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  1. N

    Lightning Protection Certificate

    I would like to have sample of the lightning protection certificate. Please assist me. Regards Thanda
  2. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  3. Dan

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :)

    Advice provided to and sought after with regards to Electric Vehicles in this forum :) Please post a new thread, so the electrical vehicle advice has a thread of its own. Rather than replying to this electrical vehicle advice thread.
  4. T

    Progress with DNO regards provision of earthing terminal, thoughts?

    Western Power Distribution - Information for electrical installers - https://www.westernpower.co.uk/connections-landing/connections-useful-information/information-for-electrical-installers I have been contacted today regards policy and methods regarding provision and maintenance of earthing in...
  5. Pete999

    Are people paranoid, with regards to UFOs etc, especially in the USA.

    As the title suggests, just been watching a UFO programme regarding a strange HUM in certain areas oof the US, now with due deference to the American Public, they can't all be as gullible or stupid as this progrmme makes out, apparently from the East coast to the West coast of Mid America, this...
  6. 7029 dave


    I would like to wish you all, a joyful an peaceful xmas, to staff regular members and new new's, and to Electricians everywhere.!Best regards Dave.
  7. 8

    MFT 1720 up for sale

    Hi guys. As a regular user of this forum, I just though I would share the fact I have put my MFT 1720 on ebay, the terms on ebay are as shown, but however will consider ending auction for any sensible quick sale offers...
  8. E

    Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's

    Anyone know where I can view up to date reference documents etc to acquire the Maximum Zs for distribution circuits protected by 60947-2 MCCB's? Regards David
  9. cprfenom

    socket on 6.0mm T&E

    A circuit wired in 6.0/2.5 with a 32amp MCB feeding a double socket for a gas hob and gas oven. Now I know that the protective device is for the cable, but I am concerned that the socket can only take 13+7. Should I down rate the protective device for the socket and not the cable in this...
  10. J

    Domestic 10w tv battery

    Hello, I recently bought a 10w 12v 7" TV, but it doesn't come with its own battery. So would it be possible to connect it to a 12v 7,2ah ups battery without any tv damage? Thanks for your availability regards
  11. D

    heating a phase under tension experiment

    Heating a phase under tension experiment. I would like to know what happens exactly when apply heat to an insulated phase under tension . Even over the fusion temp of the insulated protection. Best Regards
  12. S

    Domestic Conduit and earthing

    Hi I am new to the site as a poster but read regular and find it very informative. Domestic Rewire 3 core cable for top of stairs 2/way light drilled behind skirting board "standard" then instead of chased to 1200mm switch box and capped, there is an existing conduit system that cannot be...
  13. R

    Lost my M1 Pro IV cable id printer driver software

    hi guyes, Good day for u. I lost my electrical cable id printer software CD which is M1 Pro IV model Canon Nisca Corporation. i want to sale that printer.but without driver CD that's useless.i tried to download from internet.but its not available,even the Nisca website.i already install the...
  14. J

    Domestic Unused radial circuit

    Hi there I want to install 2 triple 13 amp sockets on a radial circuit which was used for an immersion heater (now removed). The circuit terminates in a 16 amp RCD in a new CU. The wiring passed inspection for the immersion heater. Is it OK to reuse the circuit for this purpose and can I use a...
  15. F

    Solar farms -

    We are currently undertaking projects to install solar parks from Birmingham down to Devon.(leasing the land) We will cover the cost for planning permission and DNO (grid connection) We pay between 800-1500 per acre, per year depending on location e.t.c If you are a land owner or know someone...
  16. Clive P


    I posted this on the Insurance Forum, so far no replies, so I thought I would try here where I normally visit. Just a quick question, I have recently taken early retirement ( Electrician for 40 Years ), and do the odd bit of work for friends and family. I have just helped out a friend at...
  17. B

    MFT 1553 Megger.

    HI,new to this forum for one reason and that is to sell my unused megger,i received this as security payment for work i had done for a company who are unfortunately no longer trading.I have no idea of value and first reasonable offer will be accepted, Regards, John.
  18. D

    eicr code

    hi guys.What code would you give to 6mm cooker cable running through a bedroom clipped to the skirting board.i think it could quite easily get knocked so a c2. your thoughts please. Regards Daz.
  19. R

    Distress alarm?

