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  1. N

    UK How useful is a level 2 in electrical installations going to be in my situation?

    So I've been wanting to enter the electrical trade for quite some time, I'll try and keep my query as brief and as straightforward as possible : I'm 32 years old with no formal electrical qualifications, or industry experience. I'm essentially from an academic background, I've previously been...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Useful connectors from toolstation

    A few months ago Johnward did a youtube video of the fake chinese wagos, some were straight through ones of dubious quality. Well it seems Inline (usually decent company) are now making 32 amp rated 3 pole straight through connectors, sold in toolstation. actually look alright and would...
  3. T

    A useful resource on line for free electrical books and other

    Electrical Engineering Books And Guides - https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/download-center/books-and-guides Thought some might make use of this.
  4. sajeel

    useful information for electrical form filing

    Not all my own work, one member posted a few years a go, however was unable to reply to post as i believe was locked by admin. Admin please move if in wrong section, have not been here for while. New updated form attached should contain everything to complete pir and eicr forms, open to ideas...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Useful leaflet from wylex about 18th edition

    Had this in an email from Wylex, might be useful to people as it summarises some of the changes in the 18th edition quite well. things might change but from what I have heard industry and a lot of the various bodies pretty much know whats staying and going from the draft but cant officially say.
  6. nbwriter

    A Useful Guide For Replacing Plug Fuses

    Hi Guys & Gals, I was working recently on fixing a 2KW electrical heater. I came across this thread on this forum: Domestic - Advice please fuse keeps blowing - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/advice-please-fuse-keeps-blowing.66924/ Although it was abit jumbled (and I cannot...
  7. i=p/u

    Useful notes for testing electrical installations

    Did anyone ever make up a new, useful notes for testing g sheet
  8. U

    Marxman hole marker

    Hi chaps have a look at this amazing bit of kit its really helped me for marking of holes when a pencil or sharpie wont mark the drill points. Marxman Pen • The Perfect Drilling Companion - https://www.marxmanpen.co.uk/ The best and easiest way you will not be disappointed with it. The misses...
  9. i=p/u

    Form filling info

    Has anyone made an updated sheet for form filling or direct me to the old page
  10. I

    Who regularly uses an Infrared camera on electrical and building surveys to detect problems?

    Would be interested to find out how wide spread the use of Infrared cameras is in the industrial and commercial sector
  11. K

    Fluke 1651b

    i got my level 2 3 and 17th last/this year mans done a few jobs some o th big and some of them small. Since I just have level 3 I am thinking to go in to the domestic market sat first. Is the FLUKE 1651b enough? It does not have phase rotation and earth rod testing if I am not mistaken. Want...
  12. Choobe

    New buoy

    Hello friends ... nice to be here :cool:
  13. S

    Am2 help!!!

    Hi all, Ive got my AM2 coming up in a couple of weeks. Anyone recently finished theirs and have any tips or what things to look out for??? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  14. W

    Guidance Note Books

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one uses the IET guidance notes 1-8. I mostly refer to my regs books or on site guide and I'm wondering if they are worth buying?
  15. A

    Inspection camera

    Does anyone here have an inspection camera? i've looked into them for a little while but not made any decision. Also does anyone have the type that plug into your phone. seems quite handy? Thanks
  16. happyhippydad

    Fluke T5 or T150?

    Evening all.. I will be buying one of the above but am struggling to choose between them both. I am 70% for the T150 and 30% for the T5. Lots of people seem to rate the T5. What I particularly like about the T150 is that the buttons are on the probe so you only need 2 hands for all actions...
  17. E

    Study books

    I'm going to do my testing and inspecting courses in the new year. I'm going to buy Gn3, I've already got the Bgb. What else is it worth buying?
  18. M

    Kewtech Lightmate Testing Adaptor Kit

    what do you guys think of equipment like this Kewtech Lightmate Testing Adaptor Kit | eBay
  19. T


    Hi there I'm new here but I'm thinking of doing the 2394 course and just looking for some info on books or what other people have experienced as I'm not very experienced at testing
  20. F

    Fluke err 5 how to obtain a result anyway

    Hi Have a new 1652B fluke multifunction meter Nearly returned to fluke as ERR 5 kept coming up on 3 different locations when doing loop test, (this is due to apparently a noisy earth) as i explained to supplier everything unplugged why would this happen? the ANSWER is to get ERR 5...
  21. P

    Solar PV Calculator

    Hello, I recently made this calculator for a client Solar Calculator | Poweri Services Ltd It would interesting to get some feedback from professionals in the industry and welcome any constructive feedback you may have. Feel free to use it, obviously PDF has been branded to the client.
  22. P

    Any opinions on this Solar product please

    Hi All, Can anyone please reveiew this for me - any feedback would be useful. Energy By Tesla - Create Your Own Tesla Power System Thanks, Paul
  23. M

    Working abroad? How easy is it to get work? Contacts?

    I'm working self employed in northern Ireland but things Aren't very good here so I am wanting to get information on: where is best to work abroad? What money to expect? Any useful contacts? Is it easy to get into? I'm fully qualified, I've got the 17th edition I've got 8 years...
  24. M

    Fluke 62 Infrared Thermometer

    As mentioned on the forum before by Lenny, this is a cracking little thermometer. When ever I get called out to a fault or conducting and EICR, this little one does a quick scan over the MCB's and more than often or not gives me the heads up to a cause or potential fault. Recently I got called...
  25. Luminous

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a cert have to have NIC/Elecsa logo on it?

    As the title says really. I've copied out the cert into photoshop using the same font as my company, put my logo on it etc to match all my other paperwork/livery etc. I've put my logo where the original elecsa one was, but was wondering do I have to have the elecsa one on at all? It still has...
  26. D

    AM2 Prep help

    hello people, I'm due to do my AM2 in march, and was wondering if anyone have any tips and help for the current AM2. What will I need to brush up on? I'm still in my last year of college aswell, so is there anything I may need to learn myself before the AM2 exam? also i'm looking for some...
  27. Goody

    New editable PIR Form (in MS Office 2003 Word format)

    Hi Everyone, I have just designed an editable PIR Form (in MS Office 2003 Word format) and I have uploaded it as a PDF file for the members to go through and suggest any amendments. If people find it useful, I can upload it in editable format. Thanks for checking it. Cheers!
  28. P

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS and JIB card

    This has confused the hell out of me. Tell me if this is correct, you cant get a JIB card without a ECS card, and you cant get an ECS card unless your working? Or am i missing the point? Im 26 and just completed the level 2 2330 so does that mean im a electrical improver?
  29. G

    ESC Best Practice Guides.

    Always handy.:)
  30. M

    Help with ring main testing

    Hi all can anybody help me new to testing so i just bought myself a fluke 1651 second hand off the internet so that i can learn myself the basics before doing the city and guilds 2392 next month i have just set up in my garage a cu with the folling on it a 32amp ring main with 7 double...
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