1. T

    Oven grill

    My zanussi free standing ovens grill trips the main fuse after use when switching off. It most likely an element issue?
  2. Z

    Bulb staying on

    I have a 6 bulb ceiling light. Just recently when i switch it off at the wall only 5 bulbs go out. Is this more likely to be a faulty light fitting or switch?
  3. 4

    Domestic Look at this Beauty Likely DIY job

    Potential customer has sent this photo. It is of a melted ceiling light fitting in a kitchen ! He believes this was done by a previous owner. The good news is that he recognises that he needs an electrician, bad news is that I have no ability to respond quickly. Anyone in near BS15 who would...
  4. Soulsurfer

    Adding PIR sensor to existing outside light.

    Hi I am needing to adjust a 1 way switched outside light at a house in a couple of days to switch 2 way possibly with an ip rated switch on the way to the front door as it's only switched 1 way from inside the porch at present. I'm just thinking of instead of an exterior switch of using a...
  5. Scuba

    What's the largest size array for a 60 amp cable head fuse? Single phase.

    SP Networks are the DNO. Smallholding with single phase and 60 amp cable head fuse. What's the largest size likely to get approval?
  6. E

    Steeple SMF100T inline fan vs Manrose MF100T

    Hi I made an ebay fan purchase fairly recently. I ordered what I thought was a MF100T, but was sent a Steeple SMF100T. It appears to be identical, was sent with the MF100T instructions, and has Manrose on the sticker. After a bit of internet research I've found out steeple is a Denman's own...
  7. S

    Use old immersion wiring to use for Sockets?

    Just discovered the old wiring for the immersion heater. We have very few sockets in old victorian house. The immersion heater wiring was left in a terminal block wrapped up in masking tape! I changed the old wylex fuses on the CU to use MCB, thankfully I switched the 16A fuse off for the...
  8. N

    Commercial Benefits of single grid switch?

    Hi all, Is there a benefit to using a grid switch if its only a 1 gang switch? Fair enough if you require a 3 or 4 gang grid switch but not if its only a 1 gang. I recently worked in a low risk mental health unit which used these. The building is fairly old so is this what was generally used...
  9. R

    Fluke 6500 reset access code

    I got a Fluke 6500 PAT tester off ebay but the access code is no longer set at default (9999). I suspect the previous owner changed the code, I've contacted him but he claims to have no knowledge of the access code. Without going to Fluke and paying loads of money, is there any other way of...
  10. P

    High Zs Reading on Megger MFT 1552

    Can somebody help me please? I'm just finishing a rewire, and I've installed a GF radial cicuit in a large domestic property and am in the process of testing it. It's a new radial circuit, 2.5 T&E, 13 sockets, 20A type B breaker on an RCD protected board. My R1&R2 = 1.40 and Ze = 0.20, so my...
  11. D

    Why checking that the circuit is dead is so important.

    I was given a job to rewire a portacabins sockets, straight forward job replace 2.5mm2 twin+cpc radial with 4mm2. As always follow safe isolation procedure, other electrician I am working with says 'why are you wasting your time doing that?'. I test the socket under the ccu and its still live...
  12. P

    what is the MOST likely cause of high resistance when testing continuity of cpc

    hi guys, what is the MOST likely cause of high resistance when testing continuity of cpc? I know likely reasons could be loose terminations, bad terminations (e.g not all wiring strands in connection), dirty connectings, ect But what would you say is the MOST likely reason for the high...
  13. H

    Megger 1720

    Right think I have enough of this machine thinking very hard and long about going back to Fluke. Can anyone tell me a reason for me getting a calculated Zs: Ze+(R1+R2) of 0.68ohms then getting a measured Zs of 0.94ohms which is considerable higher than my calculated Zs, now I know it still...
  14. H

    Warranty and Insurance for systems

    We're hoping to provide a good, reasonable cost PV system. How do we cover a panel failure? Yes it's covered by the manufacturer for how ever many years. So yes, we can get a panel under warranty but erecting scaffold, locating the faulty panel and then installing the replacement will probably...
  15. S

    3 phase supply + 3 seperate ground mounted systems = 3 systems (3 FiTs)

    We have a customer that wants three seperate ground mounted systems. It is a farm which has a three phase supply with each phase supplying a seperate dwelling. With it being a farm the it is only on one set of deeds. The set up is that the father lives in the main farm house with his sons...
  16. G

    Customer finance

    As a new MCS company trying to get work we have just had a meeting with a finance company rep offering us a 2 year contract to put a link on our website to give customers the option of paying for a system on finance in return they will then give us 1% of the total finance the customer has signed...
  17. H

    am I likely to get a job if I do these 2 courses I know it must be hard in the curren

    Hi V New to this forum am I likely to get a job if I do these 2 courses I know it must be hard in the current climatea what are the chances of getting a job I live in Halstead North essex: 2393 Building Regs for Electrical Installation in Dwellings PART P 2382-10 - 17th Edition Course I am...
  18. B

    Heating help Rointe heaters any good???

    Hello.Heating my flat (1bed) is becoming too expensive with the old heaters I have,and I think I need to replace them.I have heard of these Rointe heaters and the manufactors claims they are supposed to be the best on the market,but I dont know if the claims about them are true.They are very...
  19. D

    Joining Napit....Help

    Setting up my own firm, was wondering what sort of money its going to cost to join NAPIT. Just had a short conversation with one of their phone operatives who couldn't give me a quote of how much it's likely to cost. She just said it depends, we'll send you an information pack out. Basically...
  20. C

    Washing Machine Tripping RCD??

    Hi all, My brother has not long called me and has informed me that the washing machine keeps tripping the RCD. Just wondered the inspection procedure to narrow down the actuall fault? Any info would be much appreciated. Chris
  21. H

    Generator for Santa ?

    If we use a small generator to power existing (fitted in 1940's) chrissy lights on a made up sleigh onto which children will be stepping in order to collect their Santa sweeties, we will be earthing the chassis and using a ground spike to ensure there is no potential difference between the mass...
  22. D

    LED and electronic transformers

    Subcategory - Lighting Hi, I have recently been experimenting with LED replacements for halogen 12 volt downlights. The instruction state NOT to be used with an electronic 12 v transformer, however I find they work very well using an electronic transformer if the load is sufficient, (ie...
  23. C

    Motors and Generators

    Could anyone tell me where I might find a reference or guide for trouble shooting AC and DC motors and generators.I'm looking for some type of checklist. Someone told me that years ago they saw one that listed the most likely problem" if the motor is doing this, then these would be the most...
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