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  1. A

    Eicr code

    Hi just wondering what code you would give for hard wired smoke alarms with removable batteries, I always thought this would be code 3 but I got told recently that it’s a c2. Would be grateful if someone could clear this up for me also would the code be the same for out of date smokes? Thanks in...
  2. sythai

    Nest Smokes (heat?)

    Hi Guys Just seeing if anyone knows for definite if Nest have a heat capability or not yet? Have a new build coming up which obviously needs smokes & heat ? And they have specified Nest throughout. I'm thinking not possible yet and doubt very much they'd be a way of linking into an Aico heat...
  3. Thomas Connolly

    Fire Angel Heat and Smokes

    Hi Guys, Looking at wireless heat and smoke detectors that can be interlinked. Fire Angel do a range of these. Just want to know, are these ok seeing as they're wireless? Do heat/smokes have to be hard wired? Or will these wireless ones that can be linked be ok? Thanks T
  4. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Aico 3000 Series Heats & Smokes

    I’ve got a job lot for sale - 3000 series 6 x Ei3014 Heats 4 x Ei3016 Smokes Anyone’s interested in taking the lot?
  5. P

    Smokes wired to a JB?

    Have a bit of an awkward run at a job and was debating whether it was easier to wire all the interlinked smokes to a Wago box or JB. They are Aiko smoke alarms and wanted to know whether anyone has done this before and would it make any difference?
  6. R

    Which smokes to fit - mains or battery powered?

    I don't normally get involved in this but have been asked by customer to fit smoke alarms - this is for a property that will be rented out. I know that mains powered smokes used to be the way to go in this situation as tenants tended to take out the PP3 batteries to use in other equipment...
  7. R

    Interlinked radio smokes supplied from lighting

    In a position where only possibility is to install smokes supplied from local Pendant. The smokes are radio linked, however I want to double check Regards isolation point. I don't plan on installing one due to possibility of somebody turning off. However wouldn't a permanently wired appliance...
  8. J

    Mains smoke alarms

    Evening, I've just been asked to install some mains powered smoke alarms to a customers property, can I still add these to an existing lighting circuit (if the alarms have a battery back up) or do I need a dedicated RCD Controlled circuit from the CU?
  9. M

    are smoke alarms legal requirement

    Hi everyone I've been asked to rewire a big period house and the owner has stipulated absolutely no smoke alarms! I have argued the case for them and was unsure if these are a legal requirement or could these be left out of the installation on his say so. Can anyone shed some light ?
  10. driverman

    smoke - heat - carbon alarms

    I will be installing several smoke - heat and carbon monoxide detectors shortly as per spec. I've not done carbon monoxide detectors before. I take it, electrically wiring them is the same as smoke and heat detectors. They will be wired and interconnected on one circuit and protected by a RCBO...
  11. electrosparks

    smoke detection/rcbo yes or no

    HI SPARKYS JUST A QUICK BIT OF ADVICE REQUIRED. HAVE RECENTLY BEEN TO PRICE A DB CHANGE OF THE DUAL SPLIT LOAD VARIETY.and noticed the instal has a dedicated smoke detection circuit .Now i have also noticed that this circuit is buried in plaster (through a safe zone) and in fact all circuits...
  12. F

    Smoke alarms

    I've always put smokes off local lighting circuit do in new builds the smokes have to be inter linked
  13. A

    sounder for domestic interlink smokes

    Morning does anyone know where you can a sounder that you can wire into domestic smokes. reason being rewiring a flat above a shop that has interlink smokes but building control want a sounder fitting in hallway of flat so if shop smokes go off then tenants of flat will know. Looked on aico...
  14. J

    Smoke alarm 3rd core, WHY ?

    Hello fellow sparks, how are we ? I am slightly embarrassed about asking this but here goes, I have never realy understood why you need a 3rd core when wiring smokes, live, neutal and earth i get, but why do you need a switch wire exactly, what is its job ?
  15. K

    Emergency lighting and smoke alarms in a shared house

    Hi there, Iam new to this so please bare with me. Iam just about to start a full rewire. The property is a 6 bed, three storey house, which the owner is turning into shared living. 6 bedrooms with a communal lounge, bathroom and kitchen. Iam not sure if I need to fit smoke detectors in each...
  16. R

    Smoke and heat alarm issue

    Hi all Ended up at yet another partly done electrical job trying to figure out whats been done and what hasn't. I noticed the spark has not included a new circuit for smoke alarms as its a refurb + extension on a flat and thought ideally one should have been installed. Can I just take a local...
  17. J

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib

    Can anyone explain the JIB grading scheme please
  18. kingeri

    Combination smoke / carbon monoxide alarms

    Lady I'm dealing with today and tomorrow has asked me about mains smokes. She wants one in EVERY room in the house, and on the landings and even in the cellar. She's a tad paranoid about fire I think. She also wants the smoke alarms to detect carbon monoxide. I've seen battery combo...
  19. Guitarist

    Less sensitive smoke alarms

    I went to price a job up today and noticed the lady had physically disconnected her 2 interlinked smoke alarms, due to them always going off. Obviously, I was concerned to see this and pointed out that not only is this dangerous, but that her insurance is probably invalid. She is a heavy...
  20. M

    Linking Smokes to the Scantronic I-On16 alarm system?

