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  1. Baddegg

    Scope for Stroma domestic installers....

    Popped up my corner shop this morning and the owner grabs me and says he’s been waiting to see me.....takes me out the back and asks can I change the consumer unit for him, straight forward enough job except the unit encompasses his flat above (domestic) and 2 rfc circuits in the shop below...
  2. P

    PAT testing scope for a salon with a rented room

    All, I’m hoping to pick up a PAT testing job for a salon. Quite happy with the main part of it for the owner, but this salon rents a room to another beautician who has their own appliances. The person in the rented room is not an employee of the owner. Q ~ Should the rented room fall under the...
  3. M

    PAT Testing scope

    Asked 4 companies if they had a PAT Tester, or if they needed one. 1st company didn’t really know what a PAT Tester was, but is considering starting using one. 2nd company said I don’t have any employees so I don’t need to PAT Test. 3rd company said we are covered, we take the tools for...
  4. T

    Interested ex-lmited scope GE

    Ex gas engineer here( Sorry!) , had limited scope Part P at one time so I know enough to be dangerous, no seriously I know enough to leave certain things well alone! Recently had some electrical problems at home so now doing some research and checking out my own electrics which I had never...
  5. Gary Tollison

    Part P defined scope enquiry

    Greetings I will be attending the second practical week of my Domestic Electrical Installer course soon. C&G 2365 Unit 201/501 - Health and safety in Building Services Engineering. Certified outcomes: Part P Defined Scope. Does this mean that I would be able to apply for some kind of...
  6. O

    Todays guessing game .......

    So I was doing some fault finding today - and the customer said that they had had some recent work done - so I asked to see any paperwork that had been left..... they produced an EIC... this is what the scope of works was: So anyone like to guess what they've had done? and no there wasn't...
  7. H


    Anyone in to their shooting? I've packed in my Sunday morning football recently, and have been doing a fair bit of shooting to try and fill the void. I'm hoping to go for a full FAC when I get established at a few clubs, but am very interested in air rifles too since they are so accessible and...
  8. D

    Domestic Outdoors sockets notifiable or not

    With so many part p pdf files out there in getting a bit lost Also I think the person I was talking to about this might of found a loop hole Basically he tapped in to the house ring to put on a outdoor RCD socket I'm reading in electrician guide to building regs book 2012 Suggests any...
  9. M

    Trades Gateway

    Hi Everyone I'm thinking of enrolling on Electrical course with the above mentioned, is this a wise decision or not? I had a "sales person" come round yesterday to give it all the patter saying its better than an apprenticeship & night school doing their 2/3 year course. Domestic Electrical...
  10. frontier219

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit ****

    Hi All, NAPIT have today informed me that my Dad is not acceptable for full scope due to not having an NVQ Level 3. He has been industry assessed and has a Gold JIB Card, and the 17th Ed, and the 2391, but apparently this is not enough. Has anyone else had this problem before, and is there a...
  11. S

    Additional Training

    Hi I am currently re-training and have so far picked up my Full Scope Part P, 17th Edition and C&G 2377. I am still working on my C&G 2330 and 2391. Can anyone advise me on any other courses I can take to make myself more employable as I have practical experience but not much proof to back it...
  12. T

    just found on ebay

    just found this on ebay, how can they make a profit? or is it just a way to get through the door? with prices like this i would be better off getting a job at tesco! Full House Rewire Including Consumer Unit. | eBay
  13. A

    Domestic RCD Spur

    Hi all, Just a quickie hopefully... Wiring in a new boiler which is located in a kitchen.... obviously being in a kitchen requires RCD protection... Is an RCD Spur sufficient to satisfy the requirement for RCD protection? Hopefully that makes sense :shocked: Thanks, Alan
  14. P

    Domestic Part P work

    Hi All ive been out of the domestic install scene for a while but ive been offered a lot of work with a kitchen fitter.this will involve replacing C/Us and installing new cooker circuits.Does this mean i will have to do a test certificate to cover the whole installation or just a test on the new...
  15. S

    Joinging napit but 2391 taken 7 years ago?

    Im just in the process of joining napit for full scope, and also want to add the testing and inspection on to it. Now i have recieved paper work i have noticed it says 2391 must of been gained in the last 5 years. Mine was taken in 2004. No one there to answer my questions til monday, so has...
  16. P

    Napit , full or defined scope

    Hi all was just looking on the napit website they do a defined scope for dwellings, it says new circuits etc are covered.What does everyone know about this ?I have applied for napit but full scope, I am a house basher nothing else, never been into industry and never will.Am I better changing to...
  17. M

    Confused Please Help!!

    Ok iv just finished my 2330 level 2 Iv just passed my 17th and my part P i just went in and had my last "chat" with the lecture I asked him if i join Napit niceic etc etc. Could i got and work for myself My plan was to run a little ad and do small odd jobs while i do my level 3 next year.Nothing...
  18. A

    signing off work

    Hi, I currently work for an NIC registered company, but I am getting asked more and more if I can sign off my own work. So I was wondering what is the cheapest way of doing this. At the moment I dont want to go out on my own, but on the other hand I dont want to miss out on/ turn down work. I am...
  19. E

    could some one be able to give us abit of advice! am new 2 domesticzzz!!! thanks

    Hi all.:confused: am a newly qalified domestic spark, all my past experience is on auto electrics! however i am hoping to start up on my own as i cant find employment at this time, i have just been asked by a friend to rewire 2 down stairs lights and 1 bathroom light, aswel as rewire a ciruit...
  20. M

    part p testing

    hi all This may have been asked before but to test third party work ie test and inspect not periodics which is the best trade group napit ?:confused: cheers
  21. D

    NAPIT and registration

    HI Chaps as you may know i do Custom AV installs, anyway with Part P Part L and 17th edition as well as other factors there are several things i would like to do. One of them is to be able to test and certify the electrical side of the installs myself. The other is be able to understand the new...
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