1. I

    Borrowed neutral / RCD trips but circuits still live ?!

    I’m just a homeowner, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid .... i think the lights in the hall of my small bungalow are using a borrowed neutral. I recently went to fit a new light on the ceiling in the hall using the existing connections and turned off the MCB that said “Hall...
  2. KeenPensioner

    Borrowed neutral - again!

    As I've said before, I'm not a qualified electrician but have worked as a mate a few times. I'm retired now and as a hobby I study all things electrical (domestic). I know this has been asked before on this forum but as an amateur I still can't understand how the wiring for "borrowed neutrals"...
  3. a-z electrics

    Is a borrowed earth allowed?

    Done an EICR yday on an old house and all ok apart from 2 issues.. 1) 32A cooker circuit had high resistance pec continuity (over2kohms) ALTHO it did buzz out on my voltage probes. Hence not able to get a Zs reading and no rcd tripping. The dual rcd consumer unit was fitted 10 yrs ago and those...
  4. christopher.sparkin

    Borrowed Neutral - Solutions

    Scenario - Installation of new split load board, BN found in usual place (stair/landing light). BN found in testing done before commencing work not after ;-) What's the general consensus if the customer does not want to pay for the added work that would be required to rectify the fault? Do...
  5. Spunkywads26

    Borrowed Neutral across Lighting Circuits

    I've go a situation where a property has 3 lighting circuits: Downstairs Ltg Upstairs Ltg Rear Downstairs Extension I've discovered that the landing light is fed via the ground floor lighting circuit but has a borrowed neutral from the upstairs circuit. I wanted to separate these on the...
  6. K

    Emergency lighting - Borrowed Light

    Hi all, I am currently looking at emergency lighting requirements for a church. The main body of the Church has windows all around with huge Stained glass Window above the Altar. These windows let in a huge amount of light, even at night time. My questions is this - can I factor in ambient...
  7. N

    Domestic Stuck on light fixture! Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I know little about electricals apart from wiring a plug! It's something I've wanted to always learn even just the basics so I am grateful for any advice. I've had a 3 bulb ceiling light fixture for a few weeks now. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. It's...
  8. D

    RCD Trip

    Just put a Split Board in my own house (a bit of a upgrade going on) and a problem with one of the RCD's. Last minute post this and stopped work for the night. I have not done any fault testing at the min, as having a relaxing Friday drink. However Fully weird every thing but with the...
  9. J

    messed up lighting circuit issue

    hi guys new to the site got a problem with a circuit at a property im working on description council kitchen circuits rewire db- 10way main switch rcbos previously installed problem - 1 x lighting circuit on mcb due to it tripping the rcbo ( last electricians left the rcbo in ccu cupboard...
  10. E

    Fault has stumped me!!

    Did a board change today and put in rcbos for mcbs in common areas of a block of flats. Meggered out ok before i started by the way!! Rcbo for outside lights didnt hold. Mcb was fine before. All others held fine. So neutral to earth fault right? Also disconnected neutral from rcbo no problems...
  11. T

    Domestic Problem with RCD tripping

    Ive installed an additional RCD onto an existing Wylex board that already had one RCD, however a breaker on the old RCD circuit is tripping the new RCD and for the life of me I cant figure out why. Anybody have any ideas?
  12. B

    Nightmare of a day. RCD tripiing under any load

    Have had one of them days. I had a board change to do and a few other bits and bobs so everything was going great until I tried to put power back on. Basically I have replaced a 3036 board with a split load Wylex board. One half of the board is working fine but the other half's RCD is tripping...
  13. B

    New DB instal in my house and rcd tripping please help

    Hi all I'mhaving trouble with a new instal its a spilt board 10 way DB first half of the board has down stairs lights upstairs sockets boiler second half kitchen upstairs lights and down stairs socket The problem im having is the downstairs light in the hall is tripping the both rcd when...
  14. A

    Lighting circuits and borrowed nutrals

    Hey folks, quick question for you all, when changing the consumer unit do youHAVE to split the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits over two rcd's? In the situation of the classic borrowed neutral on the landing light i usually re-feed it for a small charge. I would always look to do this...
  15. R

    Help needed on lighting circuit please

    New dual RCD CU fitted today. IR tests ok for circuits up and down albeit UP has only L/N into CU. Put on separate RCD's, down ok but up trips both RCD,s. Tried both in one MCB: Down ok till turning on any up light then RCD trip Any help really appreciated as brain frazzled
  16. A

    Lighting circuit

  17. P

    Fault (DIY wired house)

    Went to house to day to look at putting a new board in..... Quick look about noticed that every socket was run from a jb screwed to the skirting board then run up to patress's in capping with a couple of grey 2.5 t&e clips......defo a DIY job in here. Looked and there was a 17th board in...
  18. C

    Rcd trip

    Hello, been at a job today where I am adding in new lights,fan etc into new bathroom. old rewirable db, with a 4way rcd board added in for downstairs bathroom . So, to cover my work I ir tested upstairs lights circuit with the intention of moving this circuit to the 4way rcd board , all ir...
  19. A

