1. Loki

    James Dewane - Marketing for electricians

    Hi All, Just came across James Dewane youtube channel - Marketing for electricians Marketing For Electricians - https://www.youtube.com/user/marketingforsparks Have any of you seen these videos? If so do the techniques he mentions work? I was thinking more along the line for domestic work...
  2. J

    Good evening electricians forums from Norfolk

    Hi, I'm James a Gas Safe engineer from Norfolk,I'm joining this forum with a view to enhancing my very average at best electrical knowledge. Cheers
  3. J


    Hi everyone. I'm a 32 year old restaurant manager who is looking for a change in proffesion. Spent the last few years at night college doing my 2365 Level3. Finally got that and my 17th and now looking for some electrical work. Regards James
  4. L

    Fused Spurs under sink?

    Hi I have a situation where there are Spurs under sink zone 2. would it be ok if fittings where ip rated or fittings were enclosed in ip rated housing. the circuit is protected by an rcd . Lim pretty new to testing by would appreciate any advice. Ive tried to find solution but was not able to...
  5. J

    Started the Trade Center self learning course and would like to speak to somone

    Hi every one. I just joined the site ........ I've just started the Trade Center self learning course and would like to speak to someone in the same position just starting out. Hope all is going well. :tree:James
  6. J

    Verifying earthing of a property before carrying out any work!

    HI... Would i right in saying that it is important to first check that a property is earthed sufficiently and that readings are within what they should be for T-N-C-S, T-N-S, TT systems. Upon discovering a house has no main earth route back to star point would it be correct to say that no work...
  7. M

    MFT For Sale

    I have a robin KTS 1620 for sale, it is 10 years old and has not been used since 2004 which is when it was last calibrated, it will cost £65 to get it calibrated and around £15 for 1sst class recorded delivery, If anyone is interested I will accept a resonable offer, but remember 80 quid will...
  8. S

    For Sale FLUKE 1651 MFT and remote test lead. Wall chaser.

    Fluke 1651 MFT, It has had a lot of use, but has been well looked after, Excellent (almost as new) condition. Comes with original Yellow case, and CD instruction manual. included in price is the optional remote test probe, these cost £40 plus alone. Full set of leads and probes, all in top...
  9. J

    Shower 10.8kw advice please

    Hello All Ive got to fit a new shower in a commicial building our company look after. I think the shower is supplied from a type c 50A MCB MEM mem sheild board. What i was thinking was replacing this with a type c 50Amp 30mA RCBO. Also would the max Zs for this RCBO still be 0.46 ohm as in...
  10. D

    Fluke 1651

    Hi Chaps thinking of putting in for a part P scheme and seen a Fluke 1651 advertised for £180 out of calibration is it suitable? Decent how much does calibration cost and how long does it last?
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