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  1. J

    If you drive a metal rod can you use it as a reference to measure voltage

    If I was to drive a metal rod in the ground and measure between live and the rod will I get a reading? ( I’m still studying)
  2. H

    Clamp meter that will measure milli amps

    Afternoon all. I’m looking to invest in a clamp meter but want want that will measure milli amps (nuisance tripping etc). The megger 305 seems the best about; is there any others out there? TIA.
  3. spud1

    Measure or calculate your Zs?

    Hi again! Which value is best to record in a certificate or report, a max measured or a calculated Zs? I know Sparkies who do it both ways, but personally I take measured values at all the points of utilization to find the highest, then I calculate Ze+(my highest R1+R2) for the circuit and...
  4. naylorpd

    Digital tape measure

    I'm toying with a digital distance measure for my Christmas pressie for me...had one a few years ago but I never trusted it and always ended up checking with a steel tape. you use a digital tape measure, and to what extent do you trust it? Over how long (or short) a distance do you...
  5. O

    Laser measure devices - suggestions please

    Fed up with using a tape measure and in the market for a laser device Any suggestions? Recommendations from personal experience? Thanks
  6. J

    Why do Megger MT1700 Teaters Measure IR to 999 Megohms

    I have got a new Mt1720 Megger tester and it measures to 999 Megohms. the old one my boss loaned out to me and my assesment testers only go up to 299 Megohms. Why do they go so high now?
  7. sam400

    New tape measure recommendations

    hi tool tarts my fatmax Xl tape measure snapped today absolutely gutted - it only lasted 8 years of daily use! Anyone recommend me a good one? I’d like to get an all metric one this time, and must have good stand out, think my fatmax could do 3m Cheers Sam
  8. Jamchiv01

    Are Digital Laser Measures as good as the internet makes them out to me?

    Hello all, recently I was installing some new downlights in a large kitchen, and trying to measure the room width/length alone was a nightmare with a tape measure so I did some research on laser distance measures and they seem to be a good way to go. Has anyone ever owned one and are they as...
  9. R

    Diamensions of Proteus Isolator please.

    Hi, I'm trying to buy a Proteus isolator the same diamensions as the two that we already have. The current two are mounted and cannot be turned off to be opened without severe disruption to find out the rating. So, I would be grateful if someone could measure the diamensions of one you may...
  10. D

    Multimeter for low current DC use...

    Hello lovely people, been ages since my last post. Who can recommend a reasonably priced multimeter to diagnose a van which is flattening it's battery... They all seem to spec the highest direct current they can handle, but I'm interested in how low they can go reliably... Van battery is...
  11. eckardt

    Show Your Test & Measurement Instruments

    Metrel MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6410 Metrel MW9600 Metrel Eurotest 61557 - MI 2086 Metrel Test Leads
  12. H

    Loop method using Fluke 1653

    Hi all! I tried to measure earth resistance by loop method using fluke 1653 at MR system (TN) in hospital. But got abnormal results. The primary (upper) display showed 0.16 - 0.2 (loop impedance) and secondary - 0.0 - 0.1 (earth resistance) Is there some limitations using this method? Cant find...
  13. D

    high pfc domestic property

    hi, fitted new consumer in a domestic house. testing. ze 0.16 zs at origin 0.04 pfc 6.2ka the pfc is my problem, ohms law would make the pfc work out around 5.7Ka (using 0.04 as your resistance) (with all paths in place) using megger 1553 two lead test, high current, pefc and pscc are the...
  14. S

    2volts on a disconnected cable?!?

    I've recently been sent to complete a re wire for another contractor and there is a cable which isn't connected to the consumer unit which shows 2volts on it! is there a reason for this? I'd it potentially dangerous? How can I correct it? It's on one leg off the ring main in the kitchen. Any...
  15. A

    Volt drop on outside lighting

    I got called to a job this afternoon, it's outside lighting, about a 1000w of lamps on the whole circuit, and when trying to quote for it done a few calcs and the volts drop is massive, it's 24 volts, the circuit is run in 3 core 4mm swa, and is 300m in length, now I know that it's well over the...
  16. P

    Megger Question...

    Hi All, does anyone know, when testing Ze on the Megger, and also getting the PFC at the same time, if the PFC provided is the higher of the PEFC and PSSC? ie, does it carry out both PFC tests simultaneously and provide worst case result or does it just test for the PEFC? Thanks in advance! Ps...
  17. ses

    Triple set of ladders for sale

    Heavy duty triple set of ladders for sale Not sure on exact height as yet but as long as my ford transit medium wheelbase roof £60 collected camberley Surrey
  18. i=p/u

    Water heater thermostat ...

    Goooday all... How do you test a water heater stat is doing its job or the correct way of testing it. My hot water would take your skin off for ages but as the cupboard is getting cleared out/ cleaned up thought I'd sort it. heres what I'd say but could be easier or safer way of doing it...
  19. N

    Question regarding PFC on a sub board.

