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  1. A

    Megger fault codes

    Does anyone know what the code erp is on a Megger 1721 ?
  2. nicnic66

    Assessment of installation for EICR codes?

    Can I get everyone's opinion on the following please for EICR coding? TN-C-S INSTALLATION Ze = 0.26 Pfc 0.9kA SUPPLY FUSE IS 60AMP 1361 16MM2 TAILS FROM CUT OUT TO METER 16MM2 TAILS FROM METER TO SWITCH FUSE 6MM2 MAIN EARTH (C2) SWITCH FUSE IS 80 AMP 1361 16MM2 T+E BURIED IN WALL...
  3. A

    Unable to locate water meter/stopcock

    Hello all, just want your opinion on something. I'm currently testing retail stores and I cannot locate the water meter/stopcock. There is a 10mn earth that goes into the ceiling from MET. I have went round with my R2 lead and am getting 0.03-0.04 in kitchen, toilet etc. Like I said no sign of...
  4. Lister1987

    Cable codes reference sheet?

    Is there a document that dechypers what cable markings and codes actually mean? 6181Y and the like. I've looked on BCA, Doncaster Cables and a few others but can't find a simple explainitory guide to them, closest I've come is the BS EN standardisation document when codes changed to tie in with...
  5. S

    EICR codes - school

    Hi all Currently carrying out an EICR on a senior school. I constantly find myself questioning my codes as I always go on the side of caution and appreciate I can possibly be a bit too harsh? From the minute I got my testing I was thrown out on my own and have pretty much self taught since...
  6. W

    Codes domestic eicr best practice

    Hi just looking for any tips and knowledge. When carrying out a domestic eicr I’ve noticed a pattern such as often No metal board No rcd protection Not to ip 4x or 2 x I’m still picking up on things to put and don’t want to get into a habit of jut the same ones. Any other recommendations in...
  7. J

    4293 elcb coding __________

    Been called to a job for a second opinion, Previous spark said current db set up would warrant a code 2 and therefore need a board change. Granted the elcb set up isn't great for discrimination but cant see this warranting more than a C3. But what about the elcb itself? It Tests out fine. Any...
  8. D

    Eicr codes

    Hi All. What will be the code for : - short circuit in radial; - low value of resitance for motor circuit; -no continuity on ring ;
  9. captaincaveman

    Cooker internal colour codes

    Hi guys. Don't think I've come across this before and feel I'm loosing the plot. I'm planning to check with the manufactures on monday morning but wouldn't mind any opinions. I was checking out a tripping RCD on a new cooker range install earlier. The gas engineer / delivery guy refused to wire...
  10. H

    Condition report practice

    Hi guys, As a way of learning/getting my head around the regs I do mock condition reports if I see something I don't think is quite right but some of these things I wouldn't know what to code (If anything) If anyone can give me their thoughts it'd be much appreciated! - At a friends house:RCD...
  11. S

    EICR codes when RECENT works don't comply!?

    Just carried out an EICR on a standard semi which has had some work done in 2015-16. The works included connecting an outbuilding to the rear of the house to create a hall, WC and utility room. The Kitchen was also replaced, new cooker and shower circuits installed. The 1 sockets circuit does...
  12. O

    EICR codes .... AGAIN!

    I was called today and asked for my opinion on a report a Landlord has had done. The property is about 17 years old. These are the 4 items highlighted on the report: 1. 4.4 CU does not comply with amendment 3 fire rating regulations - C3 2. 4.9 Circuits are unidentified at CU - C2 3...
  13. rolyberkin

    Will battery failure or low voltage affect fault codes VW

    I have a 2008 VW Passat Tdi which has been no issues to me during the last six years, of late I have had a few what i believe erroneous fault codes, parking brake issue (The known parking brake issue has already been dealt with) and more recently a DSG fault code. I say they may be erroneous as...
  14. L

    Consumer unit replacement

    Hi everyone I've got a job to change a consumer unit in a domestic property. The property has a security alarm. Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for shutting it down and effectively not allowing it to go off when I shut the power off. As I know some alarms just go off soon as the main...
  15. telectrix

