Aico 3000 Range
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  1. Dan

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO.

    COVID Update: Emergency Work is Okay; Sitework is Okay 2 meters apart, Work in customers homes in general unless emergency is a NOGO. I'm trying to find the video and or article where PM questions were extended. Kids who live with parents at two seperate homes can still go to both homes...
  2. 1capybara

    Flexible cords and HO7RN-F for fixed installations

    I read carefully BS7671, 17th ed., 521.9 and guidance note 1, Table F3 and F5, and no where does it say that flexible cords, such as HO7RN-F can not be used for fixed installations. I hear that was not allowed in the 15th edition but long since allowed. Am I missing something?
  3. S

    rcd or no rcd ?

    Does a 16 amp commando socket installed in swa in a warehouse need to be rcd protected ?
  4. P

    Domestic 8.5kw shower

    Ok, cable under floor. 16m run. My calcs say 6mm tne Is adequate although on the limit. I don't want to run 10mm unless I absolutely have to Am I correct?
  5. B

    Domestic sub main to outbuilding

    hi guys new to this so sorry if revisiting old stuff. I need to run a sub main 200M from the service head to a log cabin Super eco all LED etc, so 40A 9Kw max demand if i use the cable calculators i get 185mm cable we all know power networks cover huge distance with 35mm cable on 100A supply...
  6. B

    6a fan isolater or 5a fused connection unit for bathroom fans

    hi avery1 i notice few new houses got 5a fused connection unit controlling bath room fans,my q how do they do it if you have 3core cable +earth (timer fan) i always used (3polefan isolater l1 l2 N).:dozey:
  7. E

    Dedicated 32a2.5mm rfc for underfloor heating

    Hello all, doing rewire at the moment and i have pit underfloor heating on dedicated ring to save cable. No reason why not right? Conductors in parallel and all that. Not using fcu's just using stat as DP isolator. 7 zones/stats. Design current ok with Ref method B. Am I doing the right...
  8. Phil L

    typical customer

    In middle of rewire customer said they were doing some decorating told them to wait to Monday and I would loosen of the accessories so the could cut round them (all polished chrome) went out to watch the football came back and got a call saying they had a problem the lady of the house had got...
  9. I

    tripping rcd

    Hi All. I was called out today to a tripped RCD in a domestic split board that not would reset unless the main switch was off. All mcbs off, all phase conductors removed in case of stuck mcb but still no rcd reset unless main swith was off. Any ideas, householder was not prepared for more...
  10. W

    Domestic Breaking Main Fuse Seal..

    Hi everyone, I'm sure this topic has been risen plenty of times. I'm a qualified electrician and I am going to replace a consumer unit for a relative. I am not registered with NICEIC or NAPIT so will be getting it tested by the council. Can anyone explain the procedure for removing the main...
  11. J

    Domestic Upstairs Circuit

    Hi, In your opinon is 20amp more than suitable for an 3 bedroom upstairs circuit, cant think why they really need to be 32amp maybe if you started plugging in 3kw heaters :) thanks
  12. stidge

    cu in shower room

    Hi all, job visited they are extending downstairs wc and fitting a shower(quadrant)the meters gas, elec and old wilex rewireable cu. they want a new cu fitting, shower feed, lights etc. I have told them the cu will have to be moved out of room but meters can remain boxed in! (In cupboard with...
  13. P

    Help!! Irish self employed Sparks Thinking of moving to London..

    Hi Guys, Hope ye can give me some advice and help here. Im a self employed sparks in Ireland and iv been out on my own for about 4years now but getting nowhere so i was thinking of moving to London in November but i need all the help i can get from ye as i dont know where to start. I see ye...
  14. 0

    Ring main fault. Found this. ?

    Called to a ring main fault. Customer has had some work done about 3/4 months ago. Have not yet found the fault but noticed on inspection 3 of these ring main extensions. What do you think. 15amp thru crimps!!
  15. i=p/u

    heating in a church

    was working in church today, ripping out pyro and installing heat res flex as pyro blow up or something as they turned the heating on.. anyway the heaters are of tubular type and dude says they work out as 120W per foot, does this ring bells with any of you guys... also its a tt system and the...
  16. S

    pir code

    hi what code do u think for cooker sharing 32A mcb with ring main and 3 lighting points taken off a 10A mcb. thanks in advance
  17. O

    Adverting, word of mouth? Face Book?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has set up a facbook page for their business and if so has it been productive? Any ideas? Thoughts?
  18. K

    Fluke 2042 cable finder

    Any reviews/recommendations? Doing a hospital PIR with a few non-labelled un-marked federal electric boards... never seen DB's so cram full either!
  19. S

    Domestic connecting to existing lighting circuit

    Greetings, i have a question about a kitchen install. The previous kitchen had under counter lights switched from a normal light switch, i have checked the fuse board and it's not on the rcd side, they will connect new under counter lights to this circuit will it have to be put on the rcd side...
  20. S


    hi, do i have to do all the electrical tests even if i am only replacing a light switch? cheers
  21. P

    Klauke battery crimper

    Anyone got any experience with them and the cheapest place to root one out :D Klauke - Generation Safety Plus
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