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  1. Cornish1984

    The city and guilds 2391-52 or the eal version. Help please

    Hi I haven't posted for a while. But any information on the following would be appreciated. Thankyou Hi I am in for my level 3 inspection exam and may be dyslexic. I really want to go for the 2391-52 but my tutor is asking me to go for the eal version. Could any 1 in the group advise me what...
  2. diyterry

    On site guide, to buy or not to buy

    Is it worth me buying a copy of the on site guide and will I understand it?
  3. L

    For Sale- Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac (2018 version)

    Im selling my newly purchased Tech Pac, its only been used for a week but im not getting on with it. I prefer my OT-XL bag as i can get to my tools faster without undoing zips etc. I did use it for 4 days on site so there is a bit of dust but no real damage or wear and tear. I have the sales...
  4. J

    Periodic testing courses. 2381-51 or eal version

    Hi, I have noticed that there is loads of different options for these courses now, what’s your opinion? Eal v city and Guilds? Eal seems cheaper and exam seems easier with these course content. Are they recognised the same? Thanks
  5. J

    Fluke volt stick 1ac version not 1ac e

    My old fluke volt stick is no longer with me it went missing today and i've looked everywhere, so i went to get another when they brought it to the counter it's the UK version 200 to 1000v my old one was 90 to 1000v, they told me they only the sell genuine UK version. I've looked on line for a...
  6. J

    Electrical drawing software

    Hi team! At work, when the need arises, I use Eplan for electrical drawings but I am soon to undertake some side projects and need to put some drawings together. I don't have eplan at home, so have been looking at affordable alternatives and have been tinkering with edraw, but for the life of...
  7. T

    software for mapping electrical (commercial) installation

    Anyone know of software to produce schematics of distribution boards and circuits plus sub mains etc.?
  8. A

    Hmo testing

    I've recently been to look at doing a eicr at a number of hmo buildings they originally were houses about 20 years ago they were tested 5 years ago by an Nic registered company ive noticed that most of the consumer units have no rcd protection and a lot of the circuits have shared cables one of...
  9. Simonslimline

    Work trousers.

    Just wondering what brand of work trousers anyone uses/recommends. I usually go for scruffs pro but the 2012 version which seemed the best are not available anymore. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  10. M

    Advice on which PV Software to get

    Hi Chaps, Im sure this has been asked before but as new software comes out all the time I thought Id see if anyone has tried something new. We primerily install PV on new build housing sites so the installs are usually small and basic. Every now and again we will do a flat roof or something a...
  11. B

    A2 and A3 radial circuits

    Where some information regarding the above circuits, a more detailed version. My manual only gives a brief outline.:sorcerer:
  12. S

    Wanted GN3

    Anybody looking to sell a copy of guidance note 3 at all cheers
  13. R

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit Qualification requirements

    They are asking for 2394 C&G within 12 months of signing up, good grief cant i just do the job i have been doing for 30 years without all this damn expense and courses.
  14. G

    Quickbooks or Freeagent ?

    So Im looking to get more involve with my finances, Ive downloaded free agent and quite impressed by the 30 day trial. I here quickbooks is excellent , Any advice ?
  15. Sintra

    Drawing software.

    I need some drawing software to pull me out of a hole until I get autocad reinstalled onto my PC. Need to be able to do scale equipment layout plans and elevations. Anyone know of anything free or cheapish that would do the job.
  16. Simonslimline

    ELI on no trip with Megger MFT

    Does anyone have issues with this test and how accurate is a No trip test? I find my readings seem to change a fair bit testing the same circuit a few times. This is using a 1730.
  17. K

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC online certs by Clik

    Hi all, Has anyone used new online certification software by NICEIC? Any thoughts on it? Cheers
  18. C

    Bosch Impact Driver

    Anyone got and experience of the Bosch GDR 14.4v impact driver? (old Ni-Cd version, not the new li-on). There are still a few on the market at a very good price for the bare unit and as the rest of my kit is 14.4v (only limited use on the odd install job as its mostly machinery maintenance) it...
  19. S

    certificate software

    Just posted an intro under another thread. Have set up to go out on my own. Elecsa sent out a trial software in their intro pack. Has anyone got a view on it? Does anyone recommend any software to allow me to produce electronic certification of jobs completed
  20. D

    inputting data into IET test sheets on a PC

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or know of Excel and not PDF versions or something similar of the model BS7671 forms - specifically the EICR forms? I'm testing the communal areas in blocks of flats. Virtually all the data is identical bar the test results. Hand writing all the info is incredibly...
  21. S


    Morning all. I think its about time i dragged myself into the modern world of computerised certificates. Looking around etc, i have noticed a system by a company called PIRform, recommended and developed with the ECA. I have downloaded the trial version and it all seems very easy to do...
  22. M

    MEGGER 1720 Latest firmware??

