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  1. Vortigern

    Timeguard disabled toilet alarm EASZKN problems

    Having installed the named item above I am having a problem with it. First off I have followed the wiring diagram they give. When all the parts are connected it is in an alarm state. I have faithfully followed the installation instructions and spoken with tech support who have given up on the...
  2. multimick

    timeguard imm timer

    bought a timeguard immersion timer today to switch an immersion heater on and off ,no problem there then ,however on reading the literature it says it only switches 100 watts of led's. whilst i understand inrush on led's its a bit strange it can handle 16 amp resistive but only 100watt of led.s
  3. L

    Setting a pir timeguard

    Hi, I’ve got a timeguard pir sensor for switching 3 led floodlights in various all at once. I’ve replaced it like for like as the lux dial had snapped off. Wired it up and is illuminating on movement for minimum time set and going off great, but when I turn lux to dusk the light still comes...
  4. I

    Obsolete Timeguard PIR

    A potential customer has an external light control system originally manufactured by Timeguard. There's a controller in the loft space which has a 2 core cable to each PIR which seems to be a bus wire. The PIR's are now failing, part number: SL099. I've found them on Google but they are...
  5. 123

    All Timeguard Product Manuals

    123 submitted a new resource: All Timeguard Manuals - All Manuals for TImeguard Read more about this resource...
  6. C

    Wireless PIR & receivers

    Morning All, I have a customer request for a wireless PIR system, receiver above the front door & 3 sensors in the garden. The lights required to energise are all LED and total 45w. Ive bench tested the timeguard offering (which does say not for use with LED) and sure enough it doesn't turn...
  7. S

    night time timer switches

    I want a timer switch that automatically turns the lights on at a specific time i set and turn off at a specific time, but all I can find is lag switches? anybody know of these programmable switches with common+l1?
  8. D


    I need to replace some 12v outdoor PIR`s formerly made by Smiths, then Timeguard. The CODE is SL099 easily found on Google. However, they are nowhere to be had as they have been discontinued. They send a signal to the mains control box (CODE SL055) which controls up to 3000W of lighting and...
  9. sythai

    IP66 RCD spur.... any other options?

    Anyone know of any other makes for an IP66 rcd spur..? Have had a look at so far : timeguard, greenbrook and BG, anybody rate these ? shame MK don't do one Cheers Sy
  10. D

    security lighting

    Can anyone recommend a make of security floodlight which are reliable and dont play up as the cheap one's ive been using are poor the pir's dont work properly. And do you just take a permanent live to your fittings or do you take a switch live perm and neutral? can anyone help cheers
  11. G

    Outdoor lockable socket

    Hi guys, I know someone can point me in the right direction with this, I'm looking to put an outdoor socket to serve my drive [power washer, garden tools etc] and lockable so as not to give free electric to the street but I can't seem to track one down anywhere. Anyone help?
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