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  1. Q

    USA Lights Dimming, Getting Bright and More

    What the title says plus a bit more. Ever since a few days ago our house's lights have been getting either very dim or very bright. Also my box fan will ramp up in speed. Sometimes lights will go out all together. All this happens in complete synchronization. At one point the power went out for...
  2. C

    LED Swapping colours when switched on/off

    Hi Good morning, i have just replaced 2 old dowlighters with LED ones, however, one is bright white and one is soft white(like a glow), the other problem is they swap over when switched on/off at the switch? any help greatly appreciated.
  3. littlespark

    Bright light.... unbearable heat!

    .... at first I thought it was the sun.. but no... It was my birthday cake.
  4. D

    Ultra bright LED off a battery supply.

    Hello. Can anyone tell me how to run an ultra bright, even car headlamp if possible, off a battery source? Battery supply needs to be as small as possible, small enough to fit inside an item about the size of a cigar tube and the bulb needs to be no wider than about 10mm. Any ideas?
  5. N

    What are the brightest GU10 LEDs.

    Hi guys...I'm not a spark but can I ask your advice. We have 6 GU10 halogens in our kitchen...they use a lot of electricity and I would like to replace them with LEDs. I tried this maybe 18months ago...and the result was disappointing...the bulbs where quite dim...but where supposed to be...
  6. A

    Which LED GU10?

    Can anyone recommend a 7.5W LED GU10? I was using a Sylvania lamp but it's no longer produced. The 5W ones are not quite bright enough for my bathroom. Thanks
  7. M

    Industrial led strobe v analog strobe help

    Alright guys im getting only led lights for my band/raves due to power consumption etc anolog strobes trip breakers to so its annoying. but! i need bit of help il post both links here heres the anolog strobe Equinox Firecracker 1500W DMX DJ Club Strobe | Lighting | DJ & Club Strobes | Equinox...
  8. R

    DIY Garden - Solar Lighting

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but hoping to gain a little help. I want to purchase a solar panel that will power around 15 led's in a homemade garden lighting project. I don't really know where to start in terms of what components to buy - there are tons of solar panels out there and...
  9. G

    annoying IR fault

    Had an IR fault on a newly installed lighting circuit today, 0.00ohms with continuity of 0.37 between neutral and earth, split the circuit down and down again until I find which room it's in, full of spotlights, keep splitting until I narrow it down to the last spot, disconnect spot fault...
  10. L

    metal halide led bulb replacement

    Hi all Have any of you ever dealt with a LED replacement bulb for the metal halide (brightest possible with the bright white light). If you have are they any good and what company did you purchase them from? Thankyou Luke
  11. M

    free 100x100 galv trunking must go this weekend

    In Horsham West Sussex Free to collector, must go by monday am (1st July) or will have to be scrapped. Unsure of manufacturer (will check) 10 x 3m lengths of 100x100, & a couple of 75x75 galv steel trunking. Clean, never fitted but has been stored outside previously so not bright / shiny...
  12. V

    PIR lighting issue

    Hi. Weird one. I fitted a Georgian style PIR light outside the door of my house. Got a 3 core flex cable (Line, Neutral and CPC) from board to 13A spur (fused down to 3A), then to light fitting. When you walk by, it switches on fully bright, but when it switches off (a.k.a no movement) - it's...
  13. S


    So I popped in Screwfix and whilst waiting, I noticed lap GU10 led dimmable lamps £6 each anyone used these yet on here
  14. E

    Domestic Can anyone help me find the right replacement LED bulb?

    Hi - I'm new to site so please bear with me. I need to replace a bulb in my white walled bathroom. I need a bright, blue-white lighting. I have tried a couple (warm white, cool white) but they are not bright / white enough. One from Tool Station (CED GU10 replacement lamp GU35W cool white)...
  15. A

    LEDs... whats up here?

    Hi Guys I retrofitted some nice 7w LED gu10s this morning. fine. Turn them off later today - nope. Still on and probably as bright as before. Simple existing switch with no voltage on the load side when open and earth active at the switch. And no two way circuit. Really dont see how...
  16. T

    Recessed Halogen Downlighters

    Got a customer, Who's house and business premises we have the maintenance contract with, Just moved into a new house, with a large number of recessed halogen downlighters. She's complaining about the heat generated from them, I was thinking along the lines replacing them all with LED bulbs...
  17. B

    Retrofit LED GU10's

    whats the best deal around at the mo? require cool white similar output to 35W or 50W i prefer the look of the 3 or 4 superbright LED's rather than the cluster type
  18. B

    LED Changeover

    Hi All, Have got a customer with 16 x MR!6 Halogens in a room at the moment They want these lamps changed to the MR16 LED lamps you get these days. Can i just replace the lamps or do I need to install an LED driver for the lamps?
  19. K

    Defender LED Festoon

    Anybody used them? Are they as bright and/or give as good a spread of light as the standard 100w GLS festoon's? Defender
  20. I

    Kosnic LED lamos

    Hey guys, I am just about to buy 80 LED lamps, I have been given a good price on 4 watt Kosnic, as I have never used this make before I was hoping someone could tell me if they are any good, or should I run a mile. Cheers Ian
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