    Hi all does anybody know which is the latest firmware version for the megger 1720 as mine has old version sold from new(((? All help greatly appreciated ))))
  23. J

    Megger 1730

    Megger 1730 for sale. Used but In very good condition. the black crocodile clip and the red test probe end are missing, but the everything else is there and all tidy would like to see £700 for it. thanks
  24. M

    Megger mft 1502/2

    Anyone own or have owned this meter? If yes what is it like Cheers
  25. methley

    SolarEdge monitoring portal update

    Has anyone else noticed the SolarEdge monitoring portal has been updated today? There's a new admin section which allows quite a lot of self-configuration which could only previously be done via the support desk. However the site layout section appears to be broken :-( I've dropped them a...
  26. I

    mcs version 1.5 or 2 on assesment

    Hi I have my mcs inspection in a couple of weeks and have been sorting out the QMS on version mcs1.5 that i have a template for but as i started putting this together about six months ago,I see that there is now a version issue 2 that only has 18 clauses.so when does this actually come in to...
  27. infinity

    Eversolar TL4000 wireless data logging...

    Does anyone know if there are any wireless data logging/ monitoring devices for the eversolar? ideally i want to check it remotely as i rent the house out but generally want to just check occasionally its actually working so im not wasting any of the sunshine! Ive heard of the solar eye but...
  28. G

    Wake Fronius IG TL Inverter to check software version?

    Has anybody updated the firmware on a Fronius IG TL inverter via USB? I've read a Fronius PDF guide that states if the software version of the 'Display Software' is lower than SW V1.1.1.0 and the software version of the 'Power Stage Software' is lower than SW V1.1.0.0 then an update is...
  29. D

    software for making paperless test sheets which can be used with a ipad or laptop

    hi... looking for software to change test sheets (paper ) for testing electrical control panels to use on a tablet or laptop... These test sheets can be pulled from a server ,perform a test and then downloaded back to the server in .pdf form. If anybody needs a copy of a certain test sheet, we...
  30. rich.250

    Megger 1730 non trip loop....

    Has anyone else had the problem of it tripping rcds on non trip loop?? seems only wylex in my case. I have spoke to megger to be told i was performing the test wrong! Quite rude tbh. I have since spent a lot of time thinking about it and the external earth fault path it takes... so i have tried...
  31. S

    On iphone

    Peeps can you get a copy of GN3 or on-site-guild for the iPhone
  32. S

    Solar PV Test Forms and Commissioning Certificates

    Can anyone suggest any good forms for testing and commissioning of new solar PV installs? We have our MCS accreditation in 10 days and the first test install at the end of the week, so therefore need to get test and certification documentation together. I have heard that some people are...
  33. K

    Bosch SDS compact 36v

    SF are flogging this for £299, with 2 1.3 Ah batts, anyone got one with this battery combination.?
  34. J

    BS7671 Amendment 1 EICR Form

    In amendment 1 of BS 7671 the BS1361 cartridge fuse is being replaced with the new BS88-3 fuse as part of over 700 changes. Another change is the replacement of the PIR form with the EICR form. My question is that after 1st January 2012 on the new EICR what version of BS7671 would have to be...
  35. L

    Bs 7671 book which one?

    Hi guys, Just been looking on amazon to buy a regs book (BS7671) to use for reference with my 2391 studies and noticed there seems to be two ammended versions. Are we still on the red covered 17th or now on the green covered one??
  36. R

    Solar PV calculator and quoting spreadsheet

  37. J

    Worx Versacut battery life?

    Has anyone else got a Versacut and can tell me how long their batteries last? Mine will only do about 3-5m of 20mm T&G floorboards before it needs charging, is that normal?
  38. B

    Certificate Software. What do you use?

    I thought it was about time I dragged myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century so I've been looking at Certificate form filling software. Castline are doing an entry level domestic installer version as a bait to get you hooked, but it's not really enough without committing to another...
  39. P


    seems cheap enough. going to download the trial and give it a go cert software
  40. P

    Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunctional Allrounder

    Hi all Has anyone used or have one of these as I am thinking of getting one
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