1. E

    Need some advises in regards to the UL

    Hello people, We need your help and advices. At the moment we want to start the production for a table lamp and as we understand we need the UL certification. The facility from Europe told us that costs around 10-20K to get certified and this is way too much for us. Do you have any other options...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    What does 'mixed lines' mean with regards an EICR?

    A customer has just rang. His daughter lives in Scotland and has just had an EICR carried out. Part of the report says 'mixed lines'. He really didn't have many more details, he seemed to think it was to do with new cables being put in. I realise this is very vague, but just wondered if 'mixed...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Is this tinned copper and is it classed as copper with regards scrap metal?

    I am having a cable stripping day in the garden whilst the rain clouds have gone. A few cables from older houses look like they are tinned copper. Here is a picture of the tinned copper and normal copper. Is it tinned copper? It was taken from imperial cable. Also, will the scrap yard treat...
  4. V

    Seeking advice in regards to completing NVQ3 Electrical Install

    Just seeking a bit of advice really in what to do at the moment work/NVQ wise. Currently 30 years old have 1.5 years experience installing various things : SWA/FP200/transformers/sockets/switches etc on building sites, done a little domestic as well whilst with a previous company. I am working...
  5. GBDamo

    Correct selection of RCD with regards to EICRs

    The picture is a section of text from the October edition of Professionals Electrician, NAPIT Codebreakers. I have an issue with coding 'incorrect RCD type selected'. 1, is it now expected that all permanently connected equipment is assessed and MIs consulted to determine if the correct type...
  6. N

    Lightning Protection Certificate

    I would like to have sample of the lightning protection certificate. Please assist me. Regards Thanda
  7. bartkusal

    Any review regards this academy?

    Hi Anyone heard, used and can share experiences about bellow. Thanks
  8. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  9. G

    Help in regards to electrical route.

    Hello so i have decided to change career as i need to do something more hands on and dynamic. I spoke to a few friends in different industries and electrical was always mentioned well. I would do the Level 2 and 3 through ableskills potentially. Though i understand this industry is massively...
  10. Dan

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :)

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :) Please post a new thread, so the electrical vehicle advice has a thread of its own. Rather than replying to this electrical vehicle advice thread.
  11. 1

    Next step with regards to training . .

    Evening folks, I am new to this group, but hoping it will aid me in the route to go down next. A small bit about myself, I joined the military straight from school, but have now decided I need a change. Mainly for family reasons, my little one is 3, and I have been away just under half of his...
  12. T

    Progress with DNO regards provision of earthing terminal, thoughts?

    Western Power Distribution - Information for electrical installers - I have been contacted today regards policy and methods regarding provision and maintenance of earthing in...
  13. Amp David

    The #Novanber petition regards tool thefts

    Seen a big following for this petition on Twitter and wondered if many on the forum had signed it? Its to bring the issue of van crime, tool thefts etc to the government. Who thinks it'll make any difference? Heres the link if anyones interested Petition: Investigate what more can be done to...
  14. Pete999

    Are people paranoid, with regards to UFOs etc, especially in the USA.

    As the title suggests, just been watching a UFO programme regarding a strange HUM in certain areas oof the US, now with due deference to the American Public, they can't all be as gullible or stupid as this progrmme makes out, apparently from the East coast to the West coast of Mid America, this...
  15. 7029 dave


    I would like to wish you all, a joyful an peaceful xmas, to staff regular members and new new's, and to Electricians everywhere.!Best regards Dave.
  16. R

    Invoice Question In Regards To Materials For New Buisness

    Hi Started up a new company, im limited but not as of yet vat registered. I have been asked to quote for a job which i would supply and fit the materials. materials cost £500 Labor cost £200 so i would invoice the client £700 now i have already paid vat on the materials, when i get paid...
  17. HappyHippyDad

    Another question about earthing with regards hot tubs?

    With regards hot tubs, earthing always seems to be one of the most discussed points, especially with regards PME and extending the equipotential zone. My question is why is TNS ok to extend and PME is 'questioned' (I wont say 'not allowed' as I believe it is, it just raises questions and many...
  18. 8

    MFT 1720 up for sale

    Hi guys. As a regular user of this forum, I just though I would share the fact I have put my MFT 1720 on ebay, the terms on ebay are as shown, but however will consider ending auction for any sensible quick sale offers...
  19. E

    Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's

    Anyone know where I can view up to date reference documents etc to acquire the Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's? Regards David
  20. cprfenom

    socket on 6.0mm T&E

    A circuit wired in 6.0/2.5 with a 32amp MCB feeding a double socket for a gas hob and gas oven. Now I know that the protective device is for the cable, but I am concerned that the socket can only take 13+7. Should I down rate the protective device for the socket and not the cable in this...


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