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  1. D

    Replace lounge light switch help

    Hi Advice please . replacing lounge light switch first 2 pics switch opperates 2 lights big light and a wall light will the connections in the blacked back switch work on the new switch ? Many thanks dan
  2. M

    Electrician Lounge lighting - solving poor lighting level

    I have a lounge that is poorly lit. I live in what is called a microloft building (in the UK). The ceiling is only 8 foot high. The room is about 15 x 10 foot. The light coming in through west facing windows and door is v low and can't be changed. My lighting is from 2 ceiling lights that are...
  3. T

    Amount of LED downlights in a lounge

    Does any know have a usual spacing for LED downlights? Im normally like to put a good amount (maybe a few to many) But i always work on id rather put to many in with a dimmer than not enough! Starting a new build tomorrow and customers don't want loads of downlights. The lounge in 7 x 3. They...
  4. M

    Lounge light neutral problem

    Lounge lights not working. No RCD tripping. No MCB tripping. Lights wired power-switch-light. New switch and pendant installed. Meggar test shows following voltages when switch is off. L-N 235V L-E 235V N-E 18V When light is switched on, L-N 235V L-E 235V N-E 175V Is someone able to give...
  5. C

    Home Lounge Lights do not turn ON first time!

    Hi, I am new to this Forum, so excuse if I do not enter details correctly! I am hoping a bright spark! can answer my question: basically, I am puzzled by my Home Lounge Lights (not fluorescent). The Lights do not turn ON first time, but always turn ON second time (that is after I turn the Room...
  6. E

    Amperage for lounge & bedrooms

    Hi All, Please can someone help me understand the amperage required for lounge and 2 bedrooms to support normal usage such as lights, tv, dvd player, and the odd 1Kw heater if each bedroom if the boiler breaks down? I have 2 circuits that can provide 20a each. Is that sufficient? Or do they...
  7. A

    Adding spur from kitchen to lounge on wall (not concealed)

    Hi all, Moved the tv to the other side of the room though we havent got an outlet on that side. There is a little storage room behind it which shares a wall with the kitchen which conveniently has a socket on the same wall on the other side (no water or gas on that side of the kitchen, 2m...
  8. D

    home network help!

    I'm rewiring the house and want to include some cables for a home network - Internet, tv/sky/hd etc. If I was to run some cat 6 up to the loft along with some wf100 shotgun coax, how many of each should I ideally be looking at pulling in to each room to cover myself? I'm gonna use 25mm conduits...
  9. M

    132 Million for Solar Industry damages

    Solar industry defeats Government in £132m High Court damages case - Nextgen Any chance of some tort cases from those of us still trading ?
  10. W

    two way light switching

    my son has just moved into a new house and has asked me to have a look at a problem with his lounge lights. his lounge has a switch on one side of the room (call it main switch) and on the other side is a double switch. one switch is the downstairs switch for the landing light which works fine...
  11. B

    new sky installation

    Good evening, I have recently completed a new built 4 bedroom house,now time for 2nd fix, the client wants sky hd in the lounge and the master bedroom, with the other 3 bedrooms and the kitchen to have freeview and the same channel as sky in the lounge. I have run 3 coax's too the lounge and...
  12. jason121

    Failed EPC

    Does anyone know what happens when panels are installed on roof and the house fails its EPC. Would I have to remove them, not got anything in writing regarding this issue.:hanged:
  13. L

    Light switch problems

    Ok my next stupid question that I should no but I dont is this I have a lounge with one pendant fitting in the middle, at either end of the room where you enter from the hall and enter into the kitchen there is a switch. I took of the original switches which were crome and wired in the...
  14. A

    Head Scratcher - lighting circuit...

    Hi guys, just after some advice from people older or wiser (or both) than me. I went to wire in a new light in a lounge last night. The light is operated by two switches at each end of the room. When I removed the light cover I couldn't work out what was going on with the wiring. One cable...
  15. V

    Domestic Nightime Background Power Consumption

    What is the background night time power consumption in your house when you are asleep? A/ Less than 100 watts? B/ 100-200 Watts? C/ 200-300 Watts? D/ 300-400 Watts? E/ 400-500 Watts? F/ Greater than 500 Watts?
  16. captaincaveman

    Panel heaters with no power

    Can anyone perhaps give me some direction here as i don't have too much experience with heating and this is baffling me somewhat :rolleyes2: . I've got 4 panel heaters, two of which are fan assisted. The latter two which are in the lounge & dining room can't be switched off. the other two, in...
  17. R

    Strange lighting fault(?) which involves a child's toy.

    Bear with me. Our toddler has got a toy which is a wooden board with cut-outs to put various shapes of wooden vehicles into. When the correct vehicle is put in the correct slot it makes an imitation noise of the particular vehicle. This toy is battery powered and doesn't connect to the 'mains'...
  18. timo1

    Spurring phone point...

    Hello, Just after a bit of advice. A customer has asked if I would be able to put what they have described as a phone point from the hall into the lounge. They have sky tv in the lounge and want the new phone point to connect sky box so they can pay for movies etc.. So basically can I run a...
  19. B

    Domestic underfloor heating advice please

    Hi I went to see a job this evening for a building firm that I do their electrical work for them reguarly. The house was extended last year which comprised of a lounge and 1 bedroomabove. the elecrical firm installed a seperate ccu with RCD protection with one mcb for the ring main for the...
  20. Amp David

    Time between inspection intervals has increased...

    according to another spark near to me Went into a house rewired at the start of Jan to extend the old immersion circuit to feed a FCU for the new combi boiler. Should of taken more pics now i think back. Makes me laugh because I asked the owner of the house who did it, they told me and are...
  21. B

    Split lighting circuit.

    Hi, i'm new to the forums so don't know if i'm in the correct place. I'm near my limit on my lighting circuit and was wondering if it could be split into two circuits without a full rewire, at the moment both upstairs and down are on one circuit, i had a new consumer unit fitted last year so...
  22. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC learning lounge & assesment

    Has anyone used this service, look really good. i watched a trail video on youtube. I have my niceic assesment in a few weeks just wanted to get on learning lounge and get up to speed with the regs and testing. niceic say once on the learning lounge site enter centre code but don't tell you the...
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