    RCD tripping weird

    Went to a job today where the RCD was tripping. everytime you turn on fridge or freezer it trips. Then on the other side that is not RCD protected the kitchen lights trip the RCD when turned on. It's newish install couple of years. The RCD trips even when the RCD side bus bar is off and the...
  20. O

    Warning notice Borrowed neutral on lighting circuit

    Doing a CU change, but have already spotted that there is a borrowed neutral between the two lighting circuits with both being fed by the same MCB. The job is in a flat and there is only a single light in the entrance hall on one of the circuits. The customer wants a straightforward swop and...
  21. S

    Socket Problem

    Hi guys Hope you's may be able to be help me here as i am puzzled. I have 2 sockets downstairs and two upstairs not working now, they used to work perfectly and suddenly there seems to be no power going to them. I also think one of the sockets upstairs has borrowed a neutral from the one...
  22. O

    Domestic 2 Lighting circuits sharing same 6amp MCB

    Looked at a job today and noticed 2 red line cables in one 6amp MCB which was marked up as Lights. The place is a small purpose built flat with a couple of lights in the entrance hall with stairs going up to the living area and the rest of the lights. The two way switch in the hall operates the...
  23. K

    Testing old cu before changing

    Morning everyone whats the best route to take when testing an old consumer unit before an upgrade, ive only done a small amount of testing and really want to get to grips with it all, I am starting the 2392 after xmas but would like to know if theres a certain plan you guys stick to when your...
  24. D

    not aborrowed earth - but a fault to earth!!!!

    Hello All, After posting about a CU change and the one light circuit that kept on tripping the RCD on the new CU i had a lot of great advice. Armed with my Megger 1553 i approached the CU and condcuted some IR and continuity tests. At first a borrowed earth was suspected but from the following...
  25. D

    testing for a borrow neutral

    hello all, i just installed a new cu, which some of you may have read in another one fo my threads. everything was fine until i tried to connect one of the ligthing circuits to the board but it made the RCD trip every time. i did some reading and suspected the ole borrowed neutral dilema...
  26. 2

    rcd problem

    fitted a 12 way split board in place of old 6 way re wirable. 2 light circs, one ok, other trips rcd. dis board has 2 ways off main switch and 5 ways off each rcd. time was running out so i tried faulty circ on one of the 2 ways off main switch. mcb held but still took out one rcd. i split light...
  27. A

    RCD tripping on new cu

    I have installed a replacement (split load) cu fitted with two RCD's. Prior to this I tested all circuits for polarity and insulation and found no problems, except for no (connected) cpc's on the lighting circuits and class I lights on the ground floor which are to be replaced with class II...
  28. N

    Tripping rcd

    just moved an mcb to rcd side of board and now a lighting radial on NON rcd side trips rcd...any ideas? I'lm sure i have moved correct wires.
  29. W

    Urgent rcd !!!

    Hi all just doing a board change tested everything which was fine. Gone to turn everything on a loads of faults ! Downstairs lights , immersion and ring circuit in kitchen can get rcd to stay on with these off, what's strange is I can switch something on and it trips both rcds . Could...
  30. E

    Still unsure about testing for borrowed neutrals.

    Hi , I know this has been covered before but i'm still unsure and concerned about nuisance RCD tripping after replacing a consumer unit if there are borrowed neutrals , especially on the lighting circuits. Last time i posted regarding this I was left confused as there were many different...
  31. P

    Rcd tripping

    Did a cu change recently on a domestic property. The Landing light which is on the downstair radial. Keeps tripping the rcd in the consumer unit.Before the change the lamp holder had a energy saving low wattage lamp in it which the owners of the property have replaced with a 60w lamp, and like...
  32. A

    RCD Tripping

    Changed my cu yesterday and all seemed fine. Not added any new circuits as yet. But I turned on one of the kitchen lights (there are 3 sets of downlights) and it tripped both rcds. I couldnt reset the rcd at first but it did after a while, not good....... every thing worked but this one set of...
  33. R

    Tripping out BOTH RCDs

    did a cu change on friday. tt system, simple split load board, dual rcds. Theres a fault on one of the lighting circuits. when one of the light switches is turned on it trips out BOTH rcds on the CU. going back to the house shortly to further investigate. would this be a borrowed neutral on...
  34. S

    testing for borrowed neutrals

    on changing fuse boards has anyone got a sucssesful method of testing for borrowed neutrals before changing ? finding probs on changing boards then to find borrowed neutrals on two way lighting on stairs and wall lights thanks for any feedback !
  35. S

    RCBO's on to old wiring....HELP!!!

    I seem to be having alot of trouble after installing anew consumer unit with 5 RCBO's I have got really high milli second readings and dont understand why I am looking at 350 x 1 and no operation on x 5. IR is fine and so is R1 + R2. Any suggestions????:confused:
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