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  1. Leesparkykent

    Circuit detail label/sticker

    100 x Swift CD1510P Personalised Circuit Details Label - http://www.swift-engraving.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=63&products_id=705 Does anyone have an idea how I would be able to write these up on a computer and print them off? Would look rough hand written IMO. Cheers
  2. E

    Design software

    Can anyone recommend a good electrical cables design software. Does not have to be free.
  3. Tidy Max

    NIC Assessment on Friday - Health and Safety and documents needed?

    Hi all. Just reading through my NICEIC gubbins on what is required on Friday and noticed a couple of points. Such as my written health and safety policy and my risk assessments (neither of which i have) and also my regs book is Amendment 1 NOT Amendment 2. Do we think i am going to get pulled...
  4. electricalchief

    print solaredge graphs

    is there any way to print graphs from solaredge monitoring portal? The only way i found is printing the whole page from browser but this is not useful. i also want to keep some more statistics such us power production of inverter or a panel individualy. Portal's statistiscs is for the cow!
  5. T

    Winter Workwear

    10 x Polos 4 x Jumpers 2 x Fleece 2 x Safety Boots £249 + VAT Free Delivery Free Set up Deal is available until the 26/10/2012 If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected] Our new website is going to be launched very soon. If you would like to...
  6. D

    Amtech software question

    Hi all I have just installed fast test and would like to know if it's possible to print a blank EIC so I can input the data on site then complete a new cert when I get into the office. I have tried clicking on the new cert tab but it just brings up the last certificate I completed yesterday. Any...
  7. Z

    Metrel MI3101 PRO KIT, problems with software EuroLink

    Hi guys, yesterday I have bought "Metrel MI3101 PRO KIT EurotestAT" from test-meter.co.uk, with EuroLink PRO Plus software with ability to print certificates (informations from they website) , and I would like ask a few question to the mates who using this device and software. 1. do I have to...
  8. C


    hey guys, have any of you used the FLUKE DMS0100/INST 17TH EDITION SOFTWARE, whats it like? does it print out on to certs or print certs? cheers in advance
  9. D

    Good Software

    Just had a visit from the NIC man. Good news! Well impressed with the quality of work. Bad news he's not happy with are test certificates. The question whats the best & easiest software for producing good certificates?:confused:
  10. D

    Software, Certs etc

    Just invested in Tysoft's software as i dont like collecting paperwork around my office..!! well worth a try! i also uses there PAT testing stuff as well as its nice and easy, what do others use? steve
  11. O

    cert software

    i have a tester that stores results and the certification software to go with it. i haven't taken my time to figure it out yet, i just wanted to know if anyone else uses it and if they think it is worthwhile figuring it out
  12. P

    Another NIC assessment

    Well it's that time of year again, latest assessment requires evidence of a written health & safety policy statement ***!!! and undertakes risk assessments ***!!! As I work on my own, therefore employ less than 5 people, 1 is less than 5 ? It is not a requirement of law that I have a written...
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