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  1. D

    White text on Orange

    @Dan, I'm finding the new home page style quite difficult to read, whereas the black on orange at the top stands out, the white on orange makes me squint. Perhaps it's just me, but may be worth asking a few others?
  2. D

    Why are most insulated grips red / yellow or orange in colour ?

    CK Wiha Wera Draper Stanley all mostly red and yellow Bahco Irazola Klein all mostly a funny orange colour why not grey , green or blue or even black ??
  3. F

    Horstmann Radio Teleswitch

    Hi all, Just a question to see if anyone knows what the blue and orange button do on the radio teleswitch? Changed over storage heaters to new ones, like for like swap and they have failed to come on during the night. Connections fine, fuses fine. It leads me back to this radio teleswitch and...
  4. N

    Rj45 cable plugs and sockets

    I have just finished wiring a house in cat5e cable and have connected up all the plugs and sockets, but after testing it with the continuity tester it comes up with non-parallel, this happens when the green and orange cores are connected in the socket, but when I take them out it says connected...
  5. R

    Domestic Telephone slave extension help needed

    Hi all. I'm currently trying to add a socket in an upstairs room from the master socket. At the master socket there is a 4 core cable where Orange goes to A and White goes to B and green and orange are cut back. At the slave there are 6 junctions with a 4 core cable with orange, white, blue and...
  6. C

    Phone extension

    Have been asked to connect a phone extension where cable with 3 twisted pairs has already been pulled in. First of all I thought phone line only had four wires? A phone jack only has 4 connections AFAIK anyway. The main question though is whether fitting a slave socket at each end with a jack...
  7. O

    BT Socket - having a blonde moment!

    Ok, got a client who want me to connect a BT "extension" into the back of the socket in their house. The "extension" cable is of the type you would buy off the shelf and has already fitted the socket on one end and the plug on the other - both moulded into position so its not possible to check...
  8. telectrix

    mobile problem

    difficult to describe this problem, but hopefully, someone will know a solution. just had my monthly orange bill, double what i expected. phoned orange and apparently i have been receiving texts from some companies called PAYMO and MBLOX. these texts are apparently to do with social networking...
  9. Top Cat

    Adding wet under floor heating to a Y plan

    Hi as i am a new guy i can't do a diagram so will have to explain. Have just done a job for a plumber adding a wet under floor heating system to a Y plan heating system. I have got a time clock operating a new 2 port Honeywell motorised valve. When the time clock is calling for heat the valve...
  10. V

    Domestic heating problem HELP PLEASE

    immergas victrix 26 kw boiler i wired one of these boilers today and was not sure how to bring the switched to back to activate the boiler i have done this job many times but i was told that this boiler is volt free and im not sure how to switch it if this is the case i bought two wires back...
  11. S

    Kitchen fitters / notifiable work in kitchen?

    Having a conversation with a work mate today, who is thinking of having a new kitchen fitted. This would mean him having to move some sockets and extending the ring in the kitchen to add a copule more (currently has 2 doubles and a single), from what i can gather he still has a old wylex 4 way...
  12. N

    Telephone wiring

    Every electrician has a gripe well thi is mine telephone ,a nice simple,thing wiring is easy ,but i cant get the dam things to work properly , doing extensions wire in parallel connect up nice dial to ring out great but what i am finding is when this happens the broad band cuts out hang up the...
  13. S

    phone piont

    hi im changing a phone point for someone.the old terminals were a and b,orange = A and white = B.the new point has terminals 1 to 6.which should i use.ta folks
  14. W

    iPhone or HTC Desire?

    Opions please :D
  15. M

    Master Socket

    My phone wont ring!!! The mrs took the master socket off yesterday when she was decorating and now th efone wont ring for incoming calls. I got a dial tone and can ring out, and can answer the fone, it just doesnt ring. Its a BT openreach master socket and I got orange, blue,brown and green...
  16. G

    Domestic telephone connection..

    Had to swop out an old BT master box today.. but found that the colour coding of the incoming cores differs to modern cable.. the master plate appeared to have 3 connectors marked A,B, and C. Only the the A & B connectors had cores to them.. A=orange (solid colour) B=white (solid colour)...
  17. B

    Another newbie on board

    Hi! Found the place accidentally, found info I needed, decided it looks likable so... Time to introduce myself. Newbie starting C&G 2330. I know already it is a place to look for advice, hope to be of help at times as well. Current location - S-W Wales.
  18. E

    Telephone Line Questions

    Does anyone here install telephone cables when wiring houses? We installed several sockets at a customers house 1 master followed by 5 slaves. However his broadband router only seems to work on the master socket. I have checked and all lines seem to be connected fine. Does anyone know what the...
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