1. C

    WiFi operated socket

    Hello guys Client wants to control a load attached to a 13a plug outside. Initially I was thinking of large ip rated box containing a socket with a WiFi plug adaptor which will be installed outside. If there an other ways?
  2. J

    Stair lights operated by PIRs

    Hi, I am planning on fitting decking lights and PIR senors at the top and bottom of my stairs I have bought the following lights: Saxby Lighting Ikon Pro 35mm IP67 Decking Kit (Polished Stainless) Saxby lighting ikon pro decking kit, ip67 decking kit, 59131 UK -...
  3. mattg4321

    1 amp CO ELCB

    Came across what I'm pretty sure was a current operated Crabtree ELCB today. Just had a search on here and a google and haven't found a lot. Annoyingly I didn't take a picture as I thought they would be more common than they evidently are! Pretty sure its the first I've seen in the 15 years I've...
  4. V

    Making a Light switch permanently on

    hi there im installing hue bulbs around my house and want to remove the traditional light switches and just join the cables so the light fixture it self is permanently on and just have blanking plates on. what would i use to join the cables that is safe to do so.The lights will be controlled by...
  5. L

    Simple light circuit

    need some help with a light circuit, we have 2 of them klik ceiling rose lights on its own circuit with 1switch and an emergency key switch. Both lights operate on and off when the switches are opened and closed however the em light battery kicks in whenever you switch the lights off so acting...
  6. bigspark17


    Pic attached of an old voelcb, voltage operated earth leakage circuit breaker, for those who may not have seen one before.
  7. N

    Hard wired alarm system with wirless devices.

    Hello Chaps I'm looking for a domestic alarm system that i can hard wire into a spur then devices that's are wireless operated from the panel. Does this sort of system exist i cant find one anywhere. All i can find is 13amp plug or battery operated ones. I don't want plug for cosmetic reasons...
  8. Rockingit

    Need a keyswitch that actually looks like a proper key

    Evening gents and gentesses, have a customer with an electric actuated door on their wine cellar - like you do. The 'key' that the install firm fitted is just an ordinary EM test switch, so not exactly secure, and they'd like me to fit a proper one. But they'd also like one that looks like a...
  9. Top Cat

    6 Amp RCBO 13 Amp load

    Doing a rewire at the moment in an empty house. I am using RCBO's mostly so when i got 1 room complete i wired the 4mm radial into the RCBO so we could get the kettle going. After several brews i went to disconnect it only to find i had wired it into a 6 Amp RCBO! The trip never operated once...
  10. P

    ELCB, RCD, CB's what do I need to be safe?

    I'm from Holland and the idea my electrical installation wasn't safe never crossed my mind. I live in Thailand now and things are a bit different here, something I first noticed when my first pc was fried. It was then I had the sockets replaced and ground and put a surge protection unit in...
  11. C

    Lighting circuit

    Hey, just a quick question from a numb moment i had a few day ago, i came to connect a 2-way lghting circuit which was operated by 2 3cores and used a neautral. i dident wire this lighting circuit, and have never come across it before, can anyone explain how this would have worked? Also, when...
  12. S

    off load/on load switching

    Can anyone give a simple definition of on load and off load switching? Examples of each would be great, Am i right in thinking an emergency stop is a on load and a isolater a off load. Thanks in advance.
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