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  1. Vortigern

    What instrument do you suggest for 5-10Kv at 2ma?

    I was thinking a cheapo electric fence tester but need two probes for avian discouragement track. I have to test volts after installing. Oh and it's DC by the way.
  2. happyhippydad

    Which laser level would you suggest?

    Morning all. I am going to invest in a laser level as I am getting more and more larger domestic jobs and I am finding it a right pain to go all around the walls with my spirit level. It will be used predominantly for levelling sockets/switches around the room. I have started looking and as...
  3. Dan

    Ventilation Of Shower / Bathroom - What Would You Suggest?

    Ventilation Of Shower / Bathroom - What Would You Suggest? advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi all, Got a bit of a tricky situation, and would appreciate input from forum members. (Ventilation seems to be an area, which is often overlooked, given its importance) Pics... Ventilation Of...
  4. Dan

    Suggest a Grout Shade for tiles?

    Suggest a Grout Shade for tiles? advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hello Sirs, finally got to the stage where I can start laying tiles for bathroom and I need some grout for them however it's really hard to choose between the shades because there's simply no... Suggest a Grout Shade for tiles...
  5. R

    Domestic Radial Circuit

    Recently i have wired a small dwelling house. I have used 2.5 mm Wire for a radial circuit of 2 double and 2 single sockets. (probably the cable length of 35 m) I am a bit conscious to know whether it will work for longer time. or i will need to make it a ring circuit. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?
  6. the pict

    Service fuse question

    At A EICR today and the three fuses are AEI series 3-100, I can guess at what the numbers mean but who were AEI Pict
  7. N

    Commercial Kitchen

    Hi Everyone We have been asked to install suitable lighting in a commercial kitchen, the lights are to be mounted under a Stainless steel extractor canopy to light the stove areas so will be subject to heat and cooking steam & vapour. Has anyone got experience of this and can suggest a...
  8. T

    fused box a new light

    Hi, I have just wire from the fused box a new light. However it is always triping .. And you please help me form the start to the swich.. Many Thanks Terry
  9. D

    Quick question guys regarding an old wylex board

    I have just been asked to fit an additional socket to an existing ring main. The problem i have is the board is the old wylex rewirable fuse type.. and to keep up with regs and RCD protection on sockets etc, is their a device you can put in place of the re-wirable fuse with rcd protection, for...
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