1. E

    UK What would you suggest?

    Hi guys, got a job that tested out lovely so that's good, my issue is the Cu has been moved previously, the tails (25mm) are in the wall less than 50mm (from incoming to cu) with no rcd protection, I suggested downgrading 100a main fuse to 60a, and running a 16mm swa along the same route...
  2. T

    What instrument do you suggest for 5-10Kv at 2ma?

    I was thinking a cheapo electric fence tester but need two probes for avian discouragement track. I have to test volts after installing. Oh and it's DC by the way.
  3. happyhippydad

    Which laser level would you suggest?

    Morning all. I am going to invest in a laser level as I am getting more and more larger domestic jobs and I am finding it a right pain to go all around the walls with my spirit level. It will be used predominantly for levelling sockets/switches around the room. I have started looking and as...
  4. R

    Domestic Radial Circuit

    Recently i have wired a small dwelling house. I have used 2.5 mm Wire for a radial circuit of 2 double and 2 single sockets. (probably the cable length of 35 m) I am a bit conscious to know whether it will work for longer time. or i will need to make it a ring circuit. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?
  5. the pict

    Service fuse question

    At A EICR today and the three fuses are AEI series 3-100, I can guess at what the numbers mean but who were AEI Pict
  6. N

    Commercial Kitchen

    Hi Everyone We have been asked to install suitable lighting in a commercial kitchen, the lights are to be mounted under a Stainless steel extractor canopy to light the stove areas so will be subject to heat and cooking steam & vapour. Has anyone got experience of this and can suggest a...
  7. T

    fused box a new light

    Hi, I have just wire from the fused box a new light. However it is always triping .. And you please help me form the start to the swich.. Many Thanks Terry
  8. D

    Quick question guys regarding an old wylex board

    I have just been asked to fit an additional socket to an existing ring main. The problem i have is the board is the old wylex rewirable fuse type.. and to keep up with regs and RCD protection on sockets etc, is their a device you can put in place of the re-wirable fuse with rcd protection, for...
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