    Hi all, Just looking at smokes and wondering if it's possible to link them in to the Scantronic I-On 16 alarm system? I was looking at the AICO EI180 series of smokes. Ta, Si
  21. sythai

    Smoke alarm set up....

    Hi Chaps.... Just been going through some plans for a loft conversion. Standard sort of size 3 bed property (4 with loft conversion) And they've specified x 9 smokes throughout - everywhere apart from kitchen ! and 2 x bathrooms. Not sure what to make of that really, bit excessive maybe ? Not...
  22. S

    Smoke Alarms?

    Hi guys, I need to know if it is now compulsory to install a mains fed smoke alarm in a new kitchen and diner extension area and if so what about the existing installation? Thanks
  23. H

    Interlinked smoke alarms and intruder alarm

    Hi Guys I am looking to buy some mains interlinked smokes x3, heat alarm x1 and Carbon monoxide alarms x 2 can anyone recommend a good brand and even a sit where i may get them from? Also do you think it is ok to put the smokes on the same circuit as an intruder alrarm? Thanks Craig
  24. N

    No RCD for bathroom

    Hi I have been asked to install downlights in a bathroom and have checked the CU which is split but must be 16th as all the sockets and immersion are RCD protected and all the lights separate smokes and the cooker are not . I have one spare way. Easy option is RCBO's for unprotected circuits. It...
  25. zone77

    smokes alarms?

    can someone tell me what the actual requirement is for installing smoke alarms. i always install them when i do 50% plus rewires. just started to wire extension (kitchen, garage on ground floor, en suite bedroom top floor) but customer doesnt want existing side of house damaged and is happy...
  26. B

    Smoke Alarm?

    Hi sorry if this is a stupid question,can someone just verify if it's ok to cut into a lighting circuit (live between 2 lights) to take the feed for a smoke alarm and be compliant?
  27. D

    100mA rcd

    Can a 63/100mA S type rcd be used for ring circuits (16th edition install 3 rings rcd protected) failed on the TD setting passed on non time delay?? MAC
  28. D

    Fun with smoke alarms

    Dear all, I'm after a bit of advice, I have just discovered that the mains powered smoke alarms have been connected to a dead circuit (since I moved in) and are just running off batteries, confusingly, the breaker marked 'smoke alarms' is the breaker for the upstairs lights, I have tried tracing...
  29. L

    smokes on rcd

    Hi all New here so hope this is in the right place.I'm just getting back into wiring houses after a couple of years off (due to housing slump). In a two storey house does the interconnecter for the smoke alarms need protecting by a 30 ma rcd? I didnt think that this was allowed.What is the...
  30. mechelec

    Smoke alarms in new extension

    Hi Guys Wiring an extension for the inlaws (yes it is being notified through building control as part of the self build). original installation upgraded recently to comply with 17th. I will be extending the original ring and lighting circuits but my question is do I have to fit interlinked...
  31. A

    Smoke Alarms: How to Test?

    Could anyone please run through what is involved in inspecting, testing and certifying smoke alarms in a small domestic set-up. I'm having a full rewire assessed for registration on Monday, and it included three smokes and a heat alarm, all fed from a 'regularly used lighting circuit' (please...
  32. S

    Problem with a Periodic Inspection

    Hi All, Can anybody give me some advice regarding a periodic inspection that I carried out recently. I went to the property in question and found that one of the circuits for the sockets, controlled three hard wired smokes and a Varitas house alarm. Every time I switched off the mains, it...
  33. L

    mains change

    I need to change a mains board in order to be up to regs and to show the nic. is it just a case upgrading tails and bonding. or will smoke alarms need to be wired and bathroom lights on there own circuit. I have not yet take the 17th edition course. many thanks
  34. D

    Wylex Type C RCBO

    Hi Am I ready this correctly? Page 44 OSG table 7.1. On a ring circuit for a TNS system, No RCD, 2.5/1.5 T+E A "type C rcbo" is not permitted ZS being the prohibitive factor? If so does anyone know where I can get a type B wylex RCBO? Thanks
  35. S

    advice on infinite wireless alarm system

    a couple of months ago i fitted this type of expensive alarm and now the customer phoning up that the 3 smokes arnt working.thoughout the system the smokes is the only thing what talk to each other before going to the receiver board.batterys[cells] have been changed but still doing the...
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