but its not for me its a...
  11. S

    AM2 Next week

    And i am really looking forward to it! Just had a refresher day, they went over testing and safe isolation both of which the tutot said i had no issues with, did some fault finds, normal stuff like open ring crossed over conductors and short circuits i had no issues identifying. When it came to...
  12. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Any 1 else had a random company ring you on behalf of NICEIC?

    Im with elecsa? Loads of Ques on was i happy with Elecsa etc etc Im guessing loads of people are leaving them and there trying to find out why. Why didnt i join NICEIC? Would you recommed Elecsa to other spark? Answer from 1 to 10 10 being very happy lol
  13. D

    Books did not sell-PRICE LOWER

    Hi guys, 2 books didnt sell and I have lowered the price, they are invaluble if you are studying level 2 & 3 electrical installation, grab a bargain reposted on ebay!!!! Basic Electrical Installation Level 2-2330 Tech Cert on eBay (end time 18-Jan-11 18:34:51 GMT)
  14. S

    Buzzing comin from Alarm

    Hi all... Im new to the forum Im not an electrician by trade and have a question - we recently moved into a home we bought, the ex-owner had an alarm but didnt leave any code and we could not contact her so yesterday we arranged for someone to come out to look at it and give us a price for...
  15. sparks1234

    Cowboy builders

    Has anyone just seen it and anyone have any comments about the light that was installed
  16. A

    Another fun day in the trade

    Have just been to a job to move a few lights, sockets and install a feed for a new hob. Its in an extension thats 4 years old so new colours. Im not perfect but the electrician that did it didnt bother with grommets, or with cable zones they go everywhere, mixed cable colours (its obvious he ran...
  17. A

    animal/ insects causing faults

    Has anyone come across this before. A client called me up about a lighting fault. after a couple of hours chasing the fault around I traced it to a light fitting in a cupboard in her bedroom. Unscrewed the pendant and all this slimy golden goo came out. went upstairs, yanked up a couple of floor...
  18. P

    Am2 Issues...Maybe?? Helpppp

    Ok im doing my am2 as u all probably know, i finished my 10 hour composite test today.. i've just missed out on a few times and i wonder if i get picked up on it .. Firstly i didnt label the cables in the contator/isolate box for the motor circuit. Secondly i missed labelling the circuit...
  19. M

    Elecsa done

    Hello guys today i have passed the elecsa assesment.and this forum helped a lot:) the main thing is safe isolation and Ze, PFC, Zs , R1+R2 tests. make sure you have all the books, he was a very good perso friendly very helpfull.any questions post:)
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