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Hi every one how are you all?

i just wanted to say a few things i have jhst finished my 2nd year at college amd am going to start my 3rd year in september but i started a electrical mate job today for an agency just to get some work while on my break from college i have done electrical mate jobs before and i really like them but back to the point i got there this morning and to my surprise the electrician who i was going to be the mate to was a guy i new he was on my 2330 course in the first year and he failed the first year and i did not see how he was the fully qualified electrician who was getting £15 hr who i had to help when he was always asking me for help at college so i asked him if he was fully qualified and he said ya he was fully qualified he went on a course that lasted 6 months and now he is fully qualified to do all electrical work.
My point is how is this possible? I have ben going to college every week for 2 years but yet he failed his first year amd with in another year he is fully qualified he is not fully qualified in my eyes he is still as daft as he was then he was still asking me stuff like best cable route and how to do the bends on the tray work is they really people out there like this
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He isn't fully qualified mate, he's blagged his way in. Don't worry he'll get found out sooner or later


Maybe he is qualified as domestic installer, you should ask to his quali!! I am still learning after 20 years!!! :)

Des 56

Welcome to the crazy world of electrics in this country

Don't be off put by this example,being competent and confident in your abilities, when fully qualified, will give you great self respect and surety

The quick fix guy will, no doubt, worry and crawl along in the industry,sometimes getting found out for his inadequacies and all the time being stretched by anything unfanilliar

What has been experienced is not right,but just put it to one side and stick with what you know is the correct and sensible route you are taking
He is getting the spark's rate you're getting the mate's. He should be telling you how he wants things doing so tell him nowt. Even when newly qualified I never asked the mates how to do things as I didn't think it was right. As said above we never stop learning but what he's doing is taking the mick

Plonker 3

You don't need qualification to be a electrician, just to prove your competence unfortunately.

So until a job he does goes belly up he will continue in the same manner. This is where the JIB really need to get a grip of the industry.

Dave 85

Its perfectly possible to do 2330 L2&3 and 2391 and 17th edition in the space of 6 months. You just have to do an intensive course.
For those who struggle with maths....all day every day for six months is actually...wait for it.....more hours than 2 nights a week, 2 and a half hours a night for 3 years.
I know crazy right?
So there it is...how someone can get more qualifications in 6 months than someone else can get in 3 years.

Of course he may just be a very effective blagger....why didn't you ask him?


I can't see how anyone can blag their way in. Every job advert I see has requirments for 236 year 1, 2 or 2330 both years, also 17th edition of mess-ups they made while inventing the 16th edition monopoly and usually 2392. All this plus they usually want loads of experience too. What is most obvious though is that a aptitude for the job is never a consideration.


stop giving him the help and the answers he will be on his knees


Qualifications involve time money and learning.

Competence can be bought from a Competent Person Scheme, involving having a cheque book.


I do not understand how he got the electrician job when for site work you would need a JIB gold card so he must have shown this in his induction!

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This is a fine example of these parasite agencies they no he's not a spark to but they don't care who they send as long as they get there money were all just a unit on a board to them that's what some balloon called us one day I hate these agencies
Originally I got the wrong answer , looking up Electrical Trainee ,
great stuff if you have a photographic memory !

If you think as you learn , you get to understand .


When you go on a site they usually ask for a copy of your JIB card. Then they take a photocopy of it. Then what? It just goes into a folder never to be seen again.
Maybe he's got a fake card and his blagging it just going round leeching off everyone that'll let him.


Someone said they would never ask a mate, why not? I took that altitude with one mate so he just let me get on with it, to my cost. Had I done what he was trying to suggest the job would have been done in a couple of hours instead of a full day.
I once worked on a site and we took on 80 agency staff on one day, at least 10 got sent home for being fakers! Some sites check and some don't, most just want cscs or safety passport.


i would jus say to the foreman, and just say i can not see how he is a electrician, when he faulted this 1st year 6 mouths ago lol

coz if you are his electrical mate all error he will blamed on u behind your back

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