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  1. Edtwozeronine

    Can't sign in to forum on Firefox or Chrome on OSX

    Posting from my HUDL 2, wondering why the new site won't work on my trusty old Mac Mini. I did the usual sort of thing to try and fix this, cleared the cache, cookies and history but no joy yet. The site is acting like the sign in button doesn't work, eg the pointer doesn't change into a little...
  2. P

    Product recomendation please for Chrome Wall sockets with USB

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice please. I am refurbishing my home and want to replace the current white plastic wall sockets with Polished Chrome ones that have integrated USB chargers. Unfortunately, having looked at the vast array of brands out there and their reviews, it appears that...
  3. D

    Fan pull switches

    Hi there, I am having trouble locating a fan isolator pull switch(3-pole). It needs to be in the style of brushed chrome, nickel or stainless steel. Any ideas? Thanks in anticipation. Dave.
  4. M


    Morning all, Matthew here Have my pre AM2 this week and then the real deal starts Monday! So I signed up to look at any previous posts about the AM2 ( Pobably a few on here id imagine)
  5. infinity

    Chrome engraved grid switches

    I need some engraved grid switches for a kitchen, and they need to be Chrome- brushed to match existing, i can only find the usual white MK engraved grid switches i can't seem to find anything online either, has anyone ever used these or know where i may source some? Thanks
  6. i=p/u

    Led replacements

    Is there a replacement led for t5 35w tubes, I know I could if searched but I like to ask like minded people.. And hello they for lighting a shop are the meeting expectations? Any experiences welcome i was going todo this job a year ago but we held off
  7. eNigMar

    Anybody recognise this brand of switch?

    I didn't get a chance to take it off the wall to see if it's branded inside and only had half a second to get the photo. They were late to pick up the kids from school or something. I need to source another one. If no one recognises it I'll take it off the wall the next time I'm on site. I can...
  8. brs73

    black metal clad socket outlets

    morning all i need to install some black enamel surface conduit on a feature brick wall as requested by the client. its a domestic property but i cant seem to find black metal clad sockets and back boxes. some where in the dark recesses of my memory i seem to recall seeing them around years ago...
  9. R

    Domestic Retractive Centre Off Push Switch in Brushed Chrome

    Any ideas where I can get one. The kit for sky light window opener came with a white wall switch, client would like brushed chrome. Company supplying only do white. cheers
  10. S

    Domestic chrome sockets

    Hi all does anyone know where I can find a chrome flat plate socket with chrome switches (not black or white insert)
  11. A


    Soo my pricing atm is all over place as i dont have much work to be able to price average so doing it fairly affordable so that i win it! Would you say £6680 for a rewire is expensive for a large house the house has GARAGE KITCHEN UTILITY LIVING ROOM 1 LIVING ROOM 2 EXTENSION HALLWAY BATHROOM...
  12. J

    Trim ring / spacers for behind switches ??

    Hi all Im looking for the plates that go behind switches, bringing the switch off the wall a few mill and they look like a very small picture frame Fitted them n the past but now they seemed to have disappeared Anyone know where I can get one ? Preferably chrome Thanks Jack
  13. D

    Train4Trade Skills, legal action

    I am in the process of Taking legal action against these people, I would like to here from as many of you who has a grievance against them, the more of you we can get together the more chance we have in succeeding you can email me at [email protected]
  14. R

    Class II chrome switch (or chrome switch not requiring an earth)????

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get a light switch (or preferably a dimmer) which is chrome or steel (chrome effect will do I spose) which DOESN'T REQUIRE AN EARTH CONNECTION??? Got an installation with the old no-cpc-on-lighting-but-RCD'd-up chestnut, but the owner really wants metal...
  15. R

    train 4 trade skills

    dont know if this is the right place for the thread but oh well i just had an interview with train 4 trade skills and to be hoinest it sounded too good to be true just wondering IS IT TOO good to be true and if you guys went through the commercial route? thanks ROB
  16. O

    Domestic Isolator Switches

    I need some help. I am having a new kitchen installed and currently have one isolator box with three switches for dishwasher, fridge and washing machine. I want to change all the sockets to chrome but cannot find the same switch I currently have. Is it possible to still use the whote one I...
  17. S

    Train 4 Trade Transfer

    Just a quick question. If you have enrolled and paid for a" Train for Trade" electrical or plumbing course and do not start it, is it possible to sell it or get a refund? Is it transferrable? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Steve:)
  18. R

    Pull switch

    Anybody know of a ceiling pull switch that operates silently or at least very quitely?
  19. L


    what would you do in my situation guys? 2nd fixing for a builder hes so disorganised, problems everywhere, hes called me in far too early ive fitted most of the chrome accesories the board etc, only things left to fot are couple of chrome switches and sockets in this glazed archway, thats not...
  20. P

    job lot forsale £25 the lot

    £25 quid plus postage buy`s you the following, 2x time guard passive rcd`s metal clad 2 non latching double sockets rcd 2x stainless 45a dp switches 2x brass fcu`s 3 gang flat plate stainless 2 way switch 1x brass coax plate 1x chrome int switch chrome 20a dp with neon 1x chrome fcu 2x...
  21. W

    Train 4 trade skills

    ok ...so im doing a course with these people ....and am getting on well and enjoying streaching me grey matter.... what i want to know is 1 Does anyone have any first hand experience of this company and how did they find it ( im aware of the obviuos pitfall of ending up standing on the...
  22. E

    Single Gang 45A Cooker Switch

    Hi I have been asked to change all the white switches and sockets in a customers house to brushed steel. I have managed to source sockets, 1g, 2g & 3g switches for the lighting, telephone and tv points but cannot find anywhere that does a 1g cooker switch. This is what he has there now: All...
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