1. richy3333

    Lewden chandelier

    Can anyone tell me what the fittings are for this. I assume Some sort of proprietary Lewden lighting system? Its a mini chandelier and a cover slides on to this. Spade connectors do not fit the lugs. A customer has asked me to wire it up for them (they had it removed from another house and dont...
  2. sythai

    Wireless/ App switching.... what do you recommend

    Hi All We've recently got a foot in the door with a decent garden company who are promising lots of work. There's been talk about wireless/ app controlled lighting, pumps etc. To be honest I've not been down this route just yet. Just seeing what makes any of use/ recommended please? Only...
  3. Richard Burns

    Lewden Control Gear Direct no longer manufactured?

    I have just heard that Lewden / Control Gear Direct have stopped producing their circuit protective devices as of 13th May, is this anything anyone else has heard of or can confirm? I have used a fair number of their consumer units and RCBOs and will be nonplussed if I now have to tell customers...
  4. weevilward

    Lewden 100a switch fuse burnt out

    Has anyone had problems with this switch fuse??? I went to one last year which was warm to the touch, so I changed it for an Amd3 metal one. I found this one today burnt out, close call. The screw terminals were tight - the source of the heat looks to be the contact inside the switch. This one...
  5. R

    What MCB fits in Lewden CU

    Hey guys, Just had this pop up on me tonight. I need to install an MCB into a lewden CU tomorrow morning and I don't have a local wholesalers that sells them. Does anyone know what MCB fits into this board please (other than lewden)
  6. wsoppitt

    Lewden range of rcbo

    Went to change consumer unit mains incomer after seized. All good , all tested trip tested the 3 rcbo's covering the installation, passed within time, then function test button pressed and pop. Retest and nothing, clearly up the swanny. My question is relating to my moral dilemma. Dont want to...
  7. Soulcraft Electric

    Recommendations for ferrules/crimps for Lewden RCBO neutral leads

    Need to shorten the neutral leads on Lewden RCBOs. Where do people source suitable crimps/ferrules? Thanks
  8. Andy78

    Lewden RCBO consumer units

    Does anyone have any experience with these ? Have been offered some at a great price but I have no experience of the brand whatsoever. I will probably try one or two out but just wondered if anyone could offer direct experience of these ?
  9. Adie moore

    anyone recognised this brand of mcb?

    need a rcbo to replace it. cheers.
  10. P

    Markings on a CU Main Switch?

    Hi Guys Just purchased a CU containing a Main Switch from a reputable company, but having an issue with the Main Switch. Am in discussions with the supplier but would like to be a bit surer of my facts. The switch is stamped BSEN60947-3 125A 240V. Terminals are well marked. But no CE mark, no...
  11. T

    mcbs and rcds

    have a selection of used rcds, mcbs and main switches (2pole + 4pole) for sale rcds are mainly chint but there are some other brands in there mcbs are a mixtureof chint lewden and mk main switches are all lewden pm me if your interested
  12. C

    SWA to Switch?

    Any suggestions as to how to terminate swa into a switch/fuse neatly? I've run it through a metal box and out to the switch with the switch cover covering the point where the sheath is split but wondering if there's a neater way to do things?
  13. M

    Cast rotary outdoor light switch

    Does any where still do the old cast metal rotary outdoor light switches normally gray. I have been asked to replace one thats not working but he wants one the same as outhers.
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