1. Y

    Switching a fan...

    Afternoon chaps, Currently workingOn the design for a reasonably up market hotel. The clienthas decided upon having baths in the bedroom, Partitioned off by a half heightwall (It’s all the rage, apparently). We require vent for above the bath and Iwas trying to figure the best way to switch it...
  2. MarkRibbands

    One three-phase breaker, supplying multiple single-phase loads. OK or not?

    I’m fitting a single-phase car lift in my own workshop. New three phase sub-main panel 10m from the lift, 16A TP MCB (with TP 30mA RCD upstream) feeding car lift control panel the in middle of the concrete floor, via existing underground (non-ducted) 4c SWA. Is it OK to mount the following on...
  3. telectrix

    Easiest Fault Ever!

    got a call this a.m. @ 08.10. "can you come out, no electrics at all in the house". "OK, 30 mins, what's the address?" 30 ish year old installation wylex metalclad with an added upfront RCD (tripped and won't reset). tripped as soon a rfc1 MCB was energised. while i got the lid off...
  4. G

    How Do You Fit Additional Immobilising Relay to Car with Start/Stop Fuel Saving?

    Hi, Is it possible to fit an extra immobilising relay* to amodern car loom with start-stop fuel saving? (in addition to the manufacturers standard immobilisingsystem) This is the logic that I’d like = Initial turn of key = only start engine if fitted securitysystem is happy to start AND...
  5. S

    France - Advise wanted with CU and MCB's for a barn rewire

    Bought a holiday home in France and the barn has very oldwiring eg. Brown Bakelite light switches with 2 pin holes for a power plug inthem. Cabling is old and rotted, fuses are white porcelain with some chickenwire inside as a fuse. Terrible!! So I am doing a rewire. All easy access toEDF meter...
  6. C

    Elios4you has stopped working

    Elios4you has stopped working. It was working a few daysago, but now it will not connect to any Android device I have tried – using Ice-CreamSandwich, Lollipop and Marshmallow. I am using the latestAPP VERSION 2.6.3. I have tried to update to the latest firmware but get amessage ‘Update...
  7. E

    New insulated set of philips screwdrivers

    I want a set of philips screwdrivers that are heavy duty for screws that need many torque to unlock. For example screws on connection box of a motor. There is no need for insulation for this use, but i would to have it in case of a need. What would you suggest? I could buy them from amazon or ebay.
  8. D


    Self Employed Electrician Insurance trying to start off, As you know my English isnt that great so LAWER talk and Insurance sadly i was in the hands of the insurance company. As when i tried to join a Governing body, i tried Napit and went with Napit Insurance, what has another name that is...
  9. W

    Mounting LED Drivers

    I’ve got a project which has 10 LED Surface fittings whichhave separate drivers and are DALI controlled. It’s not possible to put the driversnear the fittings and they need to be mounted centrally. There is no problem withthe cable length/ sizing between the two. The architect has suggested...
  10. Y

    New member - Advice on PIR Light Connections

    Hi, I'm new to the Forum and I'm a keen DIY only within the limit of my I'm after some advice. I am changing my PIR lights NOT the actual wiring circuit. I have two PIR Lights that are connected and operated by oneswitch (in the kitchen). The PIR light has wires...
  11. K

    Testing unit supplied from inverter

    Hello all, I’ve been asked a question which is puzzling afew people, so I’m trying to get a definitive answer. An organisation who I do some testing for is fittinginverters in vehicles so that laptops can be used. The inverters are wired intothe vehicles 12v system and a cable is plugged into...
  12. M

    Fused neutral cut-out

    Apologies if this isn't the appropriate bit of the forum to post this to, or for any uneducated comments in what follows - straying beyond my elec expertise! We had our meter changed over to a digital one the other day & the guy who did it spotted we had an old fused neutral cut-out. So Western...
  13. D

    Commercial Drilling Through Copper Bus Bars

    I recently spent roughly an hour drilling through copper bus bars, surely there's an easier way to do it? :ack2:
  14. uksparks

    Stubbs Books

    Hi, Just thought id share a couple of photos with you, my stubbs books have just arrived! In the very box they were sent in back in 1954! Looks like I have a bit of reading to do!
  15. E

    Domestic - Best way to leave temporary power during rewire

    Hi all, apologies if this has ever been answered before, i only have 2 months post apprenticeship experience(i went travelling immediately after qualifying!) and about to start back in the trade as a mate. Something i have often wondered since i never done many domestic installs during my...
  16. S

    Voltage Stabiliser

    Hi all, do any of you have any experience of voltage stabilisers? Can they be fitted on sub-mains, or do they need to be at the origin? Thanks in advance
  17. W

    2nd year adult trainee need help

    I have been asked to find the most suitable device to provide earth fault protection of the internal wiring of an individual fluorescent light fitting.(elcb) or can you use an rcd any help would be great thanks.
  18. B

    Commercial digital timer instructions for mem at1p

    Hi All, Can anyone help me find a link to .....MEM at1p timer Instructions (how to program same) Many Thanks BFK
  19. H

    Outdoor Security Light Question

    Hi All, As an ex-sparks who has been out of the game for nearly 20years, I decided to post a question here that hopefully someone may be able toanswer? I am having a frustrating time in trying to locate asupplier for a soffit mounted security light. Naturally in past years Halogenfloods etc were...
  20. M

