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  1. P

    Side cutter vs cable cutters?

    I'm just wondering what the difference is between these two tools below. The cable cutters seem so much easier to strip cable with and to take off the pvc to expose the copper but they use the side cutters in college. Might be a stupid question
  2. T

    looking for best step / cone cutter for using on 18th edition consumer units

    Hi all, i,m looking for recommendations on a reliable tough step /cone cutter for using on 18th edition boards ?, i'm sick of hole saws rattling round and making a mess , your guidance would be greatly appreciated ! cheers fellow sparky's.
  3. H

    Armeg Solid Board Cutter vs Super Rod Cavity Master

    Hi everyone, I need to purchase a solid board cutter and stuck deciding between the two. I prefer using a solid board cutter with the caps rather than using battens on the cut-out. I remember reading somewhere that the Super Road version would cut very deep whereas the Armeg wouldn't go past a...
  4. R

    Conduit/Trunking Cutter

    Can anyone recommend a tool for cutting PVC Conduit and Trunking?
  5. H


    Afternoon all. Anyone got any experience using a ARMEG EBS TRI-CUT CIRCULAR CUTTER ? Just curious as considering one or sticking with stitch drilling for back boxes.
  6. N

    New to forum - laser cutter / general grounding help needed!

    Hi everyone So my electric-based knowledge is pretty low, but I have my own laser cutting business so am having to get to grips with a few things! Any answers are helpful..... I run a 45W laser from a residential building, this is an import from USA. I have been looking at upgrading the...
  7. C

    Electrician co2 laser cutter machine/engraver

    hi I'm in need of a little advice, I bought a k40 laser cutter/engraver machine, it has come from china on the machine it has a fixture for grounding the case/machine, its power supply is the normal 3 pin plug, do I still need to ground it?, if so I'm on the second floor, any advice as to what I...
  8. G

    Hardend steel, what cutter?

    HI all, got 15 x downlights to install in a soffet, its got wood under it and also about 3mm steel plate above, my usual ck or starret cutter wont even touch it, ive have drilled one out with a series of holes but it was a nightmare, any hardened cutters out there that might do the job? CHeers...
  9. W

    Solid Board Access Hole Cutters?

    After hitting a nail and also an RSJ immediately below some floorboards, my silverline cutter is now scrap. I noticed that Armeg do a similar 111mm cutter and wondered if these perform any better in normal use - not expecting anything to withstand hitting solid steel without damage of course...
  10. Simon-0116

    conduit cutters

    What type do you use, had a set of one handed silverline, ok lasted 18 months, treated my self to some ck ratched type, cut 20 lengths 20mm and 1 length 25mm trunking, tried some 25mm today wont cut, just bending. Also find them hard to use as need to open with two hands and ratchet mechanism...
  11. W

    Domestic Tips for cutting a 4'' hole through single pane window

    Ok, so any tips on cutting a 4 inch hole through a single pane window?? Buy a diamond tip Blade, Hole cutter? Hire / Buy? Cheers Will
  12. G

    PVC conduit cutters.......

    anyone use them ? what they like ? sick of rough cuts from hacksaw even with new blade so thinking of pulling the trigger on a CK set for 20 notes.
  13. P

    plastic conduit cutters

    Hi guys and girls, Im now in the market for some new plastic conduit cutters any reccomendations please ? :bulb2:
  14. J

    Ck trunking cutters

    Does anyone have these are they worth the money?
  15. S

    Ryobi one plus 18 volt stuff. Yorkshire.

    Ryobi one plus 18v cordless kit as below. Hammer drill Angle drill Rotary Cutter Radio Torch 3 batteries 1 charger big ryobi carrybag 22 inch open top reinforced one. All in a nice matching blue colour. It has all had some use, but they are still in top condition and work fine, no defects...
  16. sythai

    Time for some shopping.... core drill + cutter

    Think my plumber mate must be getting fed up with me borrowing his core drill and 110mm TCT cutter. So time has come to buy myself one. Any recommendations on both items please - will get used no more than about 12 times/year, so don't really want to spend megga bucks on the drill if poss...
  17. mhar

    Board cutters

    Somebody mentioned these to me the other day. Silverline do one for £30 (plus arbour) with 5 plugs. Anybody use one and what are the advantages and disadvantages please?
  18. C

    Solid Board Cutters

    Looking at one from Toolstation for about £22 and then another tenner for 5 inserts. Its 110mm rather than 127mm diameter. Got to try and find where cables come up under an upstairs floor. Any comments as to whether a good buy or not?
  19. K

    PVC conduit cutters

    Anyone use them? Which are best?