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  1. T

    Honeywell key fob programming

    Hello, I am having difficulty programming my Honeywell 5834-4 key fob. I am using a Honeywell 21ip with a 6160RF receiver. I am able to program the stay button on loop 4 using both *56 and *58 programming modes but when I try to program alarm away I get an error tone when I press * to accept...
  2. J

    Domestic Programming key switch on an accenta G4

    Hi can anyone one run through how I program a zone as a keyswitch on the accenta G4 alarm it has the remote key pad. I've installed a Konnected wireless interface which has a relay for setting the alarm from a mobile but I can't find the instructions for setting the zone as a keyswitch in the...
  3. Leesparkykent

    Texecom premier elite 24 programming zone names

    As above really. I normally set them up using wintex and it’s a easy....How ever I’ve lost my lead and couldn’t get one locally today. I’ve set it all up using the RKP and works a treat, the only thing I’m struggling with is naming the zones like landing, entrance, main office etc. is it...
  4. K

    Texecom 24 programming

    Hi Guys/Girls I've installed recently Texecom premier elite 24, very basic setup: 1 door contact, 3 PIR's downstairs and 1 PIR upstairs all wired DEOL and set as Area A (B is reserved for garage), 1 keypad, 2 external sounders, SmartCom module, all works fine but need bit of advise on...
  5. D

    OMRON PLC Help programming extension

    Looking to see if anyone could help with programming an extension onto the omron cp1l-em40dt1-d. program has already been written however the person who wrote it has left and i have only done work with siemens. any help would be great!
  6. Chris Simm

    Hello from Scantime Automation & Training!

    Hi guys, thought i'd introduce myself as i've recently joined the forum on behalf of our company Scantime Automation and Training, hoping to help anyone who is working with or is looking to work with PLC Control Systems on the shop-floor! My name is Chris and i'm a Controls Engineer as well as...
  7. R

    NOBO NCU2T programming-please help

    I have the instruction manual for this programmer attached to a stand alone panel heater but what on earth do the pictograms mean where there is a plus sign, a picture of a pencil and one of a dustbin. Nobo tell me that is all they have from the Norwegian manufacturers. Can anyone please provide...
  8. J

    Omron plc cpm2a

    Hi all anyone have any programming experience with omron plc i have a few questions if anyone can help .
  9. L

    PLC programming knowledge

    Evening all, could anyone suggest a starting point for me in which I could start to read up and gain some underpinning knowledge on PLC programming as it's something I am interested in diversifying into, as I prefer the industrial side of work and it interests me. I've realised that if I'm...
  10. س

    Need help at Emergency central battery

    please i need your help to understand how can i make maintained or non maintained emergency luminaires . i want to ask about programming of CPU in ECB. is that responsible to make maintained or non maintained emergency lighting or not ? if not tell me what is using of this programming in CPU...
  11. C

    Renault laguna abs/ecu fault

    Hi all, hoping somebody could possibly help me on this one. I am going to buy a second hand abs unit with same model no for car etc but will I have to get Renault to re programme the module to the car?? Renault abs units are £1200 with programming!! Many good one's one e-bay for £45 ish. Have a...
  12. P

    Control system training help

    Hi i have passed my C&G 2330 level 3 and my 17th but where i work is a lot of control systems, relays, plc's sensors, i touched on these a little at collage but nothing major i was wondering if any one one knows what sort of training there is i have googled stuff but there is more home teaching...
  13. B

    Programmable relays

    hello all. New to the forum, my work is mostly industrial, could any one recomend either the siemens logo or the telemec zelio programmable relays, which would be the easiest one to program ? thanks
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