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  1. Q

    Fixing a Light fitting to plasterboard

    Hi all, looking for some advice please. DIY and me are not the best of friends but needs must some times! I have to fit a light fitting to plasterboard ceiling. The light fitting comes with the fixings(picture attached) but i am not sure if they will do for plasterboard? I know there are other...
  2. K

    Domestic Downlights in 50mm thick plasterboard

    Morning all, I’ve been off the tools for the last 20 years but have kept myself up to date with the regs and what’s going on in general, however I am struggling with this and wondered if any more up to date sparkles can help. It is my own kitchen extension which has a vaulted ceiling, the...
  3. T

    RCD protection for cables above a plasterboard ceiling

    Are there an reg for cables being above a plasterboard ceiling? Pricing a job to move a kitchen to the other end of the house. I thought about running a 16mm T&E to a submain board instead of running 4/5 circuits back. The old kitchen ceiling ceiling is coming down and the rest would be ran in...
  4. A

    Best way to add new sockets in existing stud wall

    hi all, My house is a typical 1930s semi. Seems that the partition walls between each room are stud walls. There is only one single socket in each bedroom which is clearly not ideal therefore i want to add more. The upstairs sockets are fed off a 4mm radial so I am thinking of ripping it out...
  5. Y

    Bonding earth to metal furring behind plasterboard.

    Should I bond all metal furring behind plasterboard to earth busbar
  6. D

    Maximum Luminaire Weight Supported by Plasterboard Ceiling

    Are there are any regulations/guidance on the maximum weight that a luminaire can be if it is only supported by the plasterboard ceiling and not fixed to any joists or noggins? I have a customer who would like a (heavy, but currently unweighed) light fitting from their old house fitted in the...
  7. D

    Plasterboard Liner for Downlighters

    Does anyone know of any alternatives to this product? I'm after a couple of hundred units and the company that import them aren't receptive to giving a decent bulk discount, aren't VAT registered and their Companies House details don't make great reading, so I would prefer to source elsewhere...
  8. vini

    Plasterboard depth of back boxes

    Just had a discussion with a builder where he told me that metal back boxes have to be fixed at a certain depth. The front edge of the box should be about 3mm depth from the front surface of plasterboard (12mm). I am unaware of any depth requirements regarding plasterboard and metal back boxes...
  9. J

    Downstairs socket from upstairs ring main cable drop in cavity wall

    Hi everybody, I'm having a hard time trying to find the best way to install cables from the upstairs ring main to a downstairs socket which is already in place, I just need to change the cables for new as adding sockets upstairs. The wall structure is plasterboard then space then insulation then...
  10. L

    Plasterboard Back boxes 1st fix or 2nd fix

    Hi all We got an issue with a builder and plaster at the moment, and when the electrician should put the plasterboard back boxes in
  11. D

    Lighting grids

    Hi..just wondering if anyone knows of a product that let's you have flush fitting lighting grids, i.e an eight gang fast fix box? Are they all surface, can't find anything on the Internet? Cheers
  12. M

    Fixings for double plasterboard stud walls

    Hi.Im a new apprentice electrician and was after some advice on fixings please!? I today's had to fit an emergency exit sign in stud wall but it had double layered plasterboard. I thought plasterboard fixings(pig tails) would work but they never gripped and kept spinning out! Am I using wrong...
  13. Midwest

    Non fire rated down lights

    Bit bored, so I thought I'd post this. I see that Scholmore Group have just released a non fire rated down light (I know there're others); SCOLMORE GROUP - OVIA LIGHTING | Inceptor Pico, integrated LED downlight - https://www.scolmore.com/products/inceptor-pico/ It seems unusual to introduce...
  14. R

    Thick plasterboard wall?

    Not stricly an electrical question so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask... Has anyone ever come accross a dividing wall which appears to be solid/thick plasterboard? Drilling in for fixing trying to feel for the cavity and drill bit emerged in room next door. Wall seems to be...
  15. S

    Help and Advice For New Installation In Celotex PL4065

    Hello all, First of all I would like to say if anyone comes here just to have a go because I'm not as experienced or knowledgeable as them etc.. then please do not comment just move along, I am here asking questions to learn not be belittled. Now, I am a newly qualified electrician and have...
  16. E

    Metal plasterboard back boxes...

    Does anyone know if metal plasterboard back boxes are available anywhere and if so where, ...link please?? I've done a bit of searching on UK based wholesalers but haven't found anything as yet, they all seem to be based around plastic with cable only entries. I need around a couple of dozen 2...
  17. T

    Insulated plasterboard advice

    Alreet chaps once again i am turning to here for advice! I am hoping to plasterboard and skim our front bedroom this week but i am slightly unsure of which plasterboard to go for! We live in a very old cottage with 9.6ft ceilings and basically the house is cold all the time. So i have been...
  18. D

    3 layers of plasterboard stud wall

    Hi, has anyone else ever come across a stud wall that consists of 3 layers of plasterboard just stuck together. I thought it i had a nice easy job of cutting out a couple of fastfix boxes and fishing tv and Power cables into loft but as i was cutting out the boxes i realised it was a bit...
  19. happyhippydad

    Fixing to a plasterboard wall?

    I have been asked to fit the following A Glimpse Mirror and shaver socket. Overall dimensions: 50cm H x 39cm D and weight is 6.2 kg's. I think it should be ok on a plasterboard wall but just wanted some opinions (with regards the weight)? I wont be able to locate it on any joists because...
  20. S

    First Domestic CU - Pic Heavy

    Finally got around to changing over my consumer unit from a older Wylex single RCD unit to a new Dual RCD unit. Will be using this install as my Elecsa Assessment on Monday. My board is in the cupboard under the stairs. Loving the snap in Crabtree busbar. I have seen this before in Ireland on a...
  21. M

    Reparing plasterboard after cutting

    Hi I am after some information or any tips you have. How do you repair tge plasterboard if you have to cut holes for running cables or to get your angle drill in ect... I.e when putting in spotlights Hope you can help!
  22. R

    Domestic Installing boxes (and cabling) in Bellrock Plaster walls

    Anyone had any experience with Bellrock Plaster Partitions ? Seemed to be popular with John Lawrence (Glasgow) builders in the mid-late 1950s but I can't find may other examples of them. The entire wall is constructed from a sort of plaster honeycomb (approx 6" wide hexagons made of solid...
  23. W

    Plasterboard fixings for light fittings....

    I know it depends on the weight of the fitting, but in general, will plasterboard fixings hold the weight of a fitting? Obviously better to put a noggin in between joists but not an option. Cheers
  24. G

    Running cable in plasterboard

    Hi All, Question for you all. Installing a heated bathroom mirror in a bathroom in a mid terraced house, I've drilled into the plasterboard (1/2" thick) to find it lays directly on the breeze blocks and there is no void. What would be the best way to run the cable up to the loft above the...
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