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Jono Pashley

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Id like to see this so called international law on swearing, sounds suspect to me. they can even agree fully on weapon bans so swearing must be a load of...... Also there be much much worse things you can find through a few clicks on google.
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Don,t get me wrong i have been guilty of this said thing, on this forum, but out of respect to Dan, Lenny, Jason,and the rest of the admin i think it only right you respect Dans wishes and abide by them, after all if we all started swearing its not good for a good honest debate, is it.

Jono Pashley

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i have no problem with the rules id just like to see said legislation..


:mad: :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

See the a certain moderator does not think it applys to him when he is posting up what he has.

Apology is in order I think.


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The questions you need to ask yourself is are we professional and what would people think who visit the forum I think we have enough cowboys giving us a bad name do we really need to help them and is swearing really necessary dont think so you should be able to get your message across without it.


Andy Smith

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People swear from time to time i know i do but its verbal, should not have to write it down in a forum respect and professionalism is correct! :(

Sure you gentlemen in the domestic side dont introduce your self by swearing at your customers (well not to start with anyway LOL) :)

not having a pop at anyone here just a personel stament
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Can somebody click the report post icon on the offending post please?

And also, the International Law I couldn't give to sausages about. What I do care about is the fact that I KNOW that underage readers (the guys we can't govern as they're not registered members) can read all public viewable forums. And out of respect for the forum, the sponsors, the members, and the unregistered readers I'd prefer to not see swearing.

There are 'Laws' but they're hard to enforce. I'd much rather think we're just not swearing in the public forums out of respect for the readers that could be younger than whatever, 16, 18, 21 - who cares? It just looks unprofessional even for 45 year olds to read, I think.

Though rather than me flick through every post, if you click the report post icon, which looks like this
and is in every post, and simply say 'swearing' or something in the comments box and click submit, the Admins and Moderators will get a message and the post will be sorted out.

I apologise on behalf of any offending 'electriciansforums.net team member' and will speak to those who have offended.

Though the arcade games do have naughty names, and even the games are quite rude, but nobody can PLAY them that haven't registered, and we have COPPA registration rules in order for registration, which means anybody underage needs consent from their parent or guardian. When I have time, I'll stick the 'Adult' games in a category for 'Adults Only' with a warning, though that's the best I can do on that one. We've had the games on TilersForums for 2 years now and we've been okay with Zero complaints.

Thanks for all your concerns, but please use the forum's report post icon to report any offending posts.

I'll close this thread now.
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Reply to International Law eh... in the ElectriciansForums.net News and Updates area at ElectriciansForums.net

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