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  1. C

    oven circuit but not what i normally expect

    a 20a RCBO supplies a 6mm twin and earth cable that supplies a dedicated socket mounted securely below the oven. The dedicated socket is controlled via a 40a double pole isolator above on the counter top. It appears at some point a juicy oven has been replaced by a much lower 2.2Kw oven on a...
  2. 123

    Domestic - What do you normally use?

    If doing a domestic rewire, refurb or additions - what do you normally use to protect the cable?
  3. sythai

    New to me : Air Source Heat Pump

    Hi Chaps Starting 3 new builds shortly. Had brief chat with plumber today over phone, mentioned that an air source heat pump will be part of the set up. Pressurised system with buffer tank, UFH ground floor & rads first floor. It's a first but never had anything to do with air source heat...
  4. BigSim

    MWC or EICR

    Hi all. I normally get a lot of remedial work from the other guys who carry out the EICRS. Some of the faults might include untraceable circuits, which after a bit of investigation can normally be found. Now, when I find these circuits then I inspect, test, and complete a separate EICR...
  5. B

    Type of DNO supply question

    I was installing a new control panel in a pumping station kiosk the other day. Sometimes I am required to `enter` the DNO supply to insert the earth cable on what is normally a TNCS system. To my surprise the supply was a single core with the armourings supplying the system earth but no neutral...
  6. T

    EICR Limitations

    When doing EICR, what you people normally put for extend covered? Also do people have a general list of things you put as Limitations when testing? IE no moving furniture, no portable appliance,
  7. J

    Wiring thermostat

    Would the wiring on this Sunvic cylinder thermostat Sunvic SA2452 Cylinder Thermostat 3KB Pic 1 be the same as this Sunvic 4KB Pic 2
  8. M

    PIR sensor problem

    I have fitted an independent PIR in the hall way. When energising PIR, the light comes on and stays on. When the sensor is activated, the light goes out??? I have wired it as to the suppliers diagram. Is it a faulty PIR???? mick223
  9. J

    Intermediate switching or not?

    Hi all, i will ill keep this brief. i have a lighting circuit in a communal hallway operating four sets of lights by each push button Time release switches (you know the ones. Council property converted house type) now my question is should the middle switches be intermediate switches or just...
  10. I

    Tax rebate on tools and testing equipment

    I've just got into the self employed/self assessment loop. I don't know which way is up after reading so much bumph. HMRC site just takes you round in circles. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I shall be using Cash basis tax format. So does anyone know :- what I can claim for, how much...
  11. dez0178

    danfoss 103E5 control unit for central heating problem.

    Hi, My control unit is operating. The time is displaying and you can use the various functions but the problem is there is no red light illuminating and will not come on. Even the 1hr+ option isn't kicking in. The heating has been used since approx. early april. Hot water fine and so is boiler...
  12. marksparky

    how to wire relay

    hi folks, I need to wire a pipe stat to bring on a circulating pump with out firing the oil boiler, I believe that the only way to do this is by wiring through a relay so that the switched live from the stat sends power to the pump but doesn't back feed and energise the oil burner. any thoughts...
  13. SJD

    EICR code for tripping MCB?

    While carrying out a periodic inspection and test, I have a socket circuit where after power is removed for a while, then restored, the B16 MCB trips fairly reliably. There are quite a number of office-type appliances connected that are always switched on (PCs, printer, shredder, surge...
  14. S

    Agency work

    Hi folks, this is to anyone with experience of working through agency as a general contractor (not self employed). I've been offered a few temporary roles on agency recently ranging from a few weeks worth of work to a few months. I've been fortunate that most my career i've been on the books...
  15. rustynails

    general purpose timeswitch help!

    hi all, I'm having a nightmare with a Newlec NL24HRTS 24 hour General Purpose Timeswitch. The customer wanted to swap an old pin type timer for this new timer. So I went about fitting it and I cannot get it to operate correctly. The time switch would be used to turn on 3 outdoor lights for...
  16. Robertbaker63

    goliath 250 worklight ballast

    my goliath 250 worklight stopped working, its a 55w 4 pin 2d lamp the ballast has blown, does anyone know where to get a replacement, if i search the original model - a visonator VEB155TC all i get is links to Taiwan sites many thanks to anyone who can help me
  17. F

    Danlers PIR

    Hi, I have installed a Danlers occupancy PIR in a bathroom. This operates two 4.5watt LED bulbs contained in the obvious downlight housings and a Icon low voltage fan. When the PIR timer runs out the fan carries on running indefinitely. There remains around 50volts at the fan transformer. I...
  18. S

    For Sale [North]: Quantity of memshield 3 mcbs new and sq d qoe used mcbs/main switches

    Have a quantity of MEMSHIELD 3 mcbs for sale, leftovers from several projects All are new , but not boxed also some used in excellent conditon Sqaure D QOE MCBS (the ones with the yellow stripe on them ) , B6 , B16 B20 and B32 in various quantities. also 2x double pole 100A...
  19. Ducksy

    Trunking cable capacity

    Hey folks, im wiring in a shower circuit, i've decided on singles in PVC trunking (10mm line/neutral) (4mm CPC) I've worked out my cable factor in trunking as 87.2...................Problem is OSG shows smallest size trunking as 50mm X 38mm Thats way to big!!!! Can anyone point me in the right...
  20. W

    NIC Approved contractor periodic assessment

    Got my first annual assessment on wed, since upgrading from DI last year, how many jobs will he normally want to see is it still five or is it less after your initial main assessment?
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