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  1. stephanjs

    UK Where would I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and tores code on it.

    Where can I find the MPAN on a "Radio Telemeter Series K" meter? Unlike the older meters, this just has a serial number and stores code on it. I have no way of getting past energy bills but doubt if that would help as the meter has been changed. ENA requires a 21 digit MPAN. The serial number...
  2. C

    Three phase - serial connection

    I have two FCU's in the same room. Can these two FCU's (3 phase) be fed from same cable from the panel located in the another room? Is it acceptable as per codes? or do I need to run separate cables?
  3. C

    Tester serial number traceable?

    Hi, A few months ago my drills and tester were stolen from the van, i have replaced the items now but was wondering if the serial number on the tester can be reported? So if it is used on a test NAPIT/NIC and the likes are aware its stolen?
  4. D

    New Drill

    Figured ill put some cash in to getting a new Drill Dewalt DCD795 lot of talk of brushless, figured dont get the LATEST one but a new of the old. brought it off Ebay NEW battery new (copy version FLOUREON 4Ah) and a charger (did want a second hand one that i could maybe put a fan in to keep...
  5. D

    Megger MFT1710 serial number location

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone can tell me where to find the serial number on an MFT1710 as I bought a 3 month old unit on ebay the other week but i cant find the serial number and it had no paper work with it.
  6. S

    testing problems

    Just started subbing for a company and have provided me with a megga mft1552 tester where would I locate the serial number needed to complete aelectrical installation certificate report ?
  7. S

    Megger MFT 1720

    Guys, Looking for MFT of my own now. Took the jump and started working on my own now. Been googling on ebay for MFT as didn't really fancy paying the full whack for a brand new one. Seen on ebay, guy selling a used Megger MFT 1720 for £460. I used one of these in my previously work, done the...
  8. K

    Megger with no serial number

    Hi everyone I am posting on behalf of a colleague of mine -- he has just purchased a MFT1552 (used), which appears to be working just fine, however there is no serial number label at the bottom of the unit. He has contacted Megger who he thinks are trying to scaremonger him into having the...
  9. P

    replacing panels/inverters tarrif payments affected?

    Can anyone tell me the situation in the event that one or more of my panels fails (say 10 years down the line) can you use different panels with new serial no's and still get the tarrif ? Same question if the inverter fails and I need a new one, will the fact its not the one registered with the...
  10. M

    Second hand Megger 1552 MFT

    Hi, is it worth buying a Megger 1552 MFT second hand from EBay? I'm aware of the pitfulls of privately buying stuff, I was wandering if there was a way to tell that the multi tester is stolen before committing to buy, are they registered etc.. Thanks Maddemanblue
  11. 1

    Oh Dear, second hand Fluke 1652 mft and cannot find the serial number?

    Please could someone be kind enough to help me out here...... please?:o I recently purchased a mft from a power seller on ebay who has one hundred percent feedback. Everything looks mint and as in the photos but I cannot find a serial number anywhere:confused::( Is the serial number traceable...
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