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MCS Renewables

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This years National renewable awards will be hosted by Gabby Logan .
September 13th 2012

Over 5000 MCS installers and over 150,000 renewable projects and we got shortlisted in top eight in two categories !

Energy Efficiency Project
- Bents Cottage, South Shields (Real Renewable Energy & Viessmann)
- Bryn Elltyd Guest House, Gwynedd (Menai Heating)
- Dunlin Drive, Dunfermline (Kingdom Housing Association)
- Pleasance Area, Edinburgh (Adam Dudley Architects)
- Renscombe Estate, Dorset (NGPS)
- Riverside Park Hotel & Leisure Club, Co.Wexford (Geothermal Solar & Dimplex Renewables)
- Rural Homes Energy Efficiency & Affordable Heating Project (British Gas & Cool Heat Energy Systems)
- Whithorn, Dumfries & Galloway (British Gas & Daikin Europe)
Commercial Renewables Project
- Apedale Energy Centre, Staffordshire (Retherm)
- Balring Farm, Aberdeen (Glen Farrow)
- Daresbury Innovation Centre (Ecovision)
- Enviroenergy, Nottingham (Intelligent Energy Solutions)
- Lawton Brook, Knaresborough (Clean Energy Yorkshire)
- Met Office Energy Centre, Exeter (SunGift Solar)
- O2 Sky Walk, London (Rayotec)
- Woodbury Building, University of Worcester (Caplor Energy)
Residential Renewables Project
- Barn Conversion, Ashbourne (AJ Cooper & Glow-worm)
- Dunlin Drive, Dunfermline (Kingdom Housing Association)
- Godnestone, Kent (Reina Group)
- Hambledon Village Project, Hambledon (Liberty Energy)
- Mill House (IsoEnergy & Viessmann)
- Renscombe Estate, Dorset (NGPS)
- Stafford & Rural Homes, Stafford (BGC Group & Dimplex
- Warwick District Council (Renuvo)
Renewables Client
- Coastline Housing (Blue Flame Cornwall)
- Cottsway Housing Association (TSG Building Services)
- Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership (British Gas)
- Stockport Homes (Dodd Group)
- Wrexham County Borough Council (Forrest)
- Zonal Retail Data Systems (Dimplex Renewables)
Contribution to Renewables
- Andrew Sheldon (Ice Energy)
- Chris Hopkins (Ploughcroft)
- Julie Walker (Sevenoaks)
- Matthew Dennison (Blue Flame Cornwall)
- Sharokh Sabba (Rayotec)
- Tony Marmont (Beacon Energy)
New MCS Installer
- Alex Driver (Orangehouse Renewables)
- Enrique Reina (Reina Group)
- Jason Hodds (JRT Plumbing & Heating)
- Richard Pugh (So Gecko)
- Tony Sampson (Cornwall Solar Panels)
Renewables Training Initiative
- Dimplex Renewables MIS 3005 (Dimplex Renewables)
- MCS Certification Support to Renewables Installers (Easy MCS)
- MIS 3005 v3 Heat Pump Training Roadshows & Webinar (Themba Technology & Gemserv)
- National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies (NSA)
- Sevenoaks Energy Academy Initiative (Sevenoaks Energy Academy)
- SWAAT Customer Focus Campaign (South West Assessment & Training)
- UFW Renewables Training Academy (Underfloor Warehouse)
- UK's Largest Dedicated Biomass Training Centre (Windhager)
Green Invention
- Dimplex Air-Eau Range (Dimplex Renewables)
- Dimplex EC-Eau Range (Dimplex Renewables)
- Geo-Mole (Geo-Mole)
- Grant Spira Condensing Wood Pellet (Biomass) Boiler (Grant Engineering)
- Radical Radiator (Stelrad Radiators)
- Wilo Yonos Pico (Wilo)
Commercial Installer
- Alumet Group
- Clean Energy (Yorkshire)
- Ecovision
- Evo Energy
- isoenergy
- Liberty Energy
Water Efficient Installer
- AW Matthews Heating & Plumbing Engineers
- Carbon Zero UK
- Dave Clarke & Son Plumbing & Heating
- Natural Power UK
Heat Efficient Installer
- Reina Group
- Natural Power UK
- TSG Building Services
- Warmaway
Biomass Installer
- AW Matthews Heating & Plumbing
- Fair Energy
- Liberty Energy
- Optimum Heating
- Purple Energy
- Wood Energy
Air Source Installer
- Blue Flame (Cornwall)
- Gregor Heating & Renewable Energy
- Indigo Renewable Energies
- Liberty Energy
- Retherm
- TSG Building Services
Ground Source Installer
- Ground Heat Installations
- HT Energy
- ICE Energy
- isoenergy
- Retherm
- Woodhatch Heating & Plumbing
Solar Installer
- Alumet Group
- Duncan Renewables
- EvoEnergy
- Liberty Energy
- Natural Power UK
- SunGift Solar
Renewables Installer
- Winners of categories 9-15 will compete for the Renewables Installer award & a £10,000 prize

