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  1. C

    Electrician Installing meter for stand alone garage - South London

    Hi All, I live in a building with about 100 flats and 17 garages, of which one garage is mine. Based in South London, SW2. The garage currently doesn't have electricity which is something I would like to change. I know at least one other garage has electricity installed and this is wired from a...
  2. S

    Why do some customers stand 6" behind you?

    Anyone else get this? Just changed a bathroom light and the customer spent the whole time virtually stood on the bottom rung of the step ladder staring at what I was doing. Not conducive to a good morning's work!
  3. sham


  4. D

    Hager boards. Cant stand them

    Had to replace an MCB on an existing Hager board (dual RCD) as part of yesterday afternoons job. Having to drop the entire busbar just to change one MCB, and then fiddling around in a tight space to get it back, then the paranoia over whether I've missed a clamp. Mirror, torch...still cant...
  5. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  6. haptism

    Stand alone rcd enclosure, metal or plastic

    Hi all; a stand alone RCD enclosure, is this classed as "similar switchgear assemblies" in regards to reg 421.1.201 and so needs to be made of metal ? Im considering that a stand alone RCD and its enclosure might have a different BS number and so might not apply to this reg ? Anyone know...
  7. PEG

    Tool Fair at Event City,Manchester

    Slid by,today,some good gear and plenty of opportunities for wind-ups. Usual game of engaging the pretty girls,on the Wago stand,whilst pillaging her bowl,giggerty. Bit disappointed that Megger didn't have an example of their new 800 series multimeters...May,apparently,so kid's savings safe...
  8. T

    Cable tray install

    hi all Need some help here regarding cable tray installation on uneven suraface. This job was done a few weeks ago and need to wire a new supply for a sub main board. It's a new restaurant that is getting done. So need to supply power for kitchen appliances. My question is regarding cable tray...
  9. W

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib grading

    Hi this is my first post. I am just wondering what card I would get JIB wise, I have 236 pt1 and AM1, 236 pt2 (but missing the science exam) 17th edition, 2391 inspect and test and NVQ level 3, BPEC photovoltaic systems. Been working 20yrs as electrician and self employed 5yrs on a scam scheme...

    just seen this on ebay

    what the hell: daihatsu midget 11 advertising van ad van "rare" | eBay
  11. G

    Anyone interested in roof integrated solar PV?

    We've got a full demo roof set up showcasing Viridian Solar's fully BBA approved roof integrated solar PV and solar thermal panels on our stand at the Home Building and Renovation show in Harrogate this weekend (Friday-Sunday 1-3 Nov). Stand 252 if anyone's interested, happy to discuss it with...
  12. happyhippydad

    Stand alone RCD's

    Could anyone give me a link to where I can buy a stand alone RCD? I have looked and looked and just find a lot of threads on the subject but cannot find anywhere that sells them. I could just fit an enclosure/din rail but I'd just like to see these stand alone RCD's and make a choice.. In this...
  13. B

    generator as back up during power cut

    hi, just after a bit of advice, i have a generator i will be using when there is a planned power cut however can i use the distributors earth. my generator is protected by rcd?
  14. richy3333

    DeWalt Toughsystem boxes

    Does anyone have experience of these? Are they 'tough'? Do the boxes lock together without the trolley system?
  15. 5


    Can anyone offer any advice on what to look out for when buying a second hand generator that I intend to buy to supply a house in Spain. Like how do you load test or if a generator gives the power it states on the label. Cheers
  16. P

    Wiring Lighting Circuit

    Hi there, was in the wholesalers today and got chatting to the staff and was told that apparently the NICEIC want you to send the feeds to the switches, neutrals together etc, oppose to three bar wiring (loop in) Anyone else heard this,?
  17. U

    old wylex board

    quick dilemma, bathroom fitter i work with just informed me that the quick rcbo changeover for a light in bathroom is an old metal wylex fuseboard in a cupboard for a flat. im pretty sure that u cannot get rcbo for these boards................i maybe wrong? has the mcb conversion...
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