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  1. B

    Hi every one. Thanks for letting me. Can I take my foot out of the door now?

    Been asked to check some one's house electrics, lots of DIY stuff. Nearly all sockets up and down are on radial circuits and 2 circuits going into each MCB. Bad points doing it this way?
  2. T

    Outside boxes letting in water

    We have had a few threads on the forum where after installing an IP box with an IP gland it still lets in the water I have just watched the latest efix youtube video with a good IP SWA gland so that you don't get the ingress of water between the two IP components of the gland and the box worth a...
  3. D

    Airbnb testing thoughts

    What's your view? Is there any literature? Stories? Airbnb leittings are for furnished rooms, flats and houses (and shepherds huts etc) that are supplied with electrics and are kitted out with appliances. 4th edition PAT in service guidelines cover hotels (for guests as "members of the public"...
  4. Daryl Crooks

    Thank you EF for letting me join

    Hello all thank you for letting me join the forum. Hopefully we will be able to assist with issue you have, Maybe you can help me now and then with issues i have.
  5. S

    Am I nieve?

    Would love to hear from anyone who is or was self employed. Am looking at starting out on my own in the new year. Currently employed approved electrician large company do mostly testing for about 2 years. I am in the fortunate position that I have a sensible mortgage and a few thousand behind...
  6. U

    Installation certificate of is it..........

    Recently I went to a property of six bedrooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen for all six rooms to do an EICR. Here are some of the issues I found when doing an EICR Ze of 259ohms, single insulated cables ran in walls no C.P.C in lighting circuits and metal fittings there was 25+ issues on my...
  7. S

    Customer not paying advice please

    I have completed work for a letting agency for a few years now. One of my recent jobs I carried out an EICR on a rented property which then failed on a number of inspections also a number of code 3 inspects. I then emailed an estimate to the letting company to then forward on to the landlord...
  8. gazzamikes

    Domestic Lost a regular customer!

    I was asked by a regular customer how Much to carry out eicr on one I her properties, 3 bed two storey. I've been there in the past to do couple of light fitting changes and it's bodged throughout, more jb's than a wholesaler cu been wired in the dark by a blind Man etc. i told her £150 minimum...
  9. I

    Periodic inspection (how much to charge)

    Can you give me some advice on how much to charge a Letting Agent for a Periodic Inspection.
  10. M

    TRS Pendant in shower room

    Just a quick question we got called in to repair a light fitting in a rented property which had been assessed by letting agency. On the scedule it said to replace bulb in bathroom light this we did as only allowed to do what mentioned on sheet at same time had to replace lampholder to TRS as old...
  11. J

    How do I work for 6 months with out being able to sign any work off?

    Hey guys, I'm Thinking about going self employed but how do I sign work off for 6 months until i'm able to get nic part-p? Or am I reading this all wrong? Thanks for your help, Jason
  12. M

    help with pricing for letting agencies

    Just started up my own company in glasgow and meeting with a letting agency tomorrow to discuss prices. Could get alot of work as the spark that done all the work for them has been binned. Hes looking for an hourly rate, do sparks usually give letting agencies a discounted rate like you would...
  13. C

    Domestic Massive heating bill! need some advice..

    Hi all.. I have been a tenant of my current flat for 7 months now and have had broken storage heaters for 6 months of them! Pestered my letting agent who kept fobbing me off and gave me my landladies number to call.. Eventually six months down the line they have fitted two 2kw convection panel...
  14. P

    NIC Periodic scheme.

    Assuming that i have passed my 2391 (if they ever find my paper):mad: i am thinking of adding Periodics to my dom inst full scope A ,if anyone else is on this scheme how long does it take from application to acceptance?what is the cost?feedback welcome.:)
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