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  1. L

    New member with maths question

    New to the forum so hi everyone. I'm due to start an electrician course in July so I thought I'd revise some maths as it's been some years since I've done any. I bought the book 'Electrical installation calculations'. I've flown through resistors in series and parallel so far but have come up...
  2. spud1

    RCD protection maths?

    Hi all, My colleague and I were having a discussion today about RCD protection, as you do, and the reasoning behind why it is stipulated that 30mA should be the rating of an RCD for additional protection. Now we all know the rules regarding the maximum trip times for the various tests, but I...
  3. D

    Resistivity maths problem

    Hey all im just a bit confused with the formula for resistivity, i understand it until the text book gives an example whereupon the csa of cable goes from being 1.5mmsq (which i take to be 1.5 x 10 to -3M sq) to 1.5 x 10 to -6M sq which would make a csa of 1.5micrometeres would it not? Ive...
  4. O

    Edexcel Maths 2017 Exam - TODAY

    My daughter sat a maths GCSE paper today - she is a maths genius BUT the last question got her completely flummoxed... She tried explaining it to me .... and her mum but she was wasting her time This link adds a few thoughts: Edexcel Maths 2017 Exam Sparks Hilarious Twitter Reactions From...
  5. S

    Advice on taking a bold step please

    Hello. Its been a long time since I have been on the forum...I came here for some DIY advice and was I suppose I got the correct replies suggesting I dont touch ...get an electrician. I understand that. Im now here to ask how hard it is to BECOME a qualified electrician. I have decided to walk...
  6. B

    HNC Building Services - Maths Skills Require Brushing Up!

    Hi everyone, First time poster but long time member who could use some friendly and helpful advice please. Basically I'm at that point in my career were I'd like to move higher up the ladder and after speaking to work colleagues I've been advised that a HNC/HND in Building Services Engineering...
  7. M

    Commercial EPC course - Day 1

    Having had to pay out way over £1000 plus VAT twice in recent months to get commercial EPC`s done I decided enough was enough and I would do the course myself. Started course today in Fleet Hants, very early this morning with only three of us on the course. Both of the others are Domestic Energy...
  8. K

    A-Levels or not? work experience help and degree help

    hi :) i am 17 and i am a student and i have completed my 2330, 2382, 2393 and 2377. i am currently completing my work experience which shud last about 1 year. I want to specialize in power distribution and transmission or design and i aim to start uni to get my bachelors in electrical...
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