    Hi guys, can I take the supply for a disabled alarm from the light in the toilet?
  20. T

    Sma 17000tl multi functional relay

    Hi, Im Currently installing my first g59 install. I am using Sma 17000tl inverters and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the multifunctional relay. I understand under g59 you need a g59 relay and was wondering when you set the parameters on the inverter whether this is suffice or do...
  21. B

    hello to all: karl from liverpool

    i would welcome any information regards to working in dubai, iv'e just received my redundancy notice at work so this gives me the perfect opportunity to do something i have been concidering for a while, regards karl.
  22. U

    Are you happy with the cost of MCS registration

    Hi Guys I am a self employed heating engineer and I am extremly unhappy with the cost of becoming MCS accredited, but what I am truly angry about is this ridiculous QMS beurocracy that is not a help to my business but as I see it a hinderence. If you are interested in what I and many heating...
  23. M

    G59 Relays???

    Does anyone know if G59 relays are absolutely mandatory for every system above 16A/phase? Someone has said that if you install a sunny tripower 10000TL you don't need to install a relay as it has the adequate G59 protection incorporated? I know this is a bit of a grey area but I'm hoping someone...
  24. M

    Wanted PV Accredited Sub Contractor

    Hi Guys I'm looking for an accredited PV installer to work with on a sub contract basis. The work is in the North West. Please send me a private message with a phone contact if this is of interest to you. Cheers Mike
  25. L

    16th edition board

    Hi all need some advise..... Wired my house(new build) back in jan 2006 after part p came in which at the time i was employed and done the install myself and the boss was going to certify it for me. Mean while i have started my own buisness (3 years now) and the cert was never done, the issue...
  26. sparkdog

    Steel conduit

    Is steel conduit used much nowadays? I have worked with it a lot in the distant past but looks like domestic is all plastic and trunking now.I would have thought its still the best option on farms and commercial and for extending existing installations which are in steel. Regards,Sparkdog.
  27. G

    Just Joined ELECSA

    Well if they have me, I have just paid online for ELECSA, hopefully the rest of the process is just as smooth........:D
  28. P

    SAfe Contractor Scheme

    Hi all. Just wanted to know if anyone was a member of this already ? Safe Contractor Wanted to know what other people thought of it. regards Pete
  29. L

    Hi all from Dave - south Manchester

    Yo all, come from Tilers forum to see whats going on in here ! Regards Dave
  30. B

    split board

    hi all i'm looking for a split board with to din rails 1 above the other 2x 10way as i am straped for room any ideas
  31. W

    Cabinet Door Switch

    Hey, I am trying to install a cabinet switch into my wardrobe. It be switching a rope light. I am running an extension lead to the wardrobe and then plugging the rope light into the extension. Which wire do I run through the switch? Is it the Blue Neutral or the brown Live? Kind regards
  32. I

    minor works certificate

    hi im tryin to get me self ready for my assesment with the nic on the green minor works cery where there is a box it says rcd BSEN my rcd is a 4293 im not sure wot type it is tho i think its a type B is this right thnks
  33. Mr Mark Sparks

    bathroom socket

    is there any circumstance where you can put a 230v socket in a bathroom (closer than 3m to bath) i dont think there is but have been asked to check. there is a 1200mm high stud partition seperating the bath from where they want the socket in the dressing room
  34. S

    Tails in three ph fusebox.

    Hi there, Three phase board, 125A isolator, are tails 25mm ok? Shouldn't the neutral be bigger? Im having EDF monday, and i need to be sure. Thank you
  35. M

    church work

    hi i am registered with the nic eic domestic installer scheme and one of my customers is in charge of a lot of churchs i have done i lot of work in some of the houses they own and they want me now to sort the churches out is this ok to you should see what sort of a state they are in...
  36. C

    For sale section

    When we first started I suggested a for sale section on the forum. Now we have many more members who thinks it is a good idea? Not interested in people posting their gran's best china or their old Ford Capri, but stuff that we can all make use of - consumer units, power tools or anything...
  37. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme How is it in here? Registering with bodys such as Niceic etc

    Hi all Required a change from making signs, so have done Part P and C&G 2381. Will be looking to complete 2391 next year. Interested in who you all recommend to register with, niceic etc, pros and cons with each. What backup help do they offer, or are they onlt after your money ? I have heard...
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