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I am trying to get a signal from my Sky Q Box in 1 corner of a room to a TV on the opposite wall.
I have ran a CAT 6 cable between the points and terminated RJ45 ends on to each end.
I have tested cable with LAN tester and proves fine.
I have tried the below link for which I had hoped to transmit HMDI using the CAT 6 cable but can not get it to work.

Is there a reason for this? Any help would be appreciated - I am an approved Electrician but not so up to speed with Home Automation.

Below is the link of the ends I have tried.....|ampid:PL_CLK|clp:2334524


Easy to install, and gives you flexibility for an extra TV in kitchen and bedroom etc. Obviously, the same channel on all of the TVs. Very easy to install too.

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