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  1. X

    Is it okay to run some heating cable up the wall behind a mirror?

    I'm looking at installing Ecoflex loose cable under the floor in my bathroom. I'm also going to be installing a large mirror, running the length of one wall, which I'd also like to heat to stop it misting up. I understand it hasn't been designed with that in mind, but would there be any...
  2. J

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of it

    Hope you guys can help, how hot will it get behind my under bench top oven with a hob above on the bench top ? The cable touches the back of the oven from the oven itself and I am sure the hob cable, I believe there is also a plastic junction box back there, could that melt or is the heat less...
  3. D

    UK DIY Shocker!!!

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is well. So to detail my experience, I had a loose wire behind my electric cooker mains plug, so I tested the plug after sorting the wire forgot to turn off the mains at the box and yes as you can guess as I went to push the socket into the wall to screw in, two...
  4. R

    2780kw ovens

    My cooker was wired to a 13a socket in the space behind the oven in a Persimmon new build, wooden construction. Some idiot cut the insulation back and reduced the strands in order to connect it, The fuse heated up. The 15 amp cable arced away but the fuse is still intact. Surely this is not to...
  5. Baddegg

    Sod testing behind him!
  6. DJSheridan

    Old House - horizontal wiring behind skirting

    Hello all, Just some advice... I am fitting insulating boards on an external wall in a bedroom (50mm thick with plasterboard) as the end terrace wall is solid brick with no cavity... I am wanting to spur off an existing single socket in a bedroom (two cables going to it) to an additional double...
  7. A

    Tapping sound behind outlet/wall when using toaster?

    I have an electrical question. We got a kitchen remodel done back in September. The last 2 days I've been hearing a tapping sound behind the outlet that was put in when I use my toaster. I unplugged the toaster and moved it to the other side of the kitchen and it still tapped behind the...
  8. D

    Domestic Cable run behind DNO board

    What are people's thoughts on running a distribution circuit behind the DNO's Cutout? I've a consumer unit mounted with no clearance above or to the sides and I'm struggling to find a route to it easily. There is a possible route I could use, but it would mean running the cable behind the dno...
  9. D

    Extra wire behind thermostat

    Hi all I have an extra wire that’s red in colour coiled up behind my thermostat and I was wondering if I can use it as a C wire for my new smart thermostat. I’ve attached a picture of what my current thermostat setup looks like. Thanks for any help
  10. M

    Plug availability behind built in fridge freezer

    Hello. We’ve moved into a relatively new house (4 years), and want to get a water softener fitted. However, it needs to go in a cupboard next to a built in fridge freezer. The softener will need a power supply. The fridge freezer has an isolation switch above the counter. My question is, is...
  11. D

    Asbestos (AIB) behind light switches

    Hi, took off a light switch, saw something funny, stopped. Turns out it's AIB... brown asbetos, confirmed by asbetos chaps. It's a house built in 1968. Looked in other sockets and switches, can't see any there, alot are cemented in. These switches with the AIB are both on the joining wall of a...
  12. J

    What has been done with the sockets behind my oven?

    Hi, I have revently ordered a new Range and before i contacted an electritian to book installation i thought i would pull my current oven out and check if there was a seperate 32A socket so the job of hardwiring the new cooker in would be relitivaly straight forward, however, When i pulled my...
  13. Y

    Bonding earth to metal furring behind plasterboard.

    Should I bond all metal furring behind plasterboard to earth busbar
  14. J

    My main fuse box is right behind my front door

    Hi, I've just moved to a ground floor flat and my mains fuse box/circuit breaker box, which ever it's called, is right behind my front door at the top. I moved into the property as it is supposed to be adapted for disabled access as I have a medical condition but the wiring was done before I got...
  15. S

    Why do some customers stand 6" behind you?

    Anyone else get this? Just changed a bathroom light and the customer spent the whole time virtually stood on the bottom rung of the step ladder staring at what I was doing. Not conducive to a good morning's work!
  16. happyhippydad

    Tails (or rather T&E) behind skirting.

    Hello all. About to do a CU change and from the pre works visit it looks like the 16mm T&E from the meter is run 3m to the CU behind the skirting board. No mechanical protection seen. TNS. Ze = 0.28ohms. This clearly isn't acceptable and I shall advise getting it changed but my question is...
  17. B

    Code for 415v behind a sink...

    Doing an EICR on a commercial kitchen. 415v isolator located behind wash sink basin. Evidence of water spray over the years. How would you code this? Thanks
  18. haptism

    Reference method for cable behind kingspan

    Hi, been looking at which reference method would be suitable in this case. The cable drops of a ring circuit to each socket are fixed direct to a concrete block wall (using capping) ; kingspan boards are to be dot&dabbed directly to the wall. Im thinking worst case would be ref method 102...
  19. C

    service head behind TV

    Hello chaps Normally i would expect to find the service head under the stair or enclosed in a cupboard however on this occasion the service head is located in the living room behind the TV. I recently carried out an EICR on the house and i highlighted that this needs to be enclosed in boxing...
  20. J

    LED Strip lighting behind bed frame.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to put some LED strip lighting behind my bed (after redecorating). I have installed some warm white downlights in ceiling but want a small amount of mood lighting. The strip light is coming from a fused spur, into the driver and then to the strip light. The only...
  21. H

    Replacing 60's socket compatibility problem

    Hi I need to replace this grubby looking socket shown in the photo with a modern one with usb connection sockets but the internal lugs in the metal pattress box (designed for four screws not two) get in the way and there is a 5mm gap Other than hacking it out and replacing, is there any neat and...
  22. weatherwitch

    Disabled access to a fuse versus non fashionable location?!

