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  1. B

    Quinetic wireless kit (can it be used with photocell)

    Hi looking at the Quinetic kit for some outside lights, not used this many times, looking at the receiver and switch, is there any way I can incorporate a photocell with this? Thanks
  2. M

    Photocell doing what it wants...

    Morning all, I've recently installed four Steinel Vario 3000's... Steinel Nightmatic Photocell Switch 3000 - Black -...
  3. H

    Photocell Dimmer (20 Characters.............)

    Apologies if these are common knowledge, but I've not come across them, but hoping they exist. I'm after a standalone dimmer that lowers the output of some lights as natural sunlight to the room increases, so that the light is always pretty much a constant but we save money when it's sunny. Any...
  4. D

    Photocell sensor tracing

    Hi. Amateur posting... I have a photocell sensor on the external wall of the property. Didn't appear to be controlling anything but looked ancient so Replaced it with a new one, expecting it to be controlling the outside porch light. Still nothing? Any ideas how I can trace what it could be...
  5. G

    Photocell / Timer / PIR

    Hi, newbie so go easy! Have some outside hardscaped LED strip lights. Looking to add in a photocell dusk to dawn with timer function so I can have them come on at dusk and switch off at say midnight. Also however looking to add in a security aspect where I have a couple of PIR’s which will...
  6. D

    Photocell recommendations?

    Hi all, Can any of you recommend a photocell or some type of photocell cover that would prevent LED soffit lights triggering the photocell. The beam angle of the soffit lights is hitting the photocell and triggering it to go on and off when dark. Was going to move the photocell but then...
  7. A

    External Lighting controls. Manual on, photocell off

    A client wants some external lights to illuminate a pathway around a building at night to access the electrical switchroom, which is accessed via an external door. (The building is a 24hr building) One thought was to install a switch inside the building and then if the lights are accidentally...
  8. D

    New PIR lights off of photocell

    Hi chaps, Went to look at a job tonight in my town - client has an existing photocell sensor doing her outside lights with from what I can see is a three core and earth feeding it. As it's difficult getting back into the home for power, they asked if it was possible to get power from the...
  9. R

    Dusk to dawn lamp

    Fitted a new outside light for customer and dusk to dawn lamp, the lamp keeps flashing off and on every 20 seconds. Found the fault to be the reflection from the clear plastic housing is lighting up the photocell and causing the lamp to switch off, then in darkness the lamp switches on again...
  10. D

    Domestic Down lighters on photocell and PIR

    A friend has asked its possible to put 3 spots in a bulkhead outside his house so they're dim between dusk and dawn then turn on full when movement is detected through a PIR. I've searched for a dimmable photocell but haven't had any joy. The spots will obviously be IP65 and will be LED, again...
  11. R

    Commercial photocells and rcds

    Hi all. Have a single phase cne tnc-s intake inside a lucy cabnet supplying 20 LED sreet lighting columns. Ze @ intake was greater than 0.35 so intake was earthspiked and a RCD installed changing earthing system to TT. @ lucy I have a contactor being controlled/switched by a photocell (located @...
  12. S

    led and photocell.

    recentlly fitted 4x23w,1x50w flood,and 2x80w floods via a photocell outside. the photocell keeps failing after about 4 weeks and ive changed it twice already. does anyone know why as im confused. the cell is capable of switching 1000w so is easily suitable(so i thought).. thanks simon
  13. G

    faulty photocell

    Hi all. Any one had and probs controlling leds from ss4 dusk/dawn photocells? I replaced 3 150w metal halides with 3 70w led floods. Worked perfectly fine and the customer asked me to fit some extra led strips for his sign lighting 4weeks later (L.v complete with trannys) . The lights stayed on...
  14. stef

    Dusk to dawn switch

    Hi chaps, Well, I have one of them Fitted it 10 years ago, still working! Till recently. Going green I decided to replace the outside lights with LED types and splashed out 40 quid. Now, after dusk, the lights come on for 5 seconds and then go off for a couple of minutes and so on. Pretty...
  15. J

    wiring diagrams

    i was asked this morning to explain how to wire a time clock, photocell and contactor into a lighting circuit. rather than sit and draw it all out i thought "there must be a nice diagram on google. only a few clicks away" lol i shouldve drew it out cause i spent ages searching. anyway. my...
  16. V

    LED Lighting control

    Looking to install quite a lot of floodlights for a customer (direct replacement of SONPAKS), been looking at the LED floods which give a good output along with energy saving for the customer However i have been told by the manufacturer that you cannot use a photocell/retro fit photocell to...
  17. flukey

    LED lighting problem

    hi all after a bit of advice really :wink5: on a job today to connect up a sign full of leds. feed had already been run to sign via photocell. once connected all worked fine until photocell was reset and then activated again causing the mcb to trip spoke to another spark who thought there was a...
  18. L

    Solar sensitive controls

    Hi All, I have a client who wants to know if I can supply controls that will turn on the electric coil in her immersion heater only when her PV system is generating. Whilst I know a controls engineer who could make something up for me it seems a bit OTT to bring him in on a domestic job...
  19. E

    Photocell with manual override

    Hello, Have been asked to fit some garden LED light fittings, supply will be coming from fused spur, total load less than 1A. The customer wants a photocell switch fitted but also ability to override and manually switch on/off when desired. Anyone dealt with this before, would you have any...
  20. C

    External Wall light PIR + Photocell

    Hi Anybody know of a brand that do a Lantern style wall light (to be sited outside the porch area) that comes on via a photocell at half illuminance - stays on all night & when detects movement comes on via PIR at full light level?? Been looking and B&Q seem only place I can find...
  21. E

    Photocell or PIR?

    Hello all, I'm a new member, so thanks for reading and any replies are appreciated. :) I have been asked to replace a couple of 150W halogen fittings on the outside of an office building. The fittings at the moment are being controlled by a PIR. I have recommended replacing halogens with 2...
  22. A

    O/S lighting circuit

    I am second fixing a house and I have come to connecting the outside lights. What I want to do is have two lighting circuits controlled by one time clock, PIR and photocell I have also wired two overide switches (front of the house and back of the house). I would like the two circuits switched...
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