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Hi changing a light today and some other bits and upon taking the old fitting down all the basic insulation on the wires in the fitting were rock hard and brittle. No loose connections or transformer in the base so I can't see why it has happened. Base of the fitting was just a void with connectors in.

Anybody seen this before.


Lucien Nunes

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It might have been overheated by a previous fixture, or perhaps it's substandard cable that has aged prematurely. I don't suppose there's enough length to read any ID printed down the side to check whether it's from a reputable manufacturer? Can you check the other end e.g. of a switch drop that won't ever have been heated?


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Those cables are 'old colours' so at least 16 years old, possibly a couple of decades more. As above, lights left on do that, basically ageing the cable far faster than the rest.

Is it a hallway light? Often they would be left on all night by some folks.

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