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  1. C

    Client is being very naughty and im caught in the middle

    I carried out an EICR for a charity music school, the building is a small brick building with a few ring circuits and lighting circuits. I am going to be upgrading a few consumer units. I asked them where their meter was and they said they currently do not have one and do not intend to have...
  2. A

    3 Phase Armoured Cable - need to extend cables in the middle

    Hi, we are installing a roller shutter door, and need to move 6 armoured cables up about 3 ft, so they will need chopping, a junction installing each side and some fresh cable in the middle. Two questions. 1. Is there any kind of junction box that can cope with this or will I need 6...
  3. C

    Best online middle man

    After signing up with checkatrade i am averaging an extra 4 jobs a week which is brilliant. What other online middlemen are great as some i know are a waste of time?
  4. H

    hiding cables

    hi went round a customers house for cctv quote. they want 4 cameras, 2 in front and 2 in the back. the issue is that the house has just recently been refurbished (all work has now finished) and they want all cables hidden and for the nvr (camera recording box) to be in a room in the middle of...
  5. S

    Commercial Dado Trunking

    I have a job coming up installing 3 compartment Dado trunking. Is there a standard or spec for which cables go in which compartment. I would assume that power goes in the centre compartment and data etc in the outer compartments?
  6. H

    3 Way Switching

    Is there anyway to install 3 way switching with out an intermediate switch? I personally think it is required but if anyone knows different let me know. Thanks Matt
  7. S

    Domestic FIT Rate

    Hi I have a strange customer who has accepted a 4Kw domestic quote, he has a modern house but is refusing to have an EPC carried out. It got me thinking does he then qualify for the Middle range of FIT payments or the Lower Range. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. jjjinx

    Commercial resturant kitchen sockets

    this is the fourth time ive written this out as the blinking thing won't post :( I've been asked to supply more sockets to a resturant kitchen especially to the middle of the kitchen. Does anyone have any ideas to do this? My thought is to mount a couple of columns in the middle bolted floor...
  9. Rockingit

    Middle East solar

    I've put this here rather than the solar forum as it's more an 'interest' thread than a techy one. I was travelling back from a job in the middle east yesterday, and passing through one of the airports I saw a series of advertising posters for HSBC - those supposedly inspiring future technology...
  10. L

    Fault Finding - Ring : Techniques?

    Currently have an unknown fault on a ring circuit on a job i've been on, not had time to look as it was end of the day, wanting to know everyones techniques in finding faults on a ring in a house, as how the house is wired isnt going to be straight forward etc... your comments please
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