1. B

    Borrowed neutral on split load board

    I have a client with what appears to be an intermitent fault on the lighting, but trips the power. The installation has a 16th edition board with sockets on the RCD side, and lighting on the other side as usual. Occasionally when the landing light is switched the RCD trips on the socket side...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    Can I confirm how to test for and how to find a borrowed neutral?

    During some testing I found a N-E IR fault on the kitchen lights of 0.1Mohms. I also found a N-E IR fault on the ring sockets, again 0.1Mohms. This could have been a coincidence, but I disconnected both neutrals from the neutral bar (i.e the kitchen lights and sockets) and tested between them...
  3. P

    3 phase and borrowed neutrals?

    Hi everyone, I want to repurpose an old cable that was previously used to power a 3-phase machine. The cable is 4L1.5 micc, and I don't want to replace it unless I really have to, as the cable run is convoluted/inaccessible to say the least. It was obviously installed before many other things...
  4. Raptor0014

    Finding borrowed neutrals

    Evening all. I did an EICR recently and then changed a consumer unit. As part of the EICR process I take off around 25% of all accessories to check terminations etc. Property was well maintained and EICR was satisfactory with a few C3s. Board was a split load single RCD board. Light and...
  5. D

    Borrowed Neutral/Mains humming?

    Moved into a refurbed flat a couple of years ago and there were a few suspect things about the electrical work which I’ve not got round to rectifying yet. I swapped out all the lighting myself over time (funny how all of the installed lamps were incandescent) and noticed that the Bathroom LEDs...
  6. saint elmo

    borrowed neutral (follow up)

    just thought i would share this i posted about in a previous thread. 1st and 2nd pic- red and white wires going into landing light (connected to downstairs circuit) 3rd and 4th pic- red wire going down, white wire going into the junction box for the upstairs lighting circuit connecting to...
  7. J

    Borrowed CPC for water bonding

    I've come across a house whereby the redundant immersion heater circuit (15A) has had it's CPC repurposed as a means of bonding the incoming water supply in the same cupboard. Irrespective of the CPC being undersized is this, in theory, allowed or must the earth bonding be clearly identifiable...
  8. I

    Borrowed neutral / RCD trips but circuits still live ?!

    I’m just a homeowner, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid .... i think the lights in the hall of my small bungalow are using a borrowed neutral. I recently went to fit a new light on the ceiling in the hall using the existing connections and turned off the MCB that said “Hall...
  9. KeenPensioner

    Borrowed neutral - again!

    As I've said before, I'm not a qualified electrician but have worked as a mate a few times. I'm retired now and as a hobby I study all things electrical (domestic). I know this has been asked before on this forum but as an amateur I still can't understand how the wiring for "borrowed neutrals"...
  10. a-z electrics

    Is a borrowed earth allowed?

    Done an EICR yday on an old house and all ok apart from 2 issues.. 1) 32A cooker circuit had high resistance pec continuity (over2kohms) ALTHO it did buzz out on my voltage probes. Hence not able to get a Zs reading and no rcd tripping. The dual rcd consumer unit was fitted 10 yrs ago and those...
  11. christopher.sparkin

    Borrowed Neutral - Solutions

    Scenario - Installation of new split load board, BN found in usual place (stair/landing light). BN found in testing done before commencing work not after ;-) What's the general consensus if the customer does not want to pay for the added work that would be required to rectify the fault? Do...
  12. Spunkywads26

    Borrowed Neutral across Lighting Circuits

    I've go a situation where a property has 3 lighting circuits: Downstairs Ltg Upstairs Ltg Rear Downstairs Extension I've discovered that the landing light is fed via the ground floor lighting circuit but has a borrowed neutral from the upstairs circuit. I wanted to separate these on the...
  13. K

    Emergency lighting - Borrowed Light

    Hi all, I am currently looking at emergency lighting requirements for a church. The main body of the Church has windows all around with huge Stained glass Window above the Altar. These windows let in a huge amount of light, even at night time. My questions is this - can I factor in ambient...
  14. N

    Stuck on light fixture! Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I know little about electricals apart from wiring a plug! It's something I've wanted to always learn even just the basics so I am grateful for any advice. I've had a 3 bulb ceiling light fixture for a few weeks now. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. It's...
  15. loz

    Checking a borrowed neutral

    changing a fuse board today, house wired in the 60s with the landing light on the ground floor lighting circuit. Tested at 250v ins res between the neutral of the 1st floor lights and the neutral of the ground floor lights. Result was 0.04meg ohm. Flick switch for landing light and the reading...
  16. T

    Possible borrowed neutral ring mains

    Done a fuse board change on a propery, hasnt been touch since early 60s at a guess. There is 2 ring mains, which i had split over the the 2 rcds. Each time i swithched on one, the other RCD tripped out, and vise versa. Have no end to end on one ring main, and end to end on Line & Earth but not...
  17. D

    RCD Trip

    Just put a Split Board in my own house (a bit of a upgrade going on) and a problem with one of the RCD's. Last minute post this and stopped work for the night. I have not done any fault testing at the min, as having a relaxing Friday drink. However Fully weird every thing but with the...
  18. J

    messed up lighting circuit issue

    hi guys new to the site got a problem with a circuit at a property im working on description council kitchen circuits rewire db- 10way main switch rcbos previously installed problem - 1 x lighting circuit on mcb due to it tripping the rcbo ( last electricians left the rcbo in ccu cupboard...
  19. Simong69

    Yet another Borrowed Neutral Problem .............. sorry

    My Tain of t Im doing a remedial Contract for a Local Council following up on problems highlighted by Test engineers. My Job Is to fix broken sockets, Pendants, change consumer Units, Add lighting crcuits to RCBOs etc etc I then follow this up with a minor works cert. All good so far. Ive...
  20. uksparks

    Borrowed neutral...

    Hi, today at I put 4 down lights in a bathroom, the house had been rewires 4 years ago apparently. lights etc were on non rcd side of board, total mess, no labels, no circuit identification. anyway, move the upstairs lights to rcd side, go up and check bedrooms, yep work fine, landing light...


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