1. Dan

    Want a laugh at some tiling done by DIY?

    https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/public-thread-poor-tiling-workmanship-by-diy-and-rogue-traders.63897/ Had this thread going since 2012. Some terrible and sometimes dangerous (heavy tiles falling off from a height whilst in the bath could maim your pidge!! or worse!) tiling done by DIY...
  2. M

    Ground Lights in paving / tiling

    Hi team, I'm after some installation advice. I am a spark, city & guilds 2365 L2 & L3, AM2 next month and just starting out on my own over the last few months. I've been asked by a customer to install some uplighters / walk over lights in a conservatory. The floor hasn't been laid yet, but is...
  3. Dan

    Counting Down to WorldSkills with the UK Tiling Team

    With the WorldSkills 2017 final in Abu Dhabi fast approaching, anticipation is rising for the UK Tiling Team. On Thursday 7th September, Schlüter-Systems caught up with them at the Greenbank View more information: Counting Down to WorldSkills with the UK Tiling Team » Tile Blog | Tile News Blog...
  4. F

    Tilers forum mixed with electricians forum

    Hello. All recent posts on the electrician forums for the last few weeks have more tiling posts. Have the forums got mixed up somehow?
  5. H

    Tiling posts

    what's with all the tiling posts when I click on new posts?
  6. T

    Part-P of Underfloor Heating in Portsmouth

    The admin of the Tiling forum recommended I post this request here. I'm looking for an Electrician to complete the wiring of a DeviReg 550 control unit for a DeviMat 2.5m sq. electrical underfloor heating system installed in a domestic bathroom under recently laid tiling. Mains feed is from an...
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