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  1. M

    Advice on which PV Software to get

    Hi Chaps, Im sure this has been asked before but as new software comes out all the time I thought Id see if anyone has tried something new. We primerily install PV on new build housing sites so the installs are usually small and basic. Every now and again we will do a flat roof or something a...
  2. D

    low output until all panels in sun

    I have an electricity monitor on our 4kw pv system so I can see what the output is and I noticed today that about noon when all but the last 2 panels were in full sun it was outputting 0.3kw. As the sun moved and that last 2 panels came into full sun it went up to full output of over 3kw in...
  3. The Solar King

    Solar Edge, Micro Inverters, Leap of Faith?

    We have been looking at a job with considerable shading on what would be the main location of panels. It is a big late Victorian Semi where we can probably get ten panels on one side and a further 6 on the flat roof above. Nearly all the shading comes from a chimney stack located on the outside...
  4. J

    Higher PV DC Output voltage

    Just been advised by a customer he had been told a higher DC output voltage (HJ Solar 250w) was better when shading was an issue. Is this correct ?
  5. J

    Solar Edge (or other micro inverter) advantage when shading is minimal?

    Just wondering about your thoughts on whether I lost a job to a technically deficient but more expensive design. Basically a customer has a fairly large tree due west of his roof but has been convinced that the shading is severe so he should go for a more expensive quote using micro...
  6. S

    change/upgrade solar pv system

    I have a solar pv system whixh is 2 years old. My setup is over two roofs east/south due to roof configuration. 3kw with aurora outd 3.6 using the twin mppt inputs. 13 x romag 235w. 9 x east, 4 x south with the 4 south paired up with to on the east to give give enough voltage for the twin...
  7. J

    Inverter Choice: SolarEdge, SMA SB3600TL or SMA SB4000TL?

    Hi All, Apologies for the consumer-oriented questions, but this seems to be one of the best forums on the web for discussing PV. I’m looking at getting a 4Kwp Solar PV system installed (15 x 265W Yingli Panda Panels), but I have a choice of inverters. Our house is south facing, approx 45%...
  8. S

    solar edge and SAP

    How are you guys selling solar edge with regards to the SAP calculations required? (shading etc ) I've got the system designer tool but this isn't going to satisfy the MCS requirement for a SAP calc and also given that they will mainly be used for jobs with shading, it's quite awkward to make...
  9. A

    Pv simulation software

    I am looking for a 3D shading simulation software for pv systems. Any advice on what is best.
  10. D

    Ground mounted solar

    Would you know the advised distance between solar frames on a ground mount system Ie one system directly behind another? The back of the first system is 1900mm affl and the next system behind this should be 9000mm away to clear sunlight at 12 degrees in decemeber (its in scotchland!) But that...
  11. M

    Solar Edge or 4000TL Inverter for 17 x HIT-N235SE10

    I have just had a good quote for 17 Sanyo HIT-N235SE10 panels and a Sunny Boy 4000TL Inverter but hear good things about the Solar Edge Inverter and was wondering if I should pay £550 extra for the Solar Edge. I have no shading and directly South facing so is the Solar Edge not worth the extra...
  12. T

    15 panel Sanyo N235W vs 16 panel Sanyo N240

    Hi I have agreed a PV installation on my South facing roof with a local installer. They listened to my requirements (I have limited roof space) and designed a system I was very happy with. The pertinent facts are: South facing roof approx 8.3m wide with 2.90m usable space from bottom of the...
  13. S

    Solar Horizon - what are you using?

    Hi All, New to the forum so hi everyone :) Can I ask what you all using for your solar horizon measurements? This seems to take an age with a compass and an inclo. Have read about SolEye etc. just wondering what peoples experiences where and what was the easiest to use in the field. Thanks...
  14. G

    Best panels for shading

    Hello, Any one know how SANYO panels perform under shading. If I have 6 Sanyo 250s in a string and one panel becomes partially shaded how would that affect the rest of the string. Is there a particular panel that performs well under partial shading. Thanks for your help.
  15. B

    solar site selector

    heh up anybody use one of these, if so how useful, any other similiar tools you use 75 squid is a bit steep but could be worth it?
  16. M

    Smallest number of panels in a string and the effects of shading on HIT panels

    We're busy collecting quotes at the moment, we've got an awkward install in that we have very little space on the roof for PV, and slight shading issues, I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of what we might be able to achieve. At the moment it's looking like we can fit no more than 5...
  17. M

    shading by telephone cable?

    sorry experts, i'm new to this so a bit paranoid! how much will the shadow cast by a bt supply cable approx 3ft above the array affect the system? i thought very little, but apparently other quotes have made specific reference to it.thanks in advance!
  18. G

    When not to install solar !

    Just getting into solar and after a little advice. When surveying a roof for solar panels at what point do you decide the panels should not be installed ? percentage of hard shading/soft shading, distant building that obscure direct sunlight in winter < 20 degrees angle but ok > 20 degrees, any...
  19. gr7

    Calculate distance between rows of panels on flat roof

    Does anyone know how to calculate the required distance between rows of modules to avoid any shading issues? I may need to mount the panels at less than 30° to avoid the need for planning permission and would rather not use mounts such as the Solion model as these waste valuable roof space...
  20. S

    can someone please confirm my working out, just for piece of mind.

    please can someone confirm my working out of a annual return, as this is my first quote and just need confirmation that i have done it right. the system is a 22 panel 180W bp mono system and i am assuming the customer will be exporting 50% 22 panels x 180W =3960W or 3.96kW this will...
  21. S

    Site survey for MCS

    I'm about to do my first sight survey. This will be for my MCS job with the NICEIC. To be honest i'm not 100% sure of what i'm doing but i think the only way to get to grips with it is to work one out. I'll be measuring the roof, checking the exact direction it faces, working out the roof...
  22. P

    solar survey

    Hi all I just wondered how other peeps go about surveying a domestic property for solar pv? Any tips or advice? Does anyone use any specific type of software to help with shading and sun paths etc?
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