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  1. P

    Wiring a Reason 8 bell box to a Galaxy dimensions alarm panel

    Hi chaps I have a Reason 8 bell box and I want to wore it to my galaxy dimensions alarm panel . Can anyone help me as the alarm panel has 4 connections - a picture of a bell ?and a Aux and a GND ? The Readin 8 has 5 connections. Can anyone advise me where to wire what . Thanks in advance guys ...
  2. T

    Plumber's reason for RCD tripping.

    Plumber changes boiler and RCD main switch starts tripping at various times when its firing up or soon after. (I was there doing other work). I test ring (that its connected to) and get +299Mohms on all tests. RCD doesn't trip at x0.5 and trips at x1 and x5, all fine. I've suggested to them...
  3. ipf

    Reason for post is only to......

    .....to get rid of that smug, bald, bearded sod at the top of the page with his 'No-Nonsense Fixtures' or 'LEDStraight'
  4. stephen atherton

    Blue C Form plug on cooker

    This may sound odd, but is there any reason I can't pop a Blue C Form plug on a cooker - new range cooker arrived and it needs only 20 Amps as most of it is gas except for one oven and the igniter. The radial Cooker circuit is already in and the isolator is on the wall (nicely tiled around) to...
  5. stummish

    Final circuit & DNO cable in same trench

    Hi all bright sparks, I've had a question from a client I couldn't answer on the spot. I've done some google research but can't find an answer to this; Is there any reason the DNO cable and a final circuit be installed in the same trench? DNO cable will be in a duct, client wants the SWA...
  6. R

    Why Did Fuse Blow.

    Hi guys, One of my guys drilled through a ring main cable today on the 1st floor of a company, knocking out the MCB, RCD feeding the MCB and the BS88-2 fuse in the basement. Why did it blow the BS88 fuse? Cheers
  7. yellowvanman

    Radiolink smoke alarms in holiday let?

    Finished 1st fix in a new holiday let and for one reason or another forgot to wire in a supply for the upstairs smoke detector. Thought it shouldn't be a problem to use a battery one with Radiolink. Sharp eyed Building control guy noticed smoke supply cable missing and said can't use Radiolink...
  8. R

    50 metres of 6.0 mm twin and earth Essex

    I'm selling a 50 metre drum of 6mm unopened for £40 collection only
  9. S

    EICR Limitation - no L to N IR Test

    Alrite lads, i am am currently buying a house and as part of the valuation report they wanted a EICR doing as the electrics are clearly old. So the owner employed a company to do the report and I have been passed on a copy. Now i I don't do EICR's but one of the limitations sounded strange...
  10. K


    Just found out passed both 2394/2395,time to find a job for my nvq3:wink5:
  11. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jibberish!!!

    JIBberish,Gibberish!! Sounds the same,is the same! Gold card may aswell be a Tesco clubcard lol
  12. S

    end of line on lighting circuits

    Whenever I wire a basic lighting circuit in Twin and earth I wire it in a radial with one end-of-line (e.o.l). However, I don't actually know the reason why...apart from believing its good practise? Is it wrong to have more than one e.o.l and if so why? For certain runs it would be a lot cheaper...
  13. E

    double oven & halogen hob wiring

    Hi Guys, Here We Go With Another Post That Causes Many Different Opinions On the Forum. Been asked to do the wiring for a new fitted kitchen in the next few weeks, The work includes modifying the ring circuit to include a new 20A D.P switch for a dishwasher. The difference of opinons starts...
  14. J

    110v transformer blowing trip

    Ive had this transformer a few years and never had a problem. I used it about 2 months ago then put it in the shed. I have now taken it out and its blowing the trip in my house for some reason. The shed I left it in has been leaking water and I have had to clear all my tools out of it but have...
  15. J

    Resistance bewteen circuits

    I just wondered why i would get a reading of 1400 - 1800ohms between lives on 2 different circuits one being a new circuit installed about a month ago by an other spark, the only reason i check was two ring mains that had been put into one mcb by the last sparks and told the customer he need a...
  16. S

    TNCS Outbuilding earthing arrangement

    I have a large shed (affectionately known as the warehouse) that is fed by a 16amp rcbo. The main earthing arrangement at the distribution boards is tncs and now a more experienced electrician than myself has stated that the earth in the 3 core 2.5mm armoured cable should be connected to a...
  17. P

    Mcs needed!

    Hi, I have a 2KW system ready to be commissioned but the electrician has gone AWOL. A bit worried about the cut off date. If interested PM me. Thanks Location Leeds, west yorks
  18. H

    signing off to mcs database before system completed

    Is there any reason why a system cant be signed off before the system is completed, the customer giving all the details of the system to the electric company paying the fits as in generation meter details, installer etc to make sure they receive the full rate of 43.3p if we are pushed to get it...
  19. L


    A customer of mine has a small kitchen and wants me to fit a dishwasher in the unit below the hob.I am trying to think of a reason why not as its a bit unusual,but i cant think of any reason why not but would like opinions please.
  20. B

    Training for 7671

    Hi, keeping abrest of regs isn't easy for electricians in the field. Try rewriting a course to cover everything needed to pass exams.
  21. N

    How do you tell a customer that the other company is not right?

    I've just been to another survey and the customer has had a quote that was a) using the wrong figures for the SAP calcs (.95 instead of .8) and B) telling them that they have a special offer with a supplier so if they sign before such and such they get £500.00 off. I see quite a few threads on...
  22. Y

    Feed to switch

    Hi all I work in modular buildings and we always wire our lights (In flat T&E) with the feed going to the switch. However at college they are quite adament that this is not a good way to do things, Is there anywere in the regs that says this? Or is there any reason why we shouldn't wire our...
  23. A

    Adding an earth to a pair of light switches

    I'm preparing for a new kitchen and have a 2way lighting circuit that has no earth (The previous owner had disabled one switch by mistakenly using the common as an earth, which has no return to the consumer unit). My question is: Can I install chrome switch plates if I bridge earth cables to...
  24. O

    swa in conduit/pipe underground

    As title says really? Heard people say use in some form of piping to make life easier in future should you need to replace/pull in new cable Others say bury direct? What's your views Cheers
  25. G

    Firex smoke alarms

    has anyone had any dealings with FireX smoke alarms. We have them in the houses we look after and they are a right pain. I do an oncall stand by and I can usually guarantee at least one call to sort out smoke alarms that are going off for no reason or that is the way it seems. The alarms in...
  26. B

    Split lighting circuit

    I'm about to do a rewire on an old lighting circuit. I'll have to remove and replace some wiring but not all, thing is, up till now all the circuits I've worked have followed a nice neat radial pattern, but this one is split into 2 or more sections, ie; the line from the cu is split at a jb to...
  27. D

    30 amp rewireable fuse + 1.0mm cpc

    Having been one of the culprits who wired 2.5 ring mains with 1.0mm cpc in times past I am going to do some repositioning of sockets in a kitchen which is being extended It has rewireable fuses pre-dating the standard wylex rewireables Before taking on the work I tested the existing ring and...
  28. B

    Where can i source this socket from ??

    Hi Have a project in mind and it has to be this kind of socket, it's basically a 110v yellow plug but us style, need to buy a lot in bulk and the only place seen one is on Ebay for over £10 and not paying that. Cannot seem to source them from US for some reason ? Anyone help, pic below. Cheers
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