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I am thinking of going for PAT course. Is it worth it? Which one do I need to do to become a proper and legal PA Tester? Is there any market for it?

I have been looking into the previous posts but I like to know your most recent experiences and comments please.

Great show as usual.


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if you do the C&G 2377, make sure you do the full course, Parts 1&2

PAT testing is a mugs game, in my opinion

been in and out of it for 25 yrs

trouble is a really, really good PAT tester will get through about 80 items a day, but thats if they are sitting in front of you on the bench

even then, a really good price would be £2 to £2.20 per item

So top whack, balls out, you are looking at 160 quid a day, which is crap for a self employed bloke

course, the reality is, the kit aint gonna be on the bench, so you end up crawling about under desks trying to disconnect plugs, thats AFTER you have argued with the bird that her computer HAS to be turned off to test it.

"And no, I cant come back later, what would you suggest, 5 'o clock when you finish?"

"yes, that would be good":mad:

then of course, firms pay PAT testers minimum wage and undercut you to 80p an item

plus of course you gotta shell out 500 quid+ for a decent PAT test instrument

and the old joke:

"why do PAT testers die young?"

"beacuse they want to!"

mate, at the end of the third day, you will lose the will to live

but of course, you pays your money, you takes your choice!:p
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Cheers Shake, that was very comprehensive answer as usual. I suppose I better stick to me day job then.

Oh by the way I like your moto " You pay your money, you take your choice".
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