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  1. the pict

    Now surely in the real world

    Ze +R1&R2 should be more than Ze mmmmmmmmmm no Ze of .47 yes I know but its not TT its PME,d at the cut out but, Zs at socket .41 SSE have been so hopefully its resolved, anyone else had this pict
  2. Wilko

    Lazy Electrician? Nooooo

    Try as I might I just couldn't work out how Plumber got the pipe up through the ceiling and soldered etc without damaging the cable. So I've had to admit the possibility of a lazy Electrician who couldn't be bothered to make their own hole or even clip the cable. Another dream shattered, oh dear!
  3. O

    Surely there is a law against this ...............

    I was in a traffic jam today with my handbreak on when I noticed this in front of me: How much of this dumb womans view would be obscured by the satnav?
  4. T

    Rip off insurance deals with the insurers on this forum no surely not (NOT)

    Just thought I would try our friendly forum sponsor insurers. Quoted me twice the price nearly for my van insurance. Did not bother with PI and Indemnity or that will probably be another double thier money offer. Anyone else tried a quote from this forum and was it good. They must think us dumb...
  5. Hellmooth

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Decided to look into going with Stroma, had a look online and decided to fill out the application, I thought it would just be basic details to allow someone to call me and have a chat etc.........I filled it out and all I got was an invoice asking me to pay £288 before anything could proceed! Is...
  6. E

    Radio adverts about overloading sockets.

    Has anyone else heard the new advert along the lines of 'don't plug in too much into an extension lead it will overload the electrical socket' Surely the 13a fuse in extension lead's plug top is to stop this very occurence?? Ok, a 13a fuse doesn't break at 13a as we all know but surely the...
  7. A

    Boiler trips rcd within 30 minutes

    Hi guys im going to have a look at a job tomorrow night. The lady states for the last 10 months! The boiler has been tripping the rcd on and off. You turn the central heating on and it trips in about 30 minutes. The women was a bit vague over the phone as she also says it trips with hot water...
  8. delano

    why not make all circuits radial?

    Why in the UK are we so fixated with ring circuits. I know decades ago it was decided to use the ring system as it was deemed to be cheaper but surely that can't be the case now.
  9. C

    No earth on installation, WHO is responsible???

    Hi, Quick question, I am busy doing a rewire on a property, really old electrics, old rewireable fuses, NO earth. Main earth cable was enclosed around a screw on the cut out fuse. Who is responsible to sort it out? I have contacted UK power network, they always say they are going to send...
  10. M

    Green Book V Red Book

    Perhaps a silly question...was a previous 16th Ed. holder, sat and passed 17th last June, Red book blah blah. 40 years in the trade etc. Now it is Green book/amendment 1 and all that jazz....Surely don't need to resit another exam....surely?:confused5: Even IF you don't need to "update/sit...
  11. S

    rcd tripping

    Hi guys, have just completed a rewire. All lights are wired via rcd protection as per 17th edition. The flourescent light in the kitchen seems to be tripping the rcd once switched on. All wiring has been tested and no faults recorded and lights replaced. I had a similar problem...
  12. E

    OSG pg 160.Cooker circuits in household and similiar premises. 8.4

    Hi all with respect to the above ref from the 17th OSG. Could someone explain how "a 30 or 32 A circuit is usually appropiate for household or similiar cookers of rating up to 15kW". is the key in the words " rating of 15kW" , in that its not a 15kW load?? using i=p/v amps would be around...
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