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  1. Lister1987

    Check Understanding; Minimum alarm requirements for private rent sector

    Just want someone to sanity check me here; my understanding is that battery powered detectors are not permitted in the private rent sector - they're fine if you own/live in the property yourself but the minute it becomes private rent then the minimum requirement is LD3 - Mains Powered (with or...
  2. Lister1987

    The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    What's everyone's take on this? Mandates inspect every 5 years by a QUALIFIED person, whereas EAWR and BS7671 state COMPETENT person. Obviously it won't stop cowboys but does raise the Competent v Qualified debate...
  3. P

    The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

    Good Evening All, I hope this is the correct forum, please do move if I have my neutral in the live / wires crossed. Thank you for your help with my HMO query. In return, you may be interested in the draft of The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations...
  4. J

    Replacement access door on SECTOR consumer unit

    Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to smash to smithereens the transparent plastic access door/cover on my sector consumer unit, that's at the top of my stairs. I need to get a new door/cover to replace it. I know all C/U's now are metal, but I was wondering if anyone has an old one, or...
  5. M

    New rented sector regs what’s your thoughts on this

    Housing Minister tightens up rules on electrical safety to better protect renters - Well they are going to bring English housing in rented sector into line with the current...
  6. L

    Highest paying specialty?

    Good morning everyone, I'm new to the forum so firstly hello :) I am currently training to become an electrician however I'm undecided as to what kind I should be. I currently have my level 2 City and guilds + ecs card and am working towards my level 3. I have a few weeks experience in...
  7. S

    Install within agricultural sector?

    Been trying to work out if I can legally install a 240 panel with 24v outputs within a poultry farm as an addition. I have zero qualifications but am prepared to train. From what I’ve read so far you just need to be competent, which leads to which qualifications would prove this ? Would the work...
  8. westward10

    Clipsal rcbo.

    Tested a Crabtree Polestar board today full of Sector rcbos, tested many of these boards and never seen this. The only Crabtree devices were two mcbs but the Sector devices are identical to Crabtree devices. Out of the nineteen four failed which is something you don't get with Crabtree rcbos...
  9. C

    Career Change

    Hi all, I am about to embark on distance learning whilst working my current full time job. Supposedly taking 2 years to complete to 'fully qualified'. At a cost of 10% of potential earnings. Which they say is £7,000. Is this a fair reflection? Is there still a shortage of electricians? Cheers.
  10. Y

    Lighting Design

    Afternoon All, As some of you may know I've been working in electrical design for a year and a bit following 8 years on the tools. Now I'm thinking of starting up my own lighting design business, however I'm unsure as to whether it will work or not (I appreciate it does as some people have done...
  11. D

    Does/Has anyone work for Integral?

    Hi, I have a job interview coming up over the next few weeks for the position of Mobile Service Engineer. The job description is a little vague and just states it involves electrical/mechanical planned and reactive maintenance. It doesn't state what sector/environment it will be in but overall...
  12. A

    CompEX / Rig Work

    Hello all, I am new to all of this, signed up today due to lack of work in the areas im trying to break into. As an apprentice I served my time at a company called industrial electrical services. In this time I carried out mainly heavy industrial installations. After leaving college, I paid...
  13. M

    Identify this board?

    Hi Does anyone recognise this? (Poor shot by surveyor) What MCBs would fit?
  14. D

    Licensed companies that forward you tenders and small jobs for public sector and LA's

    Got a call this afternoon from one of these. They seem above board - licensed by the EU and part of the government initiative to give small businesses a chance at LA work etc instead of the big boys getting it and then subbing it out with a price hike. Sounds good so far I suppose. They want...
  15. G

    Industrial opportunities?

    hey, sorry this is probably the wrong section and i apology i am just not upto scratch with using this site. I was just wondering, i have just complete my apprenticeship as an electrician on mostly commercial and domestic jobs, but i would preferably like to move over to the industrial ide of...
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