    For Sale Emergency Fluorescent & LED Light Fittings

    I have for sale the following light fittings: 3 x 6ft Hispec IP 65 Rated, Emergency, Single Fluorescent Light Fitting 2 x Hispec Emergency LED Bulkheads (Maintained or Non Maintained) 1 x 4ft Fluorescent Light Fitting (Non Emergency) 1 x 28W High Frequency Round Polo 2D Luminaire IP44 (Non...
  21. J

    MCCB incomers on paneboards

    Hi I have a question which I am sure can be answered by the chaps on here in seconds. Why do panelboards often have MCCB's as incoming devices over isolating switches? I understand this can be useful if the PFC is high at the board and an incomer like this can protect outgoing devices. Is this...
  22. S

    Contactors & Relays

    Hi We have recently installed a PV system that needs to be switched when a generator starts. The generator control panel has a VFC (240V/5A) we can use to signal the contactor. There is a 150m run to the PV supply I need to isolate. I was planning to use a 40A contactor to isolate, however...
  23. P

    Domestic Need help identifying a Service Head fuse

    Hello all I've recently installed a ryefield board and just when I am about to connect itto the service head I find out some one has nicked one of the fuses. I cantidentify it and therefore cant source another one not allowed to post pictures but its ceramic and 45mm wide and 135mm long. I...
  24. C

    4 Core SWA linking two legs of a ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm recently qualified so be nice... I'm preparing a quote for the wiring of a dozen up and over garages which are in two rows of 6 and face each other with an 11m gap. One double socket per garage and fcu for a single 1500 fluorescent fitting. I was planning to wire them all as one...
  25. D Skelton

    Age of those who can build a control panel and control a process

    So reading through a few of the recent threads where lack of skills in the industry seems to be the main bone of contention, I'm personally interested in the way that the industry is changing with bias towards the domestic sector. It seems to me that most of those coming out of college nowadays...
  26. A

    0 Megohms N-E and no RCD Trip

    Hi All I was re-testing a brand new install for QC purposes todayand the N-E on the IR was 0 Megohms, am I right in expected the RCD to trip. Itwas a TN-C-S system so wondered if the shared neutral and earth may have aneffect? The IR for L-N and L-E belled out perfectly, I haddisconnected both...
  27. B

    11kV terminations, not your average job for an apprentice!

    An example of the termination of an 11kV termination I did last week. its a practice one as you only get one shot at the real thing! Other wise you get angry gaffers shouting at you and have to dig up the cable again..... cable is 95mm2 triplex so obviously this is just one core. Forgot to take...
  28. J

    Domestic Got Problems at work any advice ??

    Hi there, I am an apprentice and i have worked for my boss for about 18 months now and I feel as that I know a good amount of electrical knowledge and i am still on £2.68 an hour. I have already completed a C&G 2330 LV2 and I have been on a 2357 C&G LV3 With the NVQ LV3. I have done my 1st...
  29. G

    Two submains from meter

    Hi, The property in question has it's meter box on a garden wall in which there is: 100A cutout --> Meter (Rated at 80A) --> Isolator --> Henleys --> Two 60A fused isolators. Each fused isolator supplies an SWA submain, one to a house, the other to a workshop. My question is shouldn't there...
  30. A

    steel trunking and earthing straps

    Do you know if its sufficient to only have earthing straps on one side on steel trunking or is it required to put them on both sides?
  31. B

    Steel conduit

    How's this for a means of earthing this steel conduit is acting as a tt arrangement, although brilliant ze readings, 6.41 ohms 34a. What do you all think to this.
  32. R

    750kva on 200A primary fuses

    11kv/440-750kva 3 phase tx on 200A primary fuses, spotted this at work, whats the max current per phase you can draw on the secondary without rupturing the fuses.
  33. S

    100a jsu fuse required asap

    Hi guys Need 100a jsu fuse asap if anyone near Manchester has one please pm me. Many thanks Paul

    minimum requirement for scam/racket membership

    so...lats take Napit for example: so if its a minimum of level 3 standard now: NAPIT `2391` level 2 ???????????????
  35. S

    Pump tripping out board after 10 mins

    I have a pump running for a swimming pool but after about 10 mins it trips out does any one know why this is happening it's run off a non rcd board thanks
  36. M

    Generator connection

    Hi All I was called out to a house today who's meter had been removed by the electricity board as they had been tampering with it. They wanted to connect a generator to it and no longer use any of the suppliers. As there will be no switching between supplys, I presume I no longer need to...
  37. E

    Lister Petter Generator

    Guys, looking for a bit of help with a Generator. My old man has some land with a small workshop in the middle of nowhere. He's bought a generator previously used as backup for a vets. I'm putting it at about 20-25 years old, it's lister petter and thats as far as i've got with it. Apparently...
  38. C

    Domestic TT System 400 Volts To Earth

    Hi all. First time on the forum, but have enjoyed reading many ofthe threads, thanks. I am looking for some advice on a fault from a TT systemand would greatly appreciate any input. History, my wife and I are volunteering in Africa for a fewyears. The charity I am helping does not have an...
  39. D

    Modular Wiring Installation Unit Hour

    Hi All, I am currently tendering for a new build office block which is to be a modular wiring plug and play installation on all the floor plate areas, I currently use EES data for estimating and we find that their unit hours are acceptable for sockets,conduit etc however there are no products...
  40. GMES

    In defence of the short course trainee part 2 Marvo

    Only kidding, as it been a week already :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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