    Hi I am trying to carry out Prospective fault Current (PFC) test on a sub board that that is RCD protected and is fed by a main board. My question is how to carry out this PFC (short circuit or earth fault) on the sub board? Do we put the Main switch off in the main board and place the line...
  20. D

    bs no. of main supply fuse (attached pic)

    Does anyone know the bs no of the fuse on the attached pic and how do I find out the earthing arrangment without taking the cover off?
  21. N

    A silly questions on Countituy testing

    I am still in the training process. I have one question if anyone can help thatll be great. My question is when carrying out continuity test on a radial circuit I know we have to link. When linking can we just link between the main Earthing terminal and circuit breaker? or does it have to be the...
  22. S

    eicr form filling

    hi everyone been reading this forum for a year now and this is my first question i just hope i am doing this right. on TT earthing we have one box for RA and one for ZE, what box do we use.
  23. I

    getting 0M ohms L- N on Lighting Circuit and cooker Circuit...

    ....but RCD doesn't trip? Surely if it has a short circuit somewhere I shouldn't be able to liven the installation??
  24. P

    method for measuring the voltage drop

    hi, if we need to measure the voltage drop from a main cu to a sub cu in a outbuilding, what method can be used to verify the voltage drop
  25. G

    Fluke T5 1000

    Can the Fluke T5 1000 measure DC current via the jaws? I know it'll measure AC but I'm looking at different sites via my phone and can't ascertain whether it does DC. Also, what do you think of it if you have one?
  26. M

    R2 Testing Help

    Hello i havent done much testing before so i am trying to brush up on my Testing skills before i join Elecsa, i have a couple of questions about R2 testing please. I understand how to carry out R1 R2 tests using method 1 and that we do them to calculate the Zs of our circuit Zs=Ze+R1+R2 But i...
  27. W

    2391 3 phase rig

    Sorry Lads and Lasses, I know this has been discussed many times throughout this forum and other websites but I just can’t get my head round the testing of a 3 phase supply connected to a 3 phase isolator and a DOL starter/motor. There could also be a 3 phase socket. After finding many solutions...
  28. doogle

    3 Fluke testers, different results?

    testing an installation(that we have just finished) where the client want to choose a few circuits and check it against the test sheets, Now the circuits are 3- 240mm single core cables in parrallel (24 in total in a data centre) I have tested r1+r2 with 3 different fluke multi function testers...
  29. N

    Component name on a laptop motherboard.

    Sorry for the lame question... I have got an acer aspire 1670 laptop motherboard. Could anyone please tell me the name of the component on the picture below under the red arrow? resistor? diode?
  30. S

    how to do the irradiance and short circuit test

    ok here is my question, i had my mcs audit last week and all went fine, the only point he pick up on was my short circuit and irradiance test, how do you do this test and how do you calculate it, i thought i got told on my course not to short the panels out as you could damage them, but the...
  31. i=p/u

    got me a job!!!

    i am starting a job next tuesday rewiring kitchens in council houses. as you know i havent got a clue whats going to be expected of me , all i know is it will be 1 kitchen a day. so any help will be appreciated of how they actualy go about this work.
  32. carl9254

    Minor Works Cert

    What tests do you do on a minor works job?? I know some certs ask for different ones but my main question is if it asks for zs and the job is an extra light or something extra off a lighting circuit then do you leave zs as it will all be live?? Thanks.
  33. U

    correct shower rating??

    ok, without visiting the premisies and without testing the actual voltage, what is the score with this specific shower. existing set-up 6mm T&E 40A mcb with rcd protection old shower was 8.7kw load / 9.5 kw supply voltage??? so instructions read! new shower, still in box instructions...
  34. A

    PV Array testing help

    I am slightly unsure about some of the tests on the DC side of my PV installation. I can fill out Voc (stc) and measure it in the string test too. Insulation resistance is no problem. My current short circuit string test Isc reads 0.99A. This seems low to me, any ideas? The DTi guide also gives...
  35. telectrix

    1 circuit?

    hi, guys, slight confusion here, installing a lighting circuit in a barn. job is likely to be used for assessment so it's got to be spot on. Coming from 10A MCB in 1.5mm to 2 gang switch, one switch for each of a bay of 4 x 6' twin fluorescents ( both runs in 1.5mm ). Done the cable calcs no...
  36. T

    NIEIC inspection

    Hello everybody Ive got my niceic inspection soon. On my recent fuse board change and test i completed Zs tests for each circuit but only calculated R1 + R2 (apart from the ring mains) IS THIS OK? Also if anyone has had the niceic guy come out, any words of warning? Thanks
  37. G

    PV Guide.

    It's been posted a time or two, so thought I'd make it a 'sticky'.:)
  38. P

    Zs testing

    Just wondering if everyone actually does a Zs test when filling in a schedule of results. In the OSG it says that you can measure it or calculate it by addition. I appreciate the different value stuff, just thinking it is a lot easier and quicker to be adding 2 figures together than taking...
  39. V

    Testing limitations

    I cant do Ze because I can not turn off the power,it has to stay running 24/7, what do I do???
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