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  1. Dan

    Test New Reactions (Likes) Here! - Suggestions welcome

    Hi peeps. Thanks to those who subscribed, we have been able to get the customised reactions system sooner than I'd planned. Feel free to test on my post. And if some people can reply, even with some (family-friendly!!) jibberish, you can all test a few different reactions on various posts to...
  2. Dan

    Forum Trophies changed - now based on 'likes' you've received

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/members/?key=most_points You now get thousands of points for thousands of likes. :) I need to add some more really. It's very weighted towards members who have been here the longest. Not sure how to give newbies a chance on there to be honest. I think it's...
  3. Dan

    Toying around with the 'reactions' (likes)

    Would you prefer it how it is now. With Agree and Disagree instead of 'like' which is a bit facebooky?
  4. O

    Kev the kitchen fitter likes wago's

    Saw these today .......... kitchen fitters work ......... and a 3rd party company coming in to test and certify! bear in mind this wont be accessible for long at least these have earth sleeving! Apparently these push fit ones are perfectly good for everything - even joints that may...
  5. Dan

    Likes and ratings feature has been repaired!

    My bad this was, I screwed up something when updating the forum. The likes ended up dying. They're back again now and it should be working okay again. :)
  6. Pete999

    Apprenticeship experiences

    Firstly, not sure if this is the right section, and I realise Apprenticeships have changed dramatically since my day. But hey ho never mind, just wondering what experiences / exploits members recall from their time during training. I have memories of becoming good friends with the different...
  7. J

    Update and many thanks to Solarplants.org.uk and Solar Edge.

    As you will all remember, I had a long standing issue with a Company from Manchester who I took through the RECC and NICEIC processes, won the case at each stage and had the award confirmed in the High Court. Sheriffs were instructed but the MD lied to them, was proven by the Enforcement Agents...
  8. G

    Facebook like swop

    Need some likes for your Facebook page click on my link like my page and I will like yours in return AR Electrical Solutions | Facebook
  9. J

    Light switch two gang, standard and loop through

    Is the any reason why you shouldnt fit a two gang switch, one wired as standard (switched live with 2T&E), and the second switch looped with the L-N passing through the switch (neutral in a wago). This second circuit is to power 5a sockets. Would it be preferable to take a permanent live into...
  10. T

    part p isn't working!

    WELCOME TO THE WEBSITE FOR tells us why ! Also why we can't rely on the likes of the NICEIC to do their job properly. By the way, if anyone has bought the guide book, can you tell us if it's worth 8 quid?
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