    I have a question about plugs behind a freestanding washing machine and lack of disabled access to the plug/fuse. It's going to be a fitted kitchen and is currently bare walls with No integrated or hidden appliances just standard free standing appliances. In the case of the washing machine...
  23. N

    Can Plug Sockets for Dishwasher and Washing Machine be Placed in Under-sink Cupboard?

    Hello, The layout for my kitchen, which is not installed yet, is such that there is a free-standing dishwasher and washing machine on either side of a cupboard which has the kitchen sink over it. My builder who recently re-wired my house has installed the wiring so that the plug sockets for...
  24. S

    Panel Comparison Any One Got Similar Data To Share?

    Following on from recent discussions about quality of panels I though this may be interesting... We have 3 panels set up on a display roof facing 25 degrees west of South at 45 degree pitch. They are all connected to ABB micro inverters - the screenshots are taken from the Aurora Vision...
  25. P

    Cables drops EICR coding

    Hi guys, Recently doing a EICR in a commercial high street store. In the store area were they a false celing, they is cable drops down the wall and behind shelving. You only see maybe 200mm of the cable as the shelving is high near the ceiling. the cables are twin and earth and FP200, not...
  26. F

    Help with a fault :)

    Any help would be massively appreciated.. I have 230v supply to my board.. Switch some mcbs on the voltage drops and other mcbs the voltage reads zero. Any ideas ?
  27. S

    Sockets for built in Fridge

    My question is about regulations for installation of sockets for built in fridges. I believe that the regulation states that the socket should be accessible and that the common interpretation of this is that the socket is normally placed directly behind the fridge mounted on the the wall with a...
  28. C

    amount of sockets per room

    Have I been missing something? I have just had a reply to squire which says I'm the best price etc... However the other electrician has quoted for 4 sockets per room to comply with part p... Maybe I've been doing all my rewires wrong...? Or is this other electrician just trying to pull a fast...
  29. S

    Cooker switch

    Well I went to price a job yesterday changing a consumer unit and installing the main protective bonding conductors. So everything is A ok but when it comes to the kitchen it's very small, has a built in fan assisted cooker, pull out cupboards and nicely tiled so that sets the scene. The cooker...
  30. T

    A good sparky works with one hand in his pocket

    Hi fellas, I'm Tom and I'm new to the site, be great if we all could get along and share work experiences, work advice etc. The above quote is an old one I believe my old man told me it. Thanks for adding me to the site there is lots of useful information. Tom PS anyone noticed how...
  31. A

    socket outlet

    A microwave oven is to be installed above a built in oven in a tall kitchen unit, is it ok to have the socket behind the microwave inside the unit? or is it better to make a hole in the back of the unit and have the socket outlet on the wall. If I remember right the part of the unit which...
  32. S

    Skirting trunking

    Hi, I've been looking at ways of routing cable around a room perimeter behind a skirting. I know that the skirting is not a safe zone so therefore 522.6.101 comes into play requiring mechanical protection of some kind. How therefore does pvc skirting trunking comply? Could I hide the trunking...
  33. V

    items under work tops ?

    Can I just ask how many of you hard wire your appliances under the work tops these days or do you use the plugs ? I hard wire everything just for the fact with the 13A dp above the counter there is no need of the plug below and you don't want to have to pull the items out just to change a fuse...
  34. N

    Domestic Cable Behind Skirting Boards?

    Hi all, just wandering what the view is on running a 2.5mm radial circuit behind a skirting board when it's fully protected by a new 17th ed. RCD protected CU. thanks in advance Neil
  35. V

    Would an RCD have save these?

    Would an RCD have saved these poor mites or were they 3 blind mice? This was a CU I had to check over today.
  36. T

    Domestic how close to pipe work

    pic shows some pipework enclosed in trunking can i route cables over pipework enclosed in mini trunking? thanks
  37. P

    My AM2 bitch (just a funny story)

    My AM2 A few years ago I took my AM2 and I was given a fault switch. My examiner refused to come from behind his desk to change it and insisted it was not faulty, only when i took a bell unit and the switch over to him and proved in front of him that it was faulty he finaly (after me waisting...
  38. C

    Redundant Sockets On Ring

    Kitchen ring - metal back boxes with 20mm circular PVC conduit running between them horizontally. The conduit extends into each back box by a few mm. Existing wiring is 2.5mm T&E which I'm removing and replacing with singles. Some of the back boxes will become redundant and have white plastic...
  39. M

    Installing a light in a customers chimney (above multifuel stove)

    Sorry if this is a simple question but i have been asked to install a light fitting in a chimney above a multi fuel stove. They have a stove with the flue pipe leaving the top, then it goes up through a register plate which blanks off the bottom of the chimney. They have had a switched spur...
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