1. G

    Enquiry for electrical certificate

    : Inquiry Hi I'm Eric from south Africa I have an electrical trade test certificate also a wireman licence currently doing my master electrician. I'm thinking to immigrate to UK or Ireland but I'll like to know the requirements that I need to work there as electrician with all my qualifications...
  2. S

    Electrical meter tool enquiry

    Hello. Is there an electrical tool out there that can detect 12 volt and 24 volt voltage non contact style. That is well made and reliable please
  3. F

    Lighting Wiring Enquiry Question

    Hello, I have a question that I am hoping someone here will be able to help me with. In the diagram below I have Light 1 wired to Switch 1 from the feed that is working fine as needs to remain as is. Light 2 with Switch 2 needs to be wired from switch 1 as I do not have access to take the...
  4. E

    EICR no SPD &LPS Enquiry

    Hi Guys, Recent EICR carried out at a Church & Hall. Would you code no SPD present at Supply origin & should the Lightning Protection System be connected to the Main Earthing Terminal via another SPD.
  5. S

    Can I become an Auto Electrician without an engineering background ?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Sulaiman a mildly successful Sponsorship Sales person in my current life. I love cars, always have always will. I believe the future is electric vehicles. Can someone give me direction on what are the first steps I must take in order to reach my goal of opening up...
  6. S

    Funnyest scam email enquiry ever?

    As title, here it is: Hello, Myself and my family are in the process of moving in to the house we currently live in. The survey has flagged up few issues with some part of the building which they suggest needs urgent attention. We are sure you must be fully booked at this time of the...
  7. N

    Gas Boiler flue enquiry......

    My gas boiler is wall fitted and is set up in my kitchen close to my sink. The housing association has done a half arsed job and the flue has yellow expansive foam coming out of it with no cover over it. I was putting lining paper up in my kitchen ready to be painted. I was trimming the lining...
  8. J

    Apprenticeship enquiry help!!!

    I'm currently working at an electrical whole salers and am doing very well and am progressing to become and account manager, I am going to go evening college and do a level 2 diploma in electrical installation to further educate myself . I was wondering what would happen when I want to do level...
  9. B

    I Need Work pts electrician enquiry pls help

    hello out there! I am after advice with regards to becoming a pts electrician (railways) was wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to break into this industry . cheers
  10. Gary Tollison

    Part P defined scope enquiry

    Greetings I will be attending the second practical week of my Domestic Electrical Installer course soon. C&G 2365 Unit 201/501 - Health and safety in Building Services Engineering. Certified outcomes: Part P Defined Scope. Does this mean that I would be able to apply for some kind of...
  11. S

    Copper sheathed cable - Glanding Enquiry

    Garden lighting job. All this cable is to be stripped out and replaced with SWA. I have to join where it emerged from the house however. I've not come across this cable before or how to gland it. Any tips?
  12. C

    TT system enquiry

    Hi Guys I have just had a large steel I beam installed across the width of my house and supported by another, do these have to be integrated into the earth bonding or not??? Also I am going to remodel floor plan and was wondering if it is ok to use metal partitioning and if so will this have to...
  13. A

    Course enquiry

    Would like to have people's opinions on this. Currently I'm doing the 2357 c & g course electrotechnical level 3 and my pal is doing the eal level 3 course. Just want know which one is the better qualification to have because my payment of the course is a lot more than my pals eal course, cheers
  14. N

    Moving main supply, fuse and meter (homeowner enquiry)

    I'm having building work done and would like to have the incoming supply, main fuse and meter all moved. The house is one end of a terrace of three and the main supply is overhead to the other end of the terrace. It crosses the front of the three houses at 2nd floor level and then drops down our...
  15. S

    Enquiry from Cardiff area (domestic) anyone??

    I have a domestic roof enquiry spun off a small off grid enquiry. I cannot do Cardiff so if anyone here is close by please let me know and I can pass it on.
  16. T

    Step down transformer enquiry

    Hi, I am enquiring about choosing the right step down transformer in order to use my USA steam cleaner. My steam cleaner specifications are as follow: 110V 12.9Amps 1400W. I would be very grateful, if you could kindly let me know which transformer should I buy. Please note, that I have...
  17. T

    qualification enquiry

    ok fellas, i could read through every post on here regarding getting qualified and still draw a blank since everyone seems to be in a different boat. my story is that im 30 and have been working as a spark for 30 months now, started with no knowledge and have worked up to a good knowledge of...
  18. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) techinican jib card enquiry

    hi to all does many of you have a jib technician card and if so are they worth while.i see on jib website they require City & Guilds of London Institute Electrical Installation Work Part III as a requirement does any1 know what course this is thanks mk
  19. 1

    System Earthing Arrangement by enquiry!

    What a load of old tosh! Western Power - Sorry we do not keep these details on record. We can arrange to send someone out to have a look for you. That's pointless because they'll find the same locked door as I did grrrrrrr
  20. U

    Apprenticeship enquiry....

    Hi im 23 I have level 3 2330, 2392, 17th edition and pv certificate. After struggling to find work due to a lack of experience I have found work with a guy. He is willing to take me on as an apprentice, rather than me just working with him, to help subsidise his costs of having me around. I...


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