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  1. GMES

    Sunday mooch with the pooch

    Come on then, let's see your pets on this fine Sunday. It's got to be taken today though. Here's jack taking five minutes while on his mooch.
  2. GMES

    Easy like a Sunday morning

    So who else has a pet that rules the roost. I can't believe I'm sat on the floor while his majesty is sprawled all over the sofa. And then I justify it to our lass by saying, oh but he's comfy, don't disturb him. And we think we're the ones in charge!!!
  3. G

    Working times

    Hi guys Does anyone know what between what times of day you are allowed to work and make noise etc including the weekends. In domestic commercial sorts of premises where there are the public nearby. Always feel bad working late and making noise but was told that on a weekday between 7-9 was...
  4. M

    roof survey & wind calcs

    hi many thanks to guys who recommended BMG roof surveys, filled out forms sunday with photos emailed over sunday afternoon all calcs back today. one day turn around very happy.
  5. Amp David

    Weekend working

    Anyone else is SE work on the weekends. Have so many people who accept my quotes, then say you'll have to do it on a Saturday though. Do they just think its them who work Monday to Friday and actually have a weekend :bomb2:
  6. R

    Drill Bag

    ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 5th August 2012 Just a heads up... In on Sunday. I bought one last year to keep my 10.8V drills and bits ect in. Works really well and will be buying another on Sunday.
  7. K

    Phone call at 8 this morning

    Customer. one of the lights in the kitchen isnt working after CU change yesterday, the plasterers here, will it be ok for him to plaster. Have you tried a new bulb (Didn't want to baffle them with lamp) I haven't got one. Get one text 20 mins later. Yes it's the Bulb, thanks . Good Grief.
  8. R

    I need to hire BS7671 from someone please! Denton, Manchester area.

    I ordered a new green BS7671 on Sunday but not received it yet, I sold my red book on eBay this week! This leaves me without a regs book for my lesson on Monday morning, I also need one to complete my homework on Sunday night! So, does anyone have a red/green 17th book I can hire (happy to pay...
  9. B

    nearly killed

    Had a call to quote for a PIR on Saturday @ 10pm asking if I could do it that night , well it's my misses birthday and were in Whitsateble so I told the guy Id phone him Sunday afternoon, had three calls on Sunday morning ( which I did'nt answer , same guy wanting urgent PIR) I phoned him Sunday...
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