Superb that this is the second year that we are the ONLY Dorset company to get through to the finals but disappointing to see so many larger companies there. We can barely fill the table for ten !!
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MCS Renewables

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You had to submit your projects about four months ago. There were advertisements in Renewable Installer Magazine, Napit, Elecsa and other MCS magazines,and every MCS installer got an email. Some of the plumbers merchants had signs/ forms out as well.
They then audit the submissions, question the customers etc etc and then draw up a short list.
At last years event all the awards went to the largest companies and I expect this year will be the same . We are pleased to get this far as its superb for local advertising.


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is that an invite?? im sure we can fill your table

Gavin A

is there a link to these awards / info about the projects?

I'm interested to see what sort of thing they're looking for / what it is they reckon make these installations / installers better than others.

MCS Renewables

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There is a link to the Awards from the Renewables Roadshow Site. Renewables Roadshow

Our project is a £2Million+ stone farmhouse with five stone holiday cottages in the Purbecks which is an area of outstanding natural beauty, Jurrassic coastline etc. You can walk to the coast in about 5 mins. Originally the property had two oil boilers costing £12K a year in oil and involved a struggle to get the oil lorry to the site through the tiny village. The electricity bills were over £6K a year. Nothing can be fitted to any Purbeck stone roof. Nothing could affect the look of the site.

We supplied and installed two Danfoss Opti pro ground source systems with 700m of ground loop each, both three phase and costing £700 each to run a year connected to underfloor heating and hot water cylinders. No impact on surroundings when trenches grow over.
We then installed a 72 module Schott 195 Mono ground mount PV system as per the picture here (Renscombe Estate now Greener - Energy saving news article | NGPS Poole) across the three phases. Hidden from properties behind garage block, perfect South facing.
We then replaced all the lights in the property with LED fittings bringing the lighting load down from over 10kW to 800 watts whilst getting a better lumen level. Lights supplied by LED zip lighting in Bournemouth (

At the start of the project the customer was paying £18K a year in energy costs which we have reduced to £1600 maximum and removed the need for oil at all. If the solar PV outperforms its prediction, which it is likely to do the £1600 will be reduced.
A £90K project which will pay for itself in 5.5 years.


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of course, these days those properties probably wouldn't get the right EPC!
Yet they sound ideal for renewables
If I knew I think I would of entered ! maybe worth it next time ! not got time to read mags I must admit.... I will read them in August.
If I knew I think I would of entered ! maybe worth it next time ! not got time to read mags I must admit.... I will read them in August.
Can you read them to me? Think I'll be stuck in bed all month :(

Congrats on the shortlist mcs. Good work! Good luck at the ceremony


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Great news MCS enjoy the awards ceremony not enough of us take the time to enter these competitions and yours sounds like a great example. Make sure you get your local media on board soon so they can follow how you get on you could even invite your local Mayor/councillors/MP to an event to show them how you got to the finals. Never underestimate the power of media and networking:)

Many moons ago I got fed up with the big guys winning everything - mostly because they could pay someone to submit their awards (usually a flashy marketing executive) and we made a concetrated effort to enter all the national competitions - we had a great year, won 3 national awards and dined out on our success for the next couple of years.


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Well done MCS on the system installed.

Gavin A

bump - anyone going this year?

Rexel have invited me to join them on their table, so I reckon I'm going to dig out my tux...


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Well done great for the smaller companies

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