1. telectrix

    security sticker.

    topical yes/no? ? ?
  2. oracle

    Pat testing, why some guys become sticker jockeys

    OK, we all have said a lot about this. Having met one recently I asked what his take home pay is. He gets a basic of £1000 and 20p for each test so to get another £1,000 he needs to do 5000 tests a month. That's before tax and NI! So imagine working for that sort of pay for putting 5000...
  3. D

    I reckon we got off lightly

    Thank &%$£ the 18th hasn't introduced a load of new stickers for us to squeeze onto our DB's. Probably will be in the amendment next year....But for now I can content myself with only forgetting the mixed colours sticker, and the RCD sticker....Oh and the Safety Earth Connection label on the...
  4. G

    City & Guilds Qualified ???

    Hi i saw a local electrician today with a nice shiny city and guilds qualified logo on his van. Never seen this before apart from on a painter and decorators van a year or so back. i had to go on the C&G website to get a replacement copy of my 2365 certificate. Whilst there i came across a...
  5. C

    Stickers on board

    I have an on going job at the moment and I am hoping to use this for my certified scheme assessment, just a quick one with the stickers; RCD test quarterly, Periodic inspection and mixed colours (existing installation) Can these be on the underside of the cover that you open for the CB's or do...
  6. bigspark17

    Test stickers on large EICR's

    Do you guys labbel every db with a next test date sticker or just at origin.?
  7. E

    Steeple SMF100T inline fan vs Manrose MF100T

    Hi I made an ebay fan purchase fairly recently. I ordered what I thought was a MF100T, but was sent a Steeple SMF100T. It appears to be identical, was sent with the MF100T instructions, and has Manrose on the sticker. After a bit of internet research I've found out steeple is a Denman's own...
  8. B

    How do you supply V.2 Form to a customer?

    So I am kind of lazy person, and in reality I tend to overthink every choice I make. Do you guys write V.2 form with pen or print this on Laptop? Because if you fill this with hand writing, I think it is best to get simplest portable PAT Tester with batteries, which will only do insulation and...
  9. I

    Is worth joining

    Hi everyone - just had a long chat with the lady from Trade Association | Vetted Tradesmen & Builders. From what I can gather it is a trade association offering Trustmark etc.... As a member of NAPIT I can get Trustmark, and get separate insurance backed guarantees from an insurer. I was looking...
  10. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme registering with elecsa

    Hi all Just going though the application to register, has anyone information about the trustmark scheme. can you join later regards Dave
  11. P

    Filling in test resullts for 3 Phase/which Zs?

    Hi Guys I've just completed my first 3 phase installation. A 3 phase CU (Proteus) in a church extension. There are 12 x 230V circuits feeding sockets , lights, heaters, etc. 1. Do you record all circuit test results on the same page or use one page for each phase? 2. Do you record Zs at DB...
  12. P

    Board change with no cpc on lighting

    Hi all Been asked to quote for a board change. Had a quick look round the place and discovered lighting circuit has no earth. Where do I stand on this? Current board is 3036s and will be replacing with rcbos as wiring is quite old. Will also be bonding the gas and water from 4mm to 10mm.
  13. H

    PIR sticker

    I've got my first assessment on Tuesday. I've installed 2 new circuits in a flat (light and socket in the loft) for the purpose of the assessment. I haven't touched the rest of the installation. I'm slightly confused by the requirement for a sticker recommending a date for the next periodic...
  14. 5

    Where do I find the serial number on a fluke 1652 mft

    The only number I can find is a barcode sticker in the battery compartment. Is this it?
  15. T

    lighting circuit pre 1966 warning labels

    Can anyone help me on this? I have just replaced a consumer unit on a property that has no cpc on the lighting circuit (pre 1966). All class 2 equipment is fitted and NICEIC technical have been consulted along the way for my peace of mind. I need to apply the black on yellow warning sticker...
  16. S

    what fuse type cut out do i have?

    once again im in need of someone's knowledge. ive just been testing my house today. but when it comes to the cert i think the cut out fuse is a BSEN 1361 type 2 100A: if so is the sort circuit capacity 33 KA? also how do you identify what type main fuse is fitted? i know it usually says on the...
  17. DaveyD

    Certification :: How do you ID a cut out fuse if you can't see the label?

    Hi Everyone On occasion when the cut out fuse sticker has fallen off or is unreadable what do you do? Also, have you always trusted the sticket on the case? For example, I've just seen a TT system with a sticker saying 100a. Thanks in advance. David
  18. S

    PIR Labels

    After carrying out a PIR on a domestic property do you have to label up the consumer unit with the appropriate stickers, such as the date of next inspection.? and if any stickers are not there i.e rcd stickers, is it upto the inspector to place them on the board? cheers
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