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    UK Looking for a back box sds sort of chisel

    Does any one know the name of this sds chisel in the photo I've had it a while but cannot find another or what it's called, it's great for doing neat back box cuts in brick
  2. R

    Hammers, Cold Chisel and Crow/Utility Bars

    I am looking on here for some hand tools: PRYMATE 5 Piece Multi Bar Pack - I am unsure what Hammers, Cold Chisels and Utility bars, any advice is welcome.
  3. C

    Running cable behind skirting board

    Hi, now don't jump to conclusions, I need any advice on running cable vertically behind a skirting board not horizontally. Customer has large 1960's skirting boards approx. 250mm high, maybe higher, and has asked me to install new recessed sockets without removing the skirting board. A fairly...
  4. M

    Getting into a resin filled joint

    Hi all, Couldn't find existing thread on this. Need to get into a large resin filled joint on a 120mm 4 core SWA and wanted to know if there was a solution to dissolve it or is it a case of hammer and chisel like the old days. It is a cold cured, two part resin Kit from CTC. Any help...
  5. E

    sockets wired in 1.0mm 3 core flex

    Doing a re-wire for a customer who's had their kitchen redone recently and told me the electrics are fine.when I checked, they've all been wired using 1.0mm 3 core flex then sealed underneath tiles.I can't remove the tiles or pull through new cables.Is it permissable to leave it connected like...
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    Has anyone had experience of chasing in brickwork?

    Good info, also as I am just used to surface laying this whole chase cutting is a bit of a new experience, now the chases has capping in it and has to be deep enough to accommodate it, the metal back boxes are 35mm deep so sometimes do you have to chase into the brickwork itself as sometimes you...
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    Tools for sale

    Hi guys just selling a few surplus tools to fund a new fishing reel. After having some problems recently with Royal Mail postage I would ideally prefer collection from Leeds area, however if you live too far away let me know and I will see what a courier would charge. What you get: Estwing...
  8. G

    Socket box sinker for brick

    Hi, is there a socket box sinker on the market that will work on older (Tougher) type house bricks, or is it just a case of good old lump hammer, chisel, and lots of holes with a masonry drill ??
  9. L

    Chasing walls for light switches

    Hi all, I need to chase 4 walls for light switches shortly. Its in my own home. Had it re-wired few months back but due to time restrictions had to have wall mounted switches and trunking fitted. Was planning on using my sds drill then 25mm chisel, covering cable with pvc channeling. Any...
  10. P

    Sockets in Brick

    Hi Im fitting some 2 gang metal back boxes into a brick wall but the bricks are crumbling and Im finding it very hard to get a flat back to the hole. Has any body got any tips to help remove the brick, im using a hammer and cole chisel. Many thanks guys.
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    Best way for lifting floorboards?

    Hi guys, could someone give me some advice on how you lift floorboards? If I am lifting one or two I usually just use my Fein multimaster to cut over the joist on each end and along the tongue. I was shown at college to use a floorboard saw but I find them so time consuming. My boss also...
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