    EICR Codes

    Done a report yesterday. customer is about to complete sale of house, so obviously wants a satisfactory report. i gave the following codes for some non-compliances: no cpc on lights with metal switches ,,, C3 no RCD protection on bathroom circuits and no supp. bonding.... C3 large holes in...
  16. S

    risco wisdom wireless security system

    I've being called out to a customers alarm and its a risco panel full wireless system. on the display it is asking for a code to be entered and keeps flashing up call engineer, no matter what code I try nothing changes the panel just says wrong code I've been on riscos website and tried all the...
  17. C

    Veritas alarm system

    Hi All After a bit of help if poss. I recently had a new boiler installed and during the removal of the old water cylinder the plumber ripped out feed for the alarm system by "accident" and now it is not working at all. I put in a new t+e and have disconnected the battery and mains and then...
  18. dlt27


    Hi all, I have done a few EICR's before however could do with a bit of advice on what codes you more experienced guys would give these observations; 1 Old 3036 DB made up of wooden base/back. (C3?) 2 Underszed main bond. (C3?) 3 Cooker switch mounted 18" above cooker (C3?) 4 Mutiple cct's in MCB...
  19. S

    Advanced MX Fire Panels

    Okay, took over a role from a guy who quit on bad terms, before he did he changed all the codes on the panels we service and we cant reset. Im aware of the crypt key you can generate and speak to advanced tech support to reset, however its a long road as this company doesnt buy direct from...
  20. N

    EICR's Check the MCB's

    Just a little wake up call to any one who carries out EICR's if you carry out inspections or any other work for that matter where electrium boards are installed check them for the Recalled MCB's,you probably you do but having come across them on inspections in three separate houses over the past...
  21. R

    Gardtec 300 series alarm lost code and need to reset HELP please !

    Gardtec 300 alarm in my house and I have lost the codes and I need to reset it any suggestions please
  22. F

    test & inspection meter -tail codes

    i have been away from test/ inspection for a while and have got 3 months work on student properties ready for the new year. I am enquiring about the meter tails, most of the propties will prob be 16mm tails and 10mm earthing so on the forms would i be correct by putting this a code 3 , will...
  23. infinity

    check this EICR observation list out.

    Been asked to quote remedials for a job tested. Im not sure the guy even knows how to test..
  24. M

    Expert has decided EICR Code 3s not valid!

    Another real doozy from the ‘experts’ on Vo****um: Note that since the PIRs were replaced by EICRs, there is no longer a Code 3 (sic). If an assessor (sic) is showing signs of wear and tear then the inspecting engineer would need to use his engineering judgment in determining what action would...
  25. C

    Wireless alarm

    I have recently installed a frieland response wireless alarm, iv got it up and working but not exactly how the customer would like, it's the first one iv done, basically iv set the house code on all the accessories as in pir sensors, door magnets n siren, but iv set different zone codes because...
  26. C

    Friedland wireless alarm

    I have recently installed a frieland response wireless alarm, iv got it up and working but not exactly how the customer would like, it's the first one iv done, basically iv set the house code on all the accessories as in pir sensors, door magnets n siren, but iv set different zone codes because...
  27. G

    PIR write up help needed :/

    Hi, i did a pir on an old cottage on tuesday. the lady is going to rent it out, so it the installation needs to be bang on. i did all my inspection and wrote down what i could see was wrong and needed correcting. then i carried out the testing and recorded all of my results on eic just for the...
  28. A

    PIR on a Church.

    Hi, I have recently carried out a PIR on a church. The equipotential bonding to the gas and water go back to the sub main in a meeting room where the stop tap and meter are. What code should be assigned as these should go back to the origin?
  29. M

    New EICR codes

    With EICRs replacing PIRs i thought i would start using them but am confused by the new codes If the installation is safe but does not comply with the new regs (the old code 4) do you put it as C3 requires improvement or just a tick.
  30. L

    Help needed with a few PiR codes

    Fella’s I need your opinions on what codes you would give the following items on a PIR A. Ceiling rose – supply cable which emerges from the plasterboard is 0.75mm two core, so no earth provision readily available without floorboards up. B. Shower – water inlet on the side has a hole i can...
  31. Y

    Doubt about industrial wiriing colour codes

    Hi , Presently i am doing projects and i have a major confusion on electical panel wiring colour codes to meet CE standard. Kindly clarifiy what colour codes to be used for single phase , three phase system and 2 wire control system.
  32. C

    PIR codes

    PIR Recomendation codes sheet worth printing out and sticking